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71 italian teachers in Geneva

Welcome to the Italian course: From Beginner to Advanced! This course is designed for those who want to learn or improve their Italian language skills, regardless of their starting level. For beginners, the course provides a comprehensive introduction to the Italian language, focusing on the basics of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. You will learn the basics of everyday conversation, sentence structure and the basic rules of Italian spelling. We will use a combination of interactive exercises, guided dialogues and practical activities to ensure a solid understanding and practical application of language skills. For more advanced students, the course provides an opportunity to hone their language skills through advanced grammar practice, vocabulary expansion, and refinement of oral and written comprehension and production skills. We will delve into more complex topics such as advanced syntax, the use of verb tenses, idiomatic expression, and cultural subtleties in Italian language use. In addition to regular lessons, the course will offer a variety of additional resources, including online teaching materials, interactive exercises, instructional videos and audios, and guided conversation sessions with native Italian speakers. These resources will provide valuable support to consolidate the language skills acquired during the course and promote continuous, independent learning. Whether you are beginning your Italian language journey or want to perfect your existing skills, this course will provide you with the tools and resources to achieve your language goals. Join us to explore the beauty and richness of the Italian language and to open yourself to new opportunities for communication and cultural connection.
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Italian conversation, vast culture and good mood! (Lausanne)
Laura was on time, listened carefully to my objectives, explained how she could help and we agreed a plan. We then started a lesson.
Review by STEWART
Travel to Italy with me! Italian lessons for all levels (Geneva)
Giulia is fantastic. highly recommend.
Review by SEAN
English course in the canton of Geneva. Individuals or small groups (Geneva)
Excellent! FV
Review by FRANCE