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Trusted teacher: Hey there, I’m Amy, a Chinese teacher with experience teaching Mandarin. I was born and raised in Beijing. My accent is very clear and easy to understand. With the growth of teaching time, I found this work attracts me more and more. In my opinion, language learning is a venture full of fun and of course, sometimes with difficulties. But all your efforts are worthy. I have helped over 100 students whether to get their dream jobs or the big promotion or just to improving their Chinese for their trip. I will plan your own personal lesson plan. Including daily conversations, business language, job interviews, preparation for exams. My method is conversational and based on real life so you can relate the language to your life and use your own examples. I can’t wait to share you how beautiful my language is! See you in my class. Aside from teaching, I like to watch movies and traveling.I have been to UK, Germany, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia and so on. 大家好!我是Amy,一名经验丰富的中文老师。我在北京长大,口音清晰易懂。我很喜欢教学工作,在我看来,学习语言非常有趣。虽然有时候会遇到困难,但是都是值得的。我帮助过上百名学生找工作,升职,或者旅行。 关于学习方面,我会帮助你制定学习计划,学习日常用语,商务用语,帮助你通过面试,中文考试等。我的学习素材贴近生活,你可以举一反三。 我已经迫不及待跟你分享我的母语了,课堂上见! 除了教学之外,我喜欢看电影,旅行。我去过英国,德国,波兰,马来西亚,印度尼西亚,俄罗斯等,喜欢交来自不同国家的朋友。
Chinese · Mandarin chinese
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Enrique - Hong Kong$114
Trusted teacher: Don't settle for anything less than excellence. I am an Aerospace Engineer with a Master's degree in Quantum Physics and have completed Ph.D. work at the University of Cambridge. Additionally, I have 4 years of experience developing MATLAB and possess deep programming skills in MATLAB/Simulink family, C/C++, Fortran, and Python. With over 12 years of tutoring experience, I have successfully guided more than 50 students worldwide to achieve distinction in various fields. Consistent results are my priority, and I strive for excellence in all aspects of my teaching. My lessons are customized to meet each student's unique needs and are designed to be engaging and insightful. Whether you are at a school level or require advanced or professional-level instruction, I offer support in the following areas: - University levels (undergraduate and postgraduate) - Preparation for IB/IA, A-Levels, GCSE, University Entry, or equivalent - Assistance with specific projects at a professional level, including interview preparation - High school studies and diploma programs - Extensive experience working with children Every lesson is meticulously planned in advance to ensure that it aligns with your goals and targets areas for improvement. I prioritize a dynamic and interactive learning experience, with one-on-one sessions tailored to your individual requirements. Lessons will be conducted via webcam, enabling you to connect from anywhere. I have a highly flexible schedule and can adapt to accommodate your needs. If you have any questions about my teaching method, availability, or pricing, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am here to assist you and provide the support you need.
Physics · Computer programming · Math
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Christina - Kowloon$76
Piano · Music theory lessons · Music teacher training
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Ignacio - Hong Kong$79
Trusted teacher: Course Overview: Join Ignacio, an accomplished musician and educator, for an enriching experience in Jazz Piano, Music Production, and Composition. This course is designed for students eager to delve into the realms of jazz piano performance, music production techniques, and the art of composition. Course Content: - Jazz Piano Techniques: Explore various styles and techniques in jazz piano, from classic to contemporary styles, both as an improviser, an accompanist, a soloist or an ensemble player. Ignacio has taught at university level before, so he can help students in any level of expertise. - Music Composition: Learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of composing music across various genres, including classical, jazz, and contemporary genres such as hip hop, electronic, or music for media. Ignacio has composed and recorded music for TV, movies, and as a studio owner for other artists. - Music Production: Gain hands-on experience in music production, covering aspects like recording, audio post-production, and the use of technology in music. Instructor Profile: Ignacio brings a wealth of experience to this course. He's an expert in jazz piano education, having taught jazz piano performance to all undergraduate students USFQ, a university belonging to the Berklee International Network. His diverse career includes performances across four continents, collaborations with Grammy-nominated artists, and participation in prestigious music festivals. Ignacio is also adept in music production, with extensive experience in recording, audio post-production, and composition for various platforms. Holding a Master’s in Jazz Studies, a Bachelor’s in Music, and a Bachelor’s in Physics, he is also a qualified IBDP Music educator and holds Teacher Status in the UK. Key Takeaways: - Mastery of jazz piano playing styles and techniques. - Advanced skills in music composition, adaptable to various genres. - Practical knowledge in music production and technology. - Insights from a globally experienced educator and performer. This course is ideal for students seeking to build a solid foundation in any aspect of music, enhance their composition skills, and gain practical experience in music production under the mentorship of a distinguished educator and artist.
