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Trusted teacher: The Yoga of sound… what is it? It can be defined as the set of practices using the vibrations of his voice or of instruments ... mainly allowing to calm the mind. We then experience thoughtless states of consciousness. It can therefore be the support for meditation. The yoga of sound is different from singing because no vocal skills are required. Thanks to sound vibrations, you can also explore your own body. With regular practice, you develop a sensitivity to the vibrations of your voice that propagate in your body. You can then make certain parts of your body vibrate, such as your toes! This can therefore be a way to become more aware of your body, of yourself, of your well-being. In a pictorial way, we can then consider that the body is a musical instrument which resonates, vibrates, breathes, ... and which will interpret music using for example the singing of vowels, certain songs or mantras, harmonic singing ... Goals : • contact a state of physical, mental, emotional relaxation, in order to calm the mind and be more in tune with oneself and to reach inner peace, joy and even fullness. • discover practices that allow you to become aware of your body, your voice, to be freer and more confident with your voice. • learn different breathing techniques. • learn to physically feel the vibrations of his voice in his body. • learn the techniques to propagate the vibrations of his voice in his body. • carry out the sound massage yourself of all the organs of the body, the entire bone structure, etc. • become aware of its various tensions and resolve them. • strengthen their mental capacities for concentration, memorization, and consolidation of learning capacities. Who is the Yoga of sound for? Musician or not… all people who want, thanks to their own voice, to learn how to better become aware of their body, their tensions, their well-being, and who like to sing. It is not necessary to know how to sing to practice the yoga of sound. How does a typical session take place? After awakening the body thanks to the Tandava dance (Indian dance), we approach different practices in order to learn how to methodically develop the sensations of vibrations of his voice in his body. The approaches are presented in a practical way allowing autonomy. Important note: this yoga is not postural, it can be practiced sitting on a chair or on the floor on mats and cushions. It is therefore accessible to any person and any age. It is not necessary to know how to sing to practice the yoga of sound, it is about making vibrate and modulate the sounds in oneself by using one's voice.
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