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Gulnara - Leiden$61
Trusted teacher: About myself From the age of six I followed piano education. I studied classical piano at the Conservatory of St. Petersburg and then classical singing at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Along with my singing career I accompany various choirs and singers. I have many years of experience in teaching piano to both children and adults, for beginners and advanced players. How do I teach piano During class my students get the basics of piano technique, music theory and an introduction to different music styles. I pay a lot of attention to attitude, musicality and interpretation. By learning a good technique you automatically get inspiration and pleasure to play the most beautiful piano pieces. You learn to develop your own musical taste. During the lesson we play duos together for fun, but also to learn to make music with someone. Lesson for children I introduce starting children from 6 years old to the piano by playing and singing at the same time. Then we quickly switch to piano books such as the Thompson method. You learn to read notes, rhythms, correct piano touch and posture so that you can quickly play your favorite piece of music. Do you want to apply for admission to the conservatory or do you want to play in a band? I can help you prepare for auditions. Lesson for adults Advanced children and adults follow an individual program depending on personal wishes and level. The pleasure and happiness of making music are central. House concerts During the festive house concerts you will have the opportunity to play for others and hear different music from other students. Info Lessons take place at my home in Leiden. Lessons can also be given at your home in consultation. I teach in Dutch or English.
Piano · Keyboard (music) · Children's music
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Ndeye - Leiden$32
Trusted teacher: Hi! My name is Vivian, 24 years old, and I graduated from the master of the conservatory in The Hague. Teaching violin is my passion and I have been doing this for over 8 years. Everyone, every level, every background and every age is welcome. I have students between 6 and 80 years old, from beginners to advanced and people who know a lot about music or people who are trying it for the first time. I play musical games, focus on musical and technical development, practice ensemble playing and teach the students who are ready some music theory. I like to look together with the student at fun goals or music that the student wants to play. All input and ideas are welcome! It is important to me to create an individual lesson plan together with the student that matches what the student wants to learn and how. I think it's important that we keep an eye on progress and that that's why a student practices at home. This is how the lesson is most useful, because then I can give good tips that will really make you better! During the lesson I focus on the musical message, but also on the technical 'tools' you need to play the violin well. Do you think it would be fun to discover music with me and to play the violin better? Come by for a trial lesson! The violin lessons take place at my home in Leiden. We agree on the length of the lesson together. Beginning students usually start with half an hour of lessons and if the teacher or student notices that this is too short for the current development, the lesson time will be extended to 45 minutes, 60 minutes or more in consultation. Advanced students are also welcome. Online class is also possible, but this is just a little less quality than a live class. I recommend having lessons every week, then you will get better on your instrument the fastest. But if you want it different, that's fine too. If you want, you can also have lessons with several people at the same time. The rate will then remain the same. The disadvantage for you is that I have less individual attention for you and that you may not progress as fast as a result. If you cancel the class within 24 hours, I still have to charge the cost of your class for reserving the time for you. Send me a message if you are interested, have questions, want to get acquainted or would like to try out a free trial lesson. I think it would be great fun to work together on the violin, discover beautiful music and have fun with it!
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Dutch lessons (from beginners to advanced, customized lessons too) (Leiderdorp)
Rianne was a good choice of teacher. She is extremely patient - and goodness knows trying to teach a slow-learner like me requires a great deal of patience!! She is also friendly but firm. She always arrives on time, with classes prepared but isn't inflexible with the learning. For example, If we start to stray away from the book a little and pursue something that helps me understand a point of grammar or get to grips with the pronunciation of a specific phrase, she encourages it. She understands that for me, learning a new language is a real challenge and my confidence is not especially high whilst doing it - and i'm grateful that she sees this, tries to adjust the way she teaches to fit the way that i learn and doesn't show any exasperation! I would recommend Rianne wholeheartedly.
Review by JANE
Spanish lessons with a focus on culture for all levels (Leiden)
Bart exercises patience, interest and great enthusiasm. The lesson was relaxed and informative. I left feeling excited for the next one! Gracias, Bart!
Review by KYLE
Dutch Lessons For Foreiners Of All Ages With Different Methods (Leiden)
She is very easy to talk to, flexible and has a good heart. My 11-year-old daughter very much enjoyed the lesson with her.
Review by LÍVIA

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