Music theory · Jazz music · Audio production
Trusted teacher: Dear parents and students, welcome to my profile! I am a professional opera singer who has performed in theatres and concerts in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Romania, and Hong Kong, has won international vocal competitions, been an adjudicator in vocal competitions, and given vocal masterclasses in secondary schools. Currently, I am an official singing and piano teacher at an arts school in London, where my classes are always fully booked. I have always enjoyed teaching and can teach a wide range of repertoire in English, German, French and Italian. My lessons are mostly in English, but of course I can teach in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese too. As a private singing teacher, all my students have won local and international competitions, and obtained excellent results in their exams. Some of them even decided to choose music and opera as their future careers. Although I am based in the UK at the moment, I still would love to help students who like to learn opera and classical singing in Hong Kong. Do not worry, I am experienced in giving online classes and you will not feel distant from me. You will enjoy my classes. Yet, I see many more responsibilities being a teacher. Besides sharing knowledge and experience with my students, I am also the person who: - enlightens my students through their journey of music; - my students can rely on and talk to; - influences them to embrace differences and be kind; - makes them aware of their values and proud of themselves. I want to be my students' friend and teach them with a humble and empathetic heart. My students like sharing their stories and ideas with me outside the lessons, sometimes about books, sometimes about philosophy, sometimes about the world, sometimes about the industry, sometimes about anything in life. I always make time for my students. Besides singing, I have been a pianist and piano teacher for 13 years. I was usually the accompanist for my students in their competitions and exams. I am based in the UK at the moment, but I will arrange good accompanists for my students. If I can fly back to Hong Kong when my students take their exams and perform in their competitions, I will accompany them by myself. My qualifications are as follows: The Chinese University of Hong Kong Bachelor of Arts (Music) Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel Master of Music (Classical Singing) Postgraduate in Classical Singing Licentiate Trinity College London Vocal Performance 97/100 Distinction Licentiate Trinity College London Piano Performance 90/100 Distinction DipABRSM Piano ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory Please feel free to contact me and let me know what you want to learn and achieve! Have a super lovely day!:)
Singing · Opera · Piano
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Violin and Viola lessons 🎻 with a professional teacher for all ages and levels (Amsterdam)
I studied the violin for about 2 months with Fermin and I have grown much in my knowledge of not just how to play but how to think when playing. Fermin has also helped a lot with technical struggles allowing me to break through some of the challenges that were bothering me for a long time. He is a very patient teacher but he will not hesitate to stop you and correct you (as any good teacher would) if you are not playing correctly. I personally requested that he gives me honest feedback which really helped me play better tecnically and musically. I believe he will be open to adapting his strictness upon specific requests. The time difference (Fermin being in Spain and I being in the US) has not been easy but Fermin was very willing to bend his schedule and provided several time slots to accommodate my availability. To sum up, if you are looking for a teacher that is patient in character yet unrelenting toward the goal of fully tapping your potential both musically and tecnically, I would recommend you take a lesson with Fermin.
Tuition Math - Physics - Chemistry - Biology (Mexico City)
I found Dr. Ralf to be a wonderful Teacher. The things that he taught me through online helped me a great deal in this class as well as in statistic level. Because of the help and attention that He provided me with, I understand and enjoy Statistics. The class was great in that he didn’t just give the answers away – he made me THINK. This was sort of frustrating, but it helped me understand the material much better. I would recommend him as a Teacher for future classes, without a doubt.
Review by AHMED
Music Theory/Jazz Piano/Music Production Lesson for Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced Level (Shanghai)
I had a very strong suspicion that online music class would work for me, and Ignacio totally changed my opinion. He was precise, courteous, and encouraging. His teaching method is very systematic. My days of searching over youtube and self-feed random materials is over. I wish I had started the lesson much earlier. I am very much looking forward to continue the class! Thank you Ignacio! -zz
Review by ZHENG

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