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68 private teachers in Ghana

Trusted teacher: Hello everyone, my name is Serdar. I am of Kurdish origin but I was born in Turkey and I grew up there. I studied in Turkey until the end of high school and I moved to Africa. Now I work in a company that builds the buildings and I want to teach the Turkish language for the volunteers. Why learn Turkish? Whether for personal or professional reasons, learning Turkish can help. This language is not the most taught but has a particular musicality and history. Indeed, straddling Europe and Asia, it has been a hub of world culture since Antiquity. In a constant in-between, this vast territory contains many treasures. Turkey also abounds in superb regions of which Anatolia is the main symbol. In addition, Turkish is a language with a very special history. Did you know that Turkish is spoken by millions of people around the world? Even if the country which saw the birth of this language is its main home, this language has undergone multiple transformations. Thus, in the former USSR, speaking Turkish was not uncommon: almost 48 million people practiced it! Today, there are many Turkish speakers in Bulgaria, but also in Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina or in the north of the island of Cyprus. Turkey is also one of Europe's main economic and trading partners, importing and exporting tons of food and manufactured goods each year. Speaking Turkish is therefore an important advantage in the current economic and geopolitical context. You will thus be able to offer your language skills to employers in fields as varied as commerce, economics, industry, IT ...
Turkish · Sign language (asl) · Grammar
Chat in French, Read & Write French, Sing in French the simple, easy, and fun way. Bonjour! Bonjour!; Comment allez-vous? Quand a moi. je vais super bien. Hello! Hello! How are you doing? As for me, I am super fine. If you are planning to travel or settle in any Francophone countries for business purposes or for work matters...Or you just want to learn French to polish and sharpen your academic or take your professional career to the next level, you are at the right place at the right time. I am called Koffi affectionately nicknamed Tamos As you can see, it might sound difficult to pronounce my name in the first place but with the pronunciation, you can easily and confidently say it without any worry. Yes, pronunciation is key if you want to speak any language as a native speaker. French is not an exception. This is one of the most important aspects of learning French. It will help me understand and to be understood. Four months ago, I started learning German as my fourth language. Very hard. My teachers are trying their best to teach me the correct pronunciation and I pick up slowly but surely. This is my background. I am born in Ghana - studied in Ghana, Togo, and Cote d’Ivoire. Currently, I am teaching French and English in an international, multicultural, multilingual school complex, and in a private nursing university on weekends, all in Ghana. I also do translations in my spare time. By the way, I am also a writer. Prior to that, I taught at Alliance Francaise Accra (a member of ALLIANCE FRANCAISE NETWORK) and got the opportunity to manage ACCENT LANGUAGE INSTITUTE where we teach both English and French to Francophones and Anglophones. I taught beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Some of my students are kids, youngsters, adults, professionals. . As a perfect speaker, my role as your French teacher will be to give you the perfect mentoring and coaching to make you improve and polish your French skills just like I did for many people in the past. I strongly believe that anyone has the cognitive abilities to learn a new language and become fluent as a native speaker. Maybe next year, I will be offering German lessons. My lessons are conversational, functional, and self-explanatory. They are easy, simple, and fun. It consists of a step-by-step approach or methods of teaching. These are things that you are going to learn through the four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) are as follow: 1- CONVERSATIONS 2- DIALOGUES 3- SONGS 4- VOCABULARY 5- GRAMMAR 6- PRONUNCIATION 7- PROJECT-BASED LEARNING(PBL) MODE OF TEACHING VIDEO AUDIO TEXT IMAGES/PICTURES CANAL OF TEACHING ZOOM GOOGLE MEET WHATSAPP YOUTUBE FACEBOOK LIVE BONUSES FOR JOINING MY CLASS You will have access to my WHATSAAP GROUP You will have access to my FRENCH GROUP FOR ENGLISH SPEAKERS where you will exchange and network with peers and other learners. Just know why you want to learn French and I will help you through the process. Again feel free to contact me something above is not clear to you. A bientot Koffi
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Superb experience with Raef. I asked for his help to prepare a math assessment test with an enormous lack of basis but he accepted the challenge. I found out a nice teacher who is not afraid of explaining and repeating if necessary. I did enjoy his method with the whiteboard, it feels like you are in the same place and can interact on the same exercise. Either in English or french he will certainly be able to help you. He is super kind and flexible, I definitively recommend his services.
Review by DYLAN
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The first lesson was nice and I appreciate a lot the way Youness manage the lesson I highly recommend him for the patience and the calm... A very nice and postive moment
Review by CHANTAL
Learn how to speak French efficiently and fluently (Tema)
My first lesson with Carine was amazing! She is very positive and friendly. The lesson has a very nice structure.
Review by IRINA