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Trusted teacher: After having studied at the A. Steffani Conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto in Italy where he obtained the highest distinction, Gabriele then passed with distinction his Master of violin at the Royal Conservatory of Mons with M ° Eliot Lawson and Wibert Aerts. During her training, Gabriele also studied with Ilya Grubert at the Fondazione Musicale Santa Cecilia in Italy, Elina Vahala at the Hochschule Fur Musik Karlsruhe and followed masterclasses with Ivry Gitlis, Stefano Pagliani, Elisabeth Perry, Igor Volochine, Vineta Sareika, Kati Sebestyén and Chouchane Sironossian. He is currently studying at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with M ° Shirly Laub and M ° Frédéric d'Ursel in specialized master's degree and Agrégation at the Royal Conservatory of Mons. In 2018, Gabriele won the audition for the Jeugd Antwerp Simphony Orchestra (ASO) and for the Nationaal Jeugd Orkest (NJO); in 2019 he won the audition for European Union Youth Orchestra (Euyo) and Orchestra del Teatro Olimpico di Vicenza (OTO) and is also selected in 2020 for the Young Belgian Strings as well as the Antwerp Philarmonic Orchestra. He has collaborated with several orchestras in Italy and Belgium, including the Boho Strings Orchestra in Antwerp, the Ataneres Ensemble in Louvain, the Chapelle Musicale de Tournai in Tournai, the Assai Symphonia in Hasselt, the Orchestra of Archi Italiani and the Orchestra del Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Italy. Very involved in the chamber music repertoire, Gabriele founded in 2018 with the pianist Julien Lejeune the Duo Aréthuse, in which they explore the romantic French and contemporary Italian repertoire, in search of an interpretation marked by accuracy, simplicity and of modernity. They are at the initiative of the creation in 2019 of the Hellens Ensemble, consisting of a string quartet, a piano and a lyrical singer, an ensemble with which they are interested in Belgian music and more particularly to the repertoire with voice. Gabriele also studied at the University of Padua at the Faculty of History and Musicology.
I offer you a personalized English language adventure to improve your language skills at school! With my Cambridge Certificate B2 First (FCE), validating my level C1, I am a dedicated and experienced young student ready to guide you towards complete mastery of the English language. Passionate and motivated about the success of students, I have the necessary skills to support them in their academic progress in English. 📚 What can you expect from my teaching plan? ▫️Designed to meet the individual needs of students, lessons are personalized according to their expectations (as far as possible). ▫️Learning can be enhanced through an interactive and engaging approach. ▫️ A focus will be on pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and understanding as these are all important elements to improve listening skills, especially but not only. ▫️ Modern and relevant educational resources to optimize progress. ✅ Why opt for my classes? ▪️As said before, my teaching style is adapted to the specific needs of students and their learning preferences. This ensures that you receive personalized instructions that resonate with you. ▪️My experience in the field allows me to bring concrete examples and practical applications in the learning environment. This helps make lessons more engaging and relevant, improving your understanding and retention of the material. ▪️I prioritize creating a supportive and positive learning atmosphere, where the student feels comfortable asking questions and taking risks. This fosters a good mindset and encourages them to actively participate in the learning process. ▪️I continually research innovative teaching methods and keep up to date with the latest research in education. This allows me to incorporate new and effective strategies into our lessons. ▪️Overall, with my focused approach, relevant expertise, nurturing environment and commitment to continuous improvement, you can be sure that I will do my best to ensure that my lessons provide a rewarding and unique learning experience !
