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Dear prospective student and teacher, 1. These days I am located in Turkey. I registered myself to this portal, in order to be at the same time both TEACHER and STUDENT. To the interested students desiring languages GERMAN, ENGLISH, RUSSIAN, TURKISH: You would have an enthusiastic and genuine teacher with an individual approach to teaching with an extensive previous cross-cultural and on site experiences in the countries of those spoken languages above. Mutually I will easily share with You the pleasure of learning and teaching . However, this letter contains also my own wishes requiring a conjoint learning. So, my writing can be referred to prospective Students as well as to Tutors in the fields mentioned in paragraph 3 below. Here are some facts about my profile: 2. I have studied and lived in Germany for almost 10 years. So confident speaker of German and English, besides with the almost same imitation of the language as if I were a native speaker. Therefore at the same time I can correct the learners pronunciation while acquiring particular language melody. 3. For the nearest future I would like to extend on my existing and new linguistic capabilities, namely here ARABIC and FRENCH. Hence me myself searching for a language partners too. Now I am working on my Arabic with moderate level and French at the beginner stage. Reciprocally I can be a teacher of German, English, Turkish and Russian. Regarding with German skills I posses DSH certificate and for English I have IELTS certificate, so can guide You while preparing to IELTS and DSH Exams as well. Thanks and kindest regards, FIDAN
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Trusted teacher: Course Description: The SAT Prep course concentrates on SAT reading, vocabulary and writing skills along with math practice. The course includes practice in taking the SAT test, as well as strategies for the question types (sentence completion, vocabulary, critical reading, and writing – finding errors / revision). In the Spring Semester, the course will focus on the new SAT test, using Kaplan,Pearson,Black Book, Khan Academy online, and classroom reading, vocabulary, grammar lessons and practice tests. Reading The goal for reading in this class is to read college level material closely and critically in order to answer difficult questions about the text. The Reading Section for the SAT requires students to answer evidence-based questions about a challenging reading selection in a timed setting. The class will prepare and practice for these reading passages and questions. Writing The goal for writing in this class is to prepare for the optional essay section on the new SAT which will be required by some colleges. Learning to plan and respond in writing quickly will help students on the SAT Writing test as well as other exams with writing including AP exams, college exams, SAT subject tests, etc. The new essay is an analysis essay based on a piece of text, so we will discuss and practice writing literary and rhetorical analysis. Math The goal for math in this class is to practice the types of questions asked on the SAT test and to learn how to avoid the most common mistakes.
Satii test preparation · Sat prep · Sati test preparation
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Başak - Maltepe$26
Trusted teacher: I have been teaching Turkish for 18 years in Istanbul. I started to teach when I was studying the Turkish Language and Literature. I worked in a language school and at the universities, I suppose that I gained success. 😊 My achievements are directly proportional to my students’ success. My students are mostly teachers, consulate officers, international business people, and also travellers. I feel rewarded when I witness their progress in applying their Turkish language skills to their daily lives. Over the years, I have met hundreds of people from all over the world, taught Turkish, and told them about Istanbul and Turkey. Those people told me about their countries and learned to express themselves in Turkish. For example, I ask them: “Do you like Istanbul?” in Turkish it is “İstanbul’u surveyor museum?” or “ Traffic is very bad in Istanbul!”, “İstanbul’ da çok Trafik var!” The basic but correct conversation is really important for self-confidence in any language. If a learner can master basic sentence forms, the rest will come much easier. On the other hand, making mistakes is also very important. Especially, a learner can not speak without making a mistake the first and second time. My students are always varied and have diverse learning skills. My professionalism also allows me to tailor language education according to individual interests, needs, and capacities. In the classroom, I hold firm three main principles: first, providing a comfortable environment, second, creating an encouraging atmosphere, and third, establishing a collaborative instruction model. I consider that I developed an aptitude for making learning Turkish to become much easier, more