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72 private teachers in Caluire‑et‑Cuire

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Jackie - Lyon$27
Trusted teacher: 90% of my students don't have an iPad. Just like me. It works fine on a PC. You can buy a WACOM to write with a stylus, instead of a mouse. No camera needed. I'm doing screen sharing. The students see directly what I write on the screen. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Do not hesitate to take courses to aim for 700-800 on the GMAT test -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- With me you will love math. Boss math, I had 100% in math during my primary and secondary. Selected every year for the Belgian Mathematical Olympiad, I also participated in other competitions where I was very well ranked at the national level. For me, there is no secret: practice, practice, practice ... The more you practice, the better you understand, the results will improve and you will love this material that is not so witch My pedagogy is flexible, I adapt to the student. Beyond repeating the classical theory, I explain things differently so that the student can understand better. I also like to accompany the student to do math exercises, so that the student can continue alone after my departure. Personalized math course for all types of needs - improve school results - special math & logic / reflection game during the holidays - preparation for the entrance exam for a new school / university
Math · Gmat test preparation · Statistics
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Sarah was incredibly encouraging and kind in our first singing lesson! She keeps things lighthearted and dynamic and I’m really looking forward to having more lessons with her and would recommend her to anyone :)
Review by JONNY
Violin, solfiege and music theory lessons for beginners and intermediate players (Villeurbanne)
It was so especial because it was my first time making this ! And also is a grate signal that the professor speak English
Review by JULIETA
Verbessere deine Note in Mathe, Physik, Chemie, Statistik - durch Videokonferenz - DE (Munich)
My daughter’s comment: she’s great, I finally understand maths! She explains math in a very comprehensive and easy way.
Review by SILKE