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23 math teachers in Lasne

Trusted teacher: French: I hold a master's degree in applied mathematics and theoretical physics with the highest honors from the University of Cambridge as well as a bachelor of civil engineering physicist with the highest distinction (major of promotion) from Ecole Polytechnique from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. I am currently pursuing a doctorate in theoretical physics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. This course is intended for students in secondary, bachelor and master. I propose you to develop an intuitive vision of mathematics, physics and engineering sciences that will allow you to have a solid basis based on understanding and not on memorization. I'm obviously focusing on understanding concepts so that my student juggles with them instead of studying them stupidly. My engineering training allows me to put evocative images on some abstract concepts of mathematics that discourage students. My working method has allowed me to finish my first 3 years of major promotion, I am willing to embellish my courses coaching so that my student develops an effective method of work. I started teaching science subjects and mathematics at the secondary level as part of private lessons but also question and answer sessions to several students via Skype. In addition, I am currently working as an assistant student in my faculty. The diversity of student profiles that I had to help allowed me to develop an ability to adapt to a large number of students. Having been a student recently, I am also able to understand the difficulties experienced by my peers. English (C1 level, Band 8 score at the IELTS): I am a graduate student in possession of a bachelor in physics engineering from the ULB with the highest distinction (first of my promotion). I have recently graduated from a master's degree in physics and applied mathematics at the University of Cambridge with a distinction (the highest grade). I am currently working on a PhD thesis in theoretical physics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. This course is designed for high school, bachelor and master students. I offer you an intuitive understanding of mathematics, physics and engineering science. This will give you a strong basis on understanding rather than memorization. Obviously, I stress the understanding of the concepts in favor of intuition over a mind numbing study. Moreover, my training in engineering allows me to translate abstract mathematical concepts into practical images. Since my method allowed me to be the first of my promotion during my 3 years at ULB, I can endow my supervision with a coaching component. This allows my student to build an efficient method. I started to teach scientific courses a few years ago when I was in high school through personal tutoring and Skype questioning sessions. In addition, I am currently working with a teaching assistant in my faculty where I give examples of classes and answer questions of students from my faculty. I have had a large range of profiles and this allows me to adapt my method to a large scope of students. Finally, having graduated recently allows me to have a better understanding of the difficulties encountered by my peers.
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Mathematics tutoring from secondary school up to Master by French Master (Borsbeek)
Han is very professional and friendly. He does a fantastic job at preparing lessons and support that is tailored perfectly to the student. He goes over and above to ensure that students receive quality support that is appropriate for their level and that provides a framework for their exam success. I would definitely recommend taking Han's classes!
Review by JORDAN
Private tutoring Math for all education levels (GCSE,O/A-level, IB MYP/DP, etc) (The Hague)
Sobia is a lovely teacher. My daughter is comfortable with her kind and professional teaching style. The Skype lessons have been great and enjoyable. Sobia is good at explaining topics that my daughter had been finding difficult. I would recommend Sobia. Thank you!
Review by AMANDA
Private lessons in science (chemistry, physics, biology, ..) and engineering (Waterloo)
Geraldine is a great tutor. We fully recommend her.
Review by MARTA