enjoyable, and more practical for my students. I use a book prepared by a university in Turkey. I share the pdf version of the book for my lessons. I also adapt the materials according to the learner’s needs and support the book with my authentic materials. Even though I use a communicative approach, all my lessons are guided by a solid knowledge of grammar. On the online lessons, I send an e-mail after every lesson. That word file includes a vocabulary list, sentences (corrected and uncorrected versions, you can compare both of them easily), grammar points,s and homework for revision. In this way, you can find everything in a file well organized. When we have a face to face lesson, I give a hard copy of this list after every lesson. The lessons could be at my home office or in my student's house or office. I sometimes meet with my students in a coffee shop, I try to prefer silent places. :) How learning a new language opens a new window into a person, teaching Turkish is also the same for me! I was always interested in languages - I could speak a bit of Italian and learned Persian grammar except English. I always think about Istanbul -I was born and grew up here- it is a good place for self-improvement. First and foremost, Istanbul hosts international people coming from around the world. It is considering to me, I am lucky because I have one of the pleasant professions. When teaching Turkish, promoting cross-cultural awareness forms an important part of my lessons. Teaching the language involves both the students and myself in a dynamic conversation about our cultural backgrounds. Teaching Turkish is in fact not only teaching a language but also teaching a culture. I am interested in cinema, music and like visiting museums. I always share the activities with my students. I also teach Turkish to young learners. I started to study Child Development at Istanbul University as a second university in 2018. We say in Turkish, “Studies have no age!" If you want to speak Turkish well, please contact me. It is fun, and we will smile during the lesson!
Grammar · Reading · Turkish
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Alper - Esenyurt$25
Trusted teacher: Merhaba! My name is Alper. Let's learn Turkish with me! I'm a Turkish language instructor with years of experience. Here you can find more about me... About me: Turkish Language and Literature graduate (B.A.) Turkish as a Foreign language (Master of Education) International experience in govermental organization University experience including Erasmus classes References could be provided by former learners with signature and contact information. - Turkish classes individual or small group (up to 5 person) are offered in Istanbul at learners or teachers place or a specified place by the learner and instructor or online via "screensharing technology". (Skype, Google Hangouts). I have speacial. materials in order to teach online. - 12 years of experience in teaching. 9 years of experience in Turkish as a foreign language teaching. - University (TÖMER & Erasmus), Yunus Emre Institute experiences lots of individual learners. -- 4 skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) must be developed all together according my language teaching and learning approach. I always try to make people speak, write and understand. Speaking and writing are the main aim. Some grammar and phonetics are just little tools. Some people like to play with them, some people don't.. I listen and care about my learners background knowledge, main purpose to learn language, how they prefer to learn a new language. Why you should take Turkish course from Alper? He is not an English teacher. He just teaches Turkish. He is both ambitious and fun He is sociable He also experienced being expatriate He wants to make you speak and write as soon as possible (within a plan ofc.) He is planned and punctual He is a public speaker He cares for his classes and learners. He creates individual materials for the learners He loves teaching! And.. He loves to get in touch with internationals because he doesn't stick into teaching. He loves to contact professionals who are interesting in travel, business, writing, photography and also studying & investing in Turkey. Haydi! Let's say "Merhaba" to Türkçe! :) * PM: I want to work with people who are really keen to learn Turkish. Even I do my job professionally since learning a language needs care and concentration from both sides. I want to work with people who are able to reserve time for this fun learning adventure. You can take class from me at your place at my place or online via webcam. Well If you are not in Istanbul or Turkey please do not underestimate online! You will understand why I mentioned this if you start online ;) Derste görüşürüz! Hoşça kalın! See you in the class! Bye bye! :)
Grammar · Turkish
