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16 physics teachers in Angers

Trusted teacher: My name is Karen, I'm 20 years old and I have a degree in physics to become a Researcher in Theoretical Physics. First, definitions: - Logic answers the question: How a thing is coherent - Mathematics answers the question: What language describes that a thing is coherent? - Physics answers the question: How to describe reality in mathematical language? Teaching method? - A course is an opportunity for a student to satisfy his curiosity and therefore, gradually, love to learn and progress in knowledge to discover the world. Fabulous is not it? - So the goals of these courses are understanding and seeing what drives passionate women to desire science. I prefer so many questions (it shows a certain level of critical sense!) So avoids learning by heart as possible to better adapt to different situations. Typical sequence of a course? - I want to meet the student before classes to get to know him and thus facilitate the relationship. -According to the student's functioning, I will look for learning angles. My specificities as a teacher? - I am patient, popularizer, pedagogue and passionate. - I will not neglect the psychology of the student as the difficulties can reside in fear, misunderstanding. - I am sensitive to intellectually precocious individuals, being it myself. - I am also passionate about (non exhaustive list) biology, anatomy, music and cinema with a library that does not stop to grow. Who are the classes for? - The courses are for the curious, science lovers, college students, high school students and students who take correspondence courses.
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He can explain very well and I am very happy that he can help my son.
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Great teacher, helped me to understand fluid mechanics!
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Very knowledgeable and patient.
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