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Trusted teacher: I am a professional full-time Chinese Mandarin teacher from the North of China where Mandarin comes from. I have been teaching for about 10 years as a teacher. I have my own school and website for studying Chinese. Students' ages are from 3 to adults. They are from all over the world. You can study with me online /come to my office/ Go-home lessons. Classes can be one-to-one or group classes. I have been helping numerous people learn to speak Chinese and do exam HSK. Children always have fun learning Mandarin with me. I teach Mandarin for business purposes, traveling, YCT (for Children and teenagers), BCT (business Chinese), Conversational practice, Advanced level Chinese classes, etc. Any levels are all welcome. Classes type: Daily Chinese HSK class: Level 1--Level 6 HSKK class: HSK speaking test (Beginner to advanced) Chinese grammar class BCT / Startup Business in China: Business Chinese (Beginner to Advanced) YCT class: Level 1--Level 6 for children to teenagers Easy steps to Chinese: 3-12 years old children There are some other classes that welcome you to message me. I grew up and had educations in China. I moved to Europe for teaching Chinese in 2019 Nov. I am fun, active, very patient, and responsible. I have never come late to all of my classes for more than 10 years. For children's classes I prepare songs, videos, cartoons, teaching and explaining at the same time, They learn really fast and never feel bored when they are excited with a fun teacher and materials. I believe that interest is the best teacher. So I try my best to prepare before classes and send materials after classes to students. The classes can be taught in Chinese, English.
Mandarin chinese · Chinese
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Katia - Etterbeek$56
Trusted teacher: Violinist born in Moscow, graduated from Moscow Tchaikovsky conservatory, Konservatorium Wien and conservatoire royal de Bruxelles (with distinction), gives lessons of violin playing and solfege in english, french or german in the center of Brussels (Place Jourdan, Etterbeek). -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Will I graag viool leren spelen? Dan ben je aan het juiste adres! Professionele muzikant met veel ervaring als viool leerkracht met een diploma van het Conservatorium van Moskau "PI Tsjaikovski", Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien en Koninlijk Conservatorium Brussel; Ik bied mijn service aan mensen die op elk level geïnteresseerd zijn in viool spelen. Aarzel nit om contact met mij op te nemen. Ik spreek Engels, Duits, Frans, Russisch en envoudig Neederlands. Locatie: Place Jourdan, Etterbeek Brussel -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Muscovite violinist, graduated from Tschaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, Vienna Conservatory and Royal Conservatory of Brussels (with distinction), gives violin lessons for children, adults and adolescents. Music lessons for children 1-4 years old in the form of a small concert. Courses in English, French, German or Russian. Lessons in Etterbeek (Place Jourdan) or online by webcam. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Children's music · Music theory · Violin
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Segolene - Etterbeek$56
Trusted teacher: My name is Ségolène (24 years old). Already active in professional life in the field of insurance, I have a Master's degree in Business Administration in Dutch and English (NL/EN), and I am currently preparing for the aggregation (Educatieve Master) at KUL . My mother tongue is French, but from an early age, I followed my schooling in Dutch, which allowed me to become perfectly bilingual. I love helping primary school students in any subject, as well as secondary school students who are struggling in Dutch, math, science or other areas. Of course, I also offer courses for adults. MY EXPERIENCE : I helped several students to pass the CE1D exam in Dutch (written, oral, listening comprehension). In addition, I also assisted students with their homework and for various subjects at secondary level (Maths, Handel (commerce), Sciences: WO, NW...). I gave lessons to three young girls for several years. The youngest (8 years old) had difficulties in Dutch, and my goal was to help her gain confidence in speaking Dutch, while making the lessons fun. We played educational board games. The second was 10 years old, I helped her with her homework and we also played board games that encouraged dialogue. With the oldest, I approached specific subjects. For example, with regard to science, which she studied in Dutch, I helped her to understand the vocabulary and to structure her study. I also gave lessons to a mother who needed to learn Dutch for her job. During a test carried out on the CLL site to assess my level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2), I obtained the result C2: "The student expresses himself appropriately in n' any situation, by dominating the linguistic and cultural elements proper to a native speaker and by knowing how to distinguish shades of meaning."
Math · Dutch · Tutoring
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Eamonn - Etterbeek$47
Trusted teacher: Trained at the Music Academy International, I propose private lessons of Guitar, Singing, and/or Audio Production centered on amplified music (funk, soul, jazz, rock, blues, etc.) and adapted to the requests of each student. My classes are open to all, children and adults, beginners or advanced. I attach great importance to the understanding of the technical tools implemented in the interpretation of the pieces, a typical lesson is therefore divided between technical work with clear explanations and actual practice on songs to play or sing. If the student is interested, I also teach the more theoretical aspects of music, such as harmony (scales, chords, modes, improvisation), music theory, rhythm, ear training, and deciphering. I also offer coaching sessions. These are non-regular sessions to target work on specific aspects of the requested repertoire. Each lesson is accompanied by work material (paper or audio) to practice at home. For guitar lessons, an instrument can be made available, for singing lessons, I accompany the student on the piano or the guitar (it is also possible to use backing tracks when the key and tempo are right ) and for audio production, I can provide the software required to start on any operating system (Win, Mac, and Linux) (I don't work with pirated software). Classes are given in my studio in Etterbeek, 5-minute walk from La Chasse. I also teach group lessons for singing, do not hesitate to contact me for more information. Flexible schedule (daytime or evening).
Guitar · Singing · Audio production
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Violin lessons, music theory and the history of music / Viool voor alle niveaus (Etterbeek)
I really recommend katja for your violin classes!!! She's a very good teacher. Katja has a rich background in music and is able to adapt the class according to the level of the student. Her explanations and corrections to evolve are concreet and very well done, which makes things easier to understand. She makes you love music and violin. She has a good time notion and makes the hour of the class efficient as she makes you work on different things. She's also a very nice person! Enjoy your class with katja :)
Review by ANAÏS
Chinese Mandarin,10 years of experience,full time, patient,1-on-1 and group interesting classes, HSK, Daily Chinese, etc, 3 years to adultsN (Amsterdam)
Yesterday I had my first Chinese class with Marina and she is so nice. You can feel that she has a great deal of experience with teaching Chinese because she is very patient and super helpful. She has a lot of knowledge about the Chinese languages and I enjoyed the class a lot. I recommend anyone who wants to learn Chinese or improve their Chinese!
Review by IRENE
Tutoring courses in Mathematics and Physics (Etterbeek)
Adrien brings positive energy to his tutorials - he seems to know just when to challenge and when to encourage. My son, who normally groans and complains about any tutoring, actually seems to look forward to his sessions with Adrien, and seems to be feeling much better about algebraic equations and the Pythagorean theorem!
Review by KELLY

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