Welcome to the Comprehensive English Language Course, where learners of all levels will embark on a rewarding journey to master the English language. Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps or an intermediate learner looking to further enhance your skills, this course offers a nurturing and inclusive environment for effective language acquisition. Course Objectives: 1. Build Strong Foundations (Beginner Level): Introduce the basics of English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, providing a solid foundation for language learning. 2. Improve Communication Skills (Intermediate Level): Enhance conversational fluency, listening comprehension, and speaking confidence through engaging activities and discussions. 3. Grammar and Writing Proficiency: Progressively explore grammar complexities and writing styles, enabling learners to express ideas coherently and effectively. 4. Expand Vocabulary and Idioms: Learn a diverse range of words, phrases, and idiomatic expressions to enrich language usage and cultural understanding. 5. Reading Comprehension: Analyze texts, articles, and literary works to develop advanced reading skills and critical thinking. 6. Cultural Immersion: Delve into the cultures of English-speaking countries, fostering cultural awareness and language context. Course Structure: The course is thoughtfully divided into modules, each focusing on specific language aspects. It caters to both beginner and intermediate learners by offering tailored content to meet individual needs. Classes are designed to be interactive and dynamic, utilizing multimedia resources and interactive exercises to engage learners effectively. Beginner Level: - Basic Grammar and Vocabulary: Nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, and simple sentence structures. - Introduction to Speaking: Greetings, introductions, and everyday conversations. - Listening and Comprehension: Understanding common phrases and expressions in various contexts. Intermediate Level: - Advanced Grammar Concepts: Verb tenses, conditional sentences, reported speech, and more. - Speaking and Debate: Engaging in discussions, debates, and presentations on diverse topics. - Writing Proficiency: Crafting essays, formal emails, and creative pieces with clarity and coherence. - Reading Analysis: Comprehending and interpreting texts of various genres and complexity. Required Materials: 1. Notebook and Writing Tools: Bring a dedicated notebook for taking notes and completing assignments. Join us in this all-encompassing English language course, where beginners and intermediate learners unite to foster mutual growth and linguistic advancement. Together, we will create a supportive and encouraging learning environment, celebrating each milestone achieved on your language learning journey. Let's unlock the doors to effective communication and embrace the diverse world of the English language!
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Turkish Lessons (In-Person OR Online) for Adults and Kids from an Experienced and Patient Teacher For All Levels-Learn&Practice&Speak! (Maltepe)
I am following a class with Başak to learn turkish. The lessons are held in english. This course covers pronunciation, grammar and free speaking which are also adapted to daily life situations as well as speaking about yourself. I have experienced a very well organized and structured teacher on a professional basis. The teacher gives clear instructions, pays attention to the pronunciation and corrects you when needed, which is crucial for the turkish pronunciation. The course fees contain the tuition as booked and course material as the class is accompanied by a book (workbook and exercise book) and audio files. The books are sent to you in advance, makes it very convenient to take a print out or as a digital version on your tablet/PC/phone. Between the lessons homework will be assigned and checked by her via mail and discussed in the next lesson. So far, I am very happy with the lessons and I am also confident that I will improve my turkish steadily in the future with her. Thanks
Review by SAZAN
Private lessons in Math, Physics, Chemistry and SVT (Brussels)
Superb experience with Raef. I asked for his help to prepare a math assessment test with an enormous lack of basis but he accepted the challenge. I found out a nice teacher who is not afraid of explaining and repeating if necessary. I did enjoy his method with the whiteboard, it feels like you are in the same place and can interact on the same exercise. Either in English or french he will certainly be able to help you. He is super kind and flexible, I definitively recommend his services.
Review by DYLAN
Financial Management For Professionals and Personal Finance
I am having classes with Fatih 3 times a week, and I just want to add more because they are very helpful. Fatih manages to explain me my hardest class (Fixed Income), in a way that towards the end of each 1.5 h I leave with confidence that I am more prepared and the knowledge stayed in my head. Fatih helps me create intuition and better understanding in each topic. I am very happy with our classes. I highly recommend him for finance courses.
Review by KRISTINA

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