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24 math teachers in Clermont‑Ferrand

Trusted teacher: Hello Miss, Sir I am the professor of one of the best establishments of Clermont Ferrand. For 15 years I realize upgrades in mathematics with a very high rate of success. I intervene in favor of students in difficulty who want to fill important gaps but also for others who aim to be at the top of the class. My individualized pedagogy allows me to understand, adapt and achieve the specific goal of each student. Mathematics courses are very focused on methodology and pedagogy because they are the keys to successful schooling. The theoretical concepts studied in the classroom, whether in arithmetic, algebra or geometry, are explained in a clear and detailed way so that the student can achieve a better understanding. The practice of the course is also very qualitative. The student is guided step by step during the exercises of arithmetic, algebra or geometry and then during the corrections in order to reduce as much as possible his errors. An effective mathematical work method and organizational advice specific to the subject are also instilled. Throughout my 15 years of experience, I have been involved with around 300 students (middle school / high school students), which allows me to master all the mathematics programs at the fingertips. big branches that are arithmetic, algebra or geometry. I managed to increase my students by an average of 4 points each quarter to reach in the best cases 19/20 at the end of the year. The coordinates of dozens of families who have used my services can be provided to you so that you can have testimonys of the very good results that I managed to obtain. I have an aggregation, the highest diploma to teach courses, which is a guarantee of my aptitude for teaching. I intervene for 15 years in one of the best establishments of Clermont Ferrand. While waiting for our contact, I wish you, madam, a great day. Best regards.
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Mathematics tutoring from secondary school up to Master by French Master (Borsbeek)
Han is very professional and friendly. He does a fantastic job at preparing lessons and support that is tailored perfectly to the student. He goes over and above to ensure that students receive quality support that is appropriate for their level and that provides a framework for their exam success. I would definitely recommend taking Han's classes!
Review by JORDAN