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Szabolcs - Budapest$15
Computer programming · Python · Java
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Learn how to play violin with a good techique and solfegio (Budapest)
I really recommend Didem as your violin tutor for all levels. Honestly taking violin lessons from her has been one of the best decisions I've made in Hungary. She is not only very skilled but really open to all the methods and musical ideas. She has so many tips because she herself is practicing and studying violin at a professional level currently. As an intermediate level violin player who has been playing instrument for more than 15 years, I've met so many tutors but she is the best and passionate teacher. One example how passionate she is that she sends all the videos you can see and practice with and list of repertoires you can play also after the lessons..! I feel myself have improved a lot in the short term:)
Review by YUNJIN
Piano Lessons with the Best Colombian Young Pianist! (Budapest)
Juan Sebastian
Juan Sebastian is a great & effective teacher to our 7-year old son, he provides great material to learn ahead of the time, and finds methods and ways to make lessons enjoyable, despite some more challenging learning parts of piano/music grammar. Also, he is always providing our young student with homework to practice music/piano playing. He also checks on homework and provides feedback on what to do to improve skills. I also think because Juan such a great piano player, he does spark interest in piano playing, which helps with motivating and stimulating the interest in it.
Review by ZHANAT
Tuition Math - Physics - Chemistry - Biology (San Diego)
I found Dr. Ralf to be a wonderful Teacher. The things that he taught me through online helped me a great deal in this class as well as in statistic level. Because of the help and attention that He provided me with, I understand and enjoy Statistics. The class was great in that he didn’t just give the answers away – he made me THINK. This was sort of frustrating, but it helped me understand the material much better. I would recommend him as a Teacher for future classes, without a doubt.
Review by AHMED

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