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Julien - Lausanne$85
Trusted teacher: * French version below * Musician in possession of a Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy from the Lausanne University of Music (Jazz / Contemporary Music department) and having collaborated in more than twenty musical projects to date gives courses of electric guitar and acoustic . (rock, blues, soul, pop ...). Personalized program for each student and adapted to his objectives. Different axes are discussed, including: - Technique of the instrument (Fingerpicking, plectrum game, slap, left hand etc.) - Study of the different musical styles - Working group game - Solo pieces game - Development of a personal game - Improvisation / Solos - Effects management (Distortion, overdrive, reverb, delay, etc ...) - Solfeggio, sight reading, harmony, rhythm There is also the opportunity to tackle electric bass and songwriting. * * * Professional musician graduated with a Master in Music Pedagogy at the High School of Music in Lausanne and who has played in more than 20 bands so far and electric guitar in all styles (pop, rock, jazz, soul, blues ... ). Every student gets his personalized program based on his interests. The program includes several topics, such as: - Instrument techniques and skills (fingerstyle, pick, slap, left hand ...) - Study of different music styles - Solo pieces - Improvisation / solo - Use of guitar effects (Overdrive, distortion, delay, reverb ...) - Music theory, rhythm, harmony, sight reading There is also the opportunity to combine the lessons with some electric bass skills, as well as songwriting.
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Florent - Lausanne$72
Trusted teacher: I give drum lessons instead of Vallon 12, in my studio, equipped with 2 drums and recording equipment. I consider that learning can only be done while having fun, so I adapt almost all my lessons to the desires of my students, while keeping a course of action to follow, based on methods that have been developed. proven to be very effective over the years. I teach any style of music making sure the basics are solid. (Rock, Funk, Groove, Jazz, Samba, Latin, Metal, Fusion, ...) It is important for me that the student tells me about his desires, his tastes, and to know what the student has desire to learn. Of course, I can come up with tons of songs, but it is always more interesting for the student to bring me what they want to learn. My local is a recording studio. This means that I record and film sessions with students from time to time. It is very rewarding to see / hear yourself play, even very early in learning, and this service is an integral part of the lessons and is something quite rare in drum lessons in the region. I enjoy a familiar atmosphere, without pressure, to focus on the essentials in a relaxed way :-) About the teacher: Studied drums at the Sleack Kaven School in Lausanne. Drummer in many Swiss and international groups, specializing in extreme, technical and progressive metal, as well as electro-groove. Great experience of concerts all over Europe, as well as various recording studios, as well as recording in my personal studio. Drums teacher since 2016 at the ENSR in Lausanne. Drums teacher between 2018-2020 at GimmeMusic School, in Etoy. Private drums teacher since 2017.
Drums · Music theory lessons · Percussion
Trusted teacher: Have you ever been told you are monotone, or speaking too loud/too softly, too fast/too slow, but don't know how to manage the efforts to change these effects? Do you feel like you show up as the best version of yourself during a presentation, or do you feel like you could be more present? Have you ever thought, or been told, that your "content" is fine, but that you have to "work on your delivery", in order to improve a presentation? These evergreen questions for public speakers are matters of delivery, character, and storytelling... As a professional actor and public speaking instructor with more than two decades of experience performing and teaching, I've learned that "form", "content", and "delivery" are interwoven. Refining one thread of presentation means looking for improvement in each one, so the result is seamless. This course is for people eager to improve their ability to connect with, influence, and maybe even inspire individuals with their speaking. In order to reach such goals, working professionals must cultivate a sense of purpose and mindfulness before and during the act of presenting. Purpose and mindfulness in a presentation come from: - A solid persuasive story structure for ideas and information/data that has been outlined beforehand, joined to... - ...Rehearsed extemporaneous delivery (not text-heavy slides, or memorized text), joined to... - ...A rudimentary awareness of breath management/vocal production, in order not to be overcome by "stage fright" in front of a group of people. I can help you if: 1) You have a deadline for an upcoming presentation or series of presentations - but you have enough time and flexibility to adjust the material, OR; 2) You may not have a deadline, want to learn how to structure a presentation, and definitely foresee occasions where you will actually have to present, OR; 3) You may not have an immediate presentation need, but you are committed to learning about voice production and undertaking a routine of voice and speech exercises, OR 4) If you want feedback on visual aids that you have designed and how they can better support your speaking. * Courses will be tailored to individual needs. * Voice & speech exercises will be drawn from theatre voicework. * Presentation revisions will be based on classical rhetoric, adapting material & data for oral delivery with improved narrative ("storytelling") structure
Public speaking
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Individual drum lessons at Place du Vallon, Lausanne, in the studio. (Lausanne)
Florent's teaching method is the best I've ever encountered! He's awesome! ! I started playing drums four years ago. Before him, I was walking in a dead-end street. And improvisation is impossible for me. But he comes, I see the light!! He is energetic and very friendly. Learning with him is extremely efficient. I'm so lucky to meet him on apprentus!
Review by ANQI
Violin Lessons & Solfege Lessons for all levels and age. (Zurich)
Excellent! Anastasia explains everything well, is very patient, thorough, friendly and easy-going.
Review by OLGA
English-Italian-Spanish private lesson (webcam possible) (Lausanne)
Thank you. My daughter enjoyed her lessons
Review by LINA

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