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Valentyna - Bordeaux$17.01
Trusted teacher: Hello everyone! I am native Russian speaker and I have a master degree from the National linguistic university in a very specific skill of teaching the Russian language to non-Russians. - I have been teaching Russian for many years to adults and children from all over the world in the classroom and via Skype. Also I have been working as an interpreter in the Ukrainian embassy. - I’ve been living in various countries where I taught Russian. My English is fluent, so in our lessons I will explain everything to you in a very understandable and easy way. - I guarantee positive and relaxed atmosphere in our lessons. - Our lessons will always be well organized, well - planned and well structured. - All the lessons are tailored exactly to your individual needs to help you succeed. - I am focused on result and in our lessons will incorporate very interesting multimedia, photos, videos, power point presentations, and maximum conversational activities. - I will help you to achieve the necessary level of communication in the shortest possible time, since I know the secret of the optimal sequence of material presentation. You will finally begin to speak fluently in Russian. We will learn correct Russian grammar and vocabulary, speaking and you will get to the next level of Russian in no time. By the End of the Course You Will: - You will begin to speak fluently in Russian - Get to the next level of Russian - Significantly improve your Russian pronunciation - Easily construct grammatically correct sentences in Russian - Learn tons of Russian words and phrases on many different topics - Feel confident speaking Russian - Understand native Russian speakers with ease I look forward to meeting you!
Trusted teacher: OBJECTIVE LEVEL 1 = INITIATION (for beginner levels) - the basics of photography: apprehension of the different settings on your camera - tests and apprehension of the different chromias possible - lighting management - taking into account situations (day, night, indoor, outdoor) Between the introductory and advanced course, I give you exercises that we will check together during the second class. OBJECTIVE LEVEL 2 = TECHNICAL IMPROVEMENT (for intermediate levels) - Taking into account extreme situations: surplus sun, extreme night, indoor, outdoor. I will take you directly to different places to directly practice this course, by your side. - learn to use external objects to amplify / improve the lighting of your photographs (reflectors, lights) - understand lens systems and camera lenses, their usefulness and difference. Between the advanced course and "creative jump", I give you exercises that we will check together during the third class. OBJECTIVE LEVEL 3 = TRANSGRESSION OF PHOTOGRAPHIC RULES AND CUSTOMIZATION (for advanced levels) You now know the basics and how to amplify the initial settings through course 1 and course 2. It's when you know the basic technique and rules, that you will finally be able to have fun, and break the rules of photography to make only beautiful photos that are on Google, but photos that look like you and who you really like As artistic director, we will see together how you can fine-tune your art in photography. Photographic identity is the last step to be a professional photographer. It's when you see one of your photos that you have to say to yourself, "That's all intel, I'm sure." Concretely we will see: - how to break certain photographic rules to make your photos unique - give sensitivity and emotion to your photographs - choose your area of expertise: architecture? fashion? still life? objects? atmosphere? Inside? outside? black and white or color? (because the more we specialize, the more we become unique as a photographer) - offer references and general knowledge with photographic references according to your preferred field - intensification of the course in the specialty of your choice - learn to lead and put at ease his models for your photographic projects (to know what to say, how to say it, the things not to say or not to do) OBJECTIVE LEVEL 4 = PORTRAIT AND FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY Portrait and fashion photography have an additional difficulty, namely, the presence of a model. It will not only be good in technique but also good in management. By management I mean that a good fashion photographer, or good portraitist, knows how to manage the human. Indeed, shooting is just as important as the technique. It will not be enough to trigger his camera 10000 times to get a good picture. We will see how to prepare a shoot, how to address a model. Indeed, the shooting is a crucial moment because it is at this time that the shooting takes place. So do not miss it. We also think wrongly that it is easier to take pictures of friends or family. But you have certainly noticed that it sometimes puts them in an uncomfortable situation where they do not know how to ask. This is why we will see together a technique that will put them at ease, know what to say to them and how to tell them. Because yes, there are things not to say or to do, and things that can be said and done. To put them at ease, have beautiful expressions and beautiful emotions. Because any mistake on your part could hinder the beautiful facial expressions. What you learn will be valid with all models. So a good preparation allows a good moment of shooting and finality, beautiful photographs. So ... ready for the challenge, Jedi apprentice? ;) OBJECTIVE LEVEL 4bis = photo editing with Lightroom and Photoshop - for advanced to semi-professional levels in photography - I insist that it is only dedicated to advanced and semi-professional or professional photography because I am among those who think that a beautiful photograph is originally from a good technique, good basis, and a good emotion. But for those who still wish to go further to perfect their photos: - file formats - masks - adjustment layers - dynamic layers - Colorimetry course - Photoshop clipping - hair clipping - clipping characters (yes yes, it is possible to put them in another setting!) - qualitative skin retouching (and especially not the smoothing of skin, for pity) - colorimetric adaptation to give a colorful atmosphere to your photos - lighting, light levels - make an image with a rainy weather appear like a photo taken in summer! - deforming images, adding external elements, deleting characters and existing elements - Have you always dreamed of putting people you know, levitating on the clouds? to change the color of a t-shirt or certain objects?
Adobe photoshop · Photography
English · World history · Literature
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Russian lessons Skype. Grammar exercises, speaking, new words phrases (Geneva)
Valentyna is a very easy-to-work-with tutor. She adapts easily to the needs and skills of the student and gives the class in a friendly but still professional manner. It is obvious that she loves what she does and that makes the classes more interesting to follow. I absolutely recommend Valentyna to anyone that is looking to improve their Russian. Agnese
Review by AGNESE
Madeira was an excellent tutor. She customized the lesson for me. I learned a tremendous amount from her and she gave me confidence in my own ability to speak as well as to listen. She was able to explain the nuances in French meaning that I had missed before and she carefully answered all my questions. She is very personable and I highly recommend her.
Review by SANDRA
English at all levels from college to university, personal or professional (Villenave-d'Ornon)
La manière d'être et de faire d'Anne-Marie est vraiment agréable et humaine, ce qui la rend inévitablement efficace. De par la diversité de son expérience, Anne-Marie sait que l'apprentissage passe par la relation avec l'apprenant et c'est exactement ce que je cherchais pour ma fille. Merci !!
Review by JEAN-LOUIS