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Trusted teacher: >>> What is Excel? Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that allows you to do calculations, analyze data with formulas, tables and graphs. Excel versions 2010 - 2013 -2016. >>> What about pedagogy? I favor the learning by doing method >>> Who am I? For information, I am consultant / trainer and certified Microsoft Excel Expert. I have considerable experience in training. Indeed, I have trained hundreds of people whether in groups, or in private. >>> Location of the training? The place is to be agreed with the apprentice. Training can also be organized remotely (Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype...) >>> Content of the training I can adapt to your level and your needs in terms of content. Here is a non-exhaustive example of the subjects taught. **** Excel Training (Beginner and Intermediate) **** Part I: Basic Concepts What is Excel? Discover the Excel window. Workbooks, spreadsheets, cells. Use the toolbars, the menu, the help. Part II: Working in a spreadsheet Identify basic concepts Manage cells: capture and copy Set up formulas. Master the modes of referencing cells: absolute, relative. Insert, delete rows or columns, move fields. Part III: Formatting a spreadsheet Format cells: present numbers, text, titles. Define conditional formatting. Print the entire sheet or part. Build the layout: titles, pagination Part IV: Workbook Management Save, edit a workbook. Divide your data over several sheets. Insert, delete, move, copy a sheet. Edit multiple sheets simultaneously Part V: Data Analysis Using Functions Calculate percentages, establish ratios. Perform statistics: AVERAGE, MAX, MIN Apply conditions: SI. Use functions: NOW, TODAY. Consolidate multiple sheets of a workbook with the SUM function. Part VI: Linking spreadsheets Transfer data from one table to another Copy / paste with link. Create summary tables. Part VII: Illustrate with graphics Create a chart from a table Change the type: histogram, curve, sector. Add or delete a series. **** Excel Training (Advanced) **** Part I: Configure Excel Options Set up Excel options. Customize the interface. Part II: Gaining time to present his paintings Define styles, use themes. Define conditional formats. Insert Sparklines charts. Part III: Creating simple and complex calculation formulas Master the various modes of referencing: relative, absolute, mixed. Name cells. Set up simple and complex conditions: IF, OR, AND. Calculate statistics: NBVAL, NB, NB.SI. Use mathematical functions: Sum and SUM. Retrieve data with search functions: VLOOKUP Calculate dates, times: DATE (), DAY () and MONTH () ... Manipulate text: CAPITAL, MINISCULE and CONCATENATE. Protect formulas, sheets or binders. Part IV: Consolidation of data Link multiple cells in a workbook. Manage connections between workbooks. Consolidate tables in a workbook. Consolidate data from multiple workbooks. Part V: Exploiting Data Lists Tris multicriteria. Custom sorting: Numeric, Textual and Chronological. Extract data: advanced filters. Delete duplicates. Part VI: Implementing Pivot Tables / Charts Create charts / pivot tables Group the information by period and by slice. Filter and sort Segment filters Show / hide data. Add ratios and percentages.
Computer science · Microsoft excel
The practice i teach is called primal movement and combines different techniques to keep the body in shape, well balanced, and functional. This practice can benefit anyone as it taps into the body's natural power to heal itself. Primal movement is a holistic approach to fitness that blends animal flow, locomotions, calisthenics, somatic movement, and yoga postures. It is aimed to restore the body's natural flexibility to fascia and muscles. It helps bring a balanced daily practice to the body, ensuring that it moves efficiently and effectively. Primal movement is a unique combination of different practices that enhances the body's functionality. Thanks to my extensive experience in conducting various sport sessions, I have developed the ability to adapt to the unique needs and preferences of different clients. I recognize that every individual has different goals, fitness levels, and schedules which require a tailored approach to their training. I always strive to communicate effectively with each client to understand their specific needs, and utilize my experience to create a personalized program that is conducive to achieving their goals. Furthermore, my adaptability and flexibility in my training methods ensure that my clients receive the maximum benefit from every session, while feeling motivated and challenged to push themselves harder. The guided meditations i give are more like inner journeys to help people dive deeper within themselves and get to better inner intimacy. Diving within to have a better understanding of who you are and create a more harmonious being, in adequacy with him or herself. Want to get in touch and book a private or group session ? 
Fitness · Meditation · Sport personal trainer
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French as a foreign language course DALF exam preparation (Anderlecht)
Maria is a French teacher par excellence. Her knowledge of the language is formidable, which is essential to teaching it well. Moreover, she has the highest standards and committed to helping her students reach that level. She explains patiently difficult concepts totally in French, so students can improve their oral comprehension very quickly. She can spot and corrects the smallest of errors both in writing and speaking - that is extremely important for the beginner to improve. I spent four weeks with Maria intensively. It was a wonderful learning experience and my comprehension improved greatly. Without hesitation, I give her the highest possible recommendation. You will not go wrong with Maria.
Review by MADHAV
Flute ONLINE for everyone. Children to Adults. (English, Russian) (Ghent)
I might not know much about flute, but what I know is that if you want to learn it, Anna's your gal. She's fun, smart, punctual and really professional and, to top it off, a really good teacher. She is going to make you feel appraised for your smallest accomplishments (which will definitely help you evolve much faster than using any conventional book/online course etc.) and will find the sweet spot between theoretical concepts and fun, practical songs to keep you entertained. I myself had an internal kerfuffle and nearly quit after 2 weeks of trying to learn flute. But flute can be fun and entertaining, and Anna's teaching method is the proof to that lemma!
Review by HORIA
Spanish Lessons, Speaking classes in Spanish, Get ready for DELE, anything you want about Spanish (Brussels)
Germán and I have so far had only one lesson but based on that he is professional and 'no-nonsence', we started right away, efficiently but without pressure. He also shared a lot of material for independent study between lessons and in a kind, supportive manner is pushing me to work. Highly recommended, I will definitely keep on going with Germán.
Review by SATU