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22 guitar teachers in Rotterdam

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Alex - Rotterdam$51
Trusted teacher: Alex has a bachelor's degree from the Rotterdam Codarts conservatory. Besides that he also obtained a diploma in pedagogy at the Amsterdam conservatory. This combination makes it possible for Alex to convey his knowledge of music to his students in a pleasant way. Alex has enough experience, he has more than 10 years of experience in teaching music in music in Rotterdam and its surroundings. He has gained this experience by giving private lessons and classes at various music schools. Alex excels in providing acoustic guitar lessons and music theory lessons. If you are looking for the best guitar lessons in the Rotterdam area, then Alex is the right address. Read more on his website to get an impression of the lessons and the teacher. Alex's priorities through the lessons are development, motivation and interest. It's very important that there is a constructive evolution in the pupil's playing, a constant will to move forward, as well as pieces/songs that inspire him or her. It's important that the pupils learn through an efficient and personal method, but also through their own interest and repertoire (wishlist). In a teaching lesson the focus is put on : - guitar posture, technique and sound - timing and rhythmic feel - strumming and grooves - interpretation - theory and knowledge of music - improvisation - repertoire (on student's wishlist) There are three dimensions to a student's programme : scores, tutorials and coaching. Having a Master's degree in Jazz composition (Rotterdam), Alex designs the scores himself, making arrangements of pieces / songs in an accessible way, along with his method and exercises for guitar technique. The scores are written with a hybrid notation (music notation and tab notation), and with all the information necessary about the right and left hand. After having agreed on the pieces / songs to be worked on, the relevant score is shared and given at the lesson. The teacher goes through it, while he also plays it live to the pupil for even more reach. He then explains what needs to be clarified in order to prepare any homework. Finally, Alex creates a video tutorial about the piece or song that needs to be learned for the next lesson. This gives extra support when practising at home, in order to avoid any doubt and keep motivation up. A report is then created to keep track of what has been done as well as what needs to be worked on, in order to unlock technical requirements and complete a specific repertoire in a constructive and efficient way. Alex teaches in Rotterdam at home or at the pupil's own location ; lessons are in Dutch, English or French, for all ages and levels. The teacher mainly gives live lessons, where he works with his pupils on specific material (technique and repertoire). If for any reason a live lesson can't take place, it is of course possible to follow an online lesson. Lessons last 30 minutes or 45 minutes, weekly or biweekly.
Guitar · Music theory · Ukulele
ABOUT ME Hi! I am a 25 years old Greek Guitarist/Musician that just graduated from the Music Conservatory of Amsterdam and now doing my Masters in Codarts in Rotterdam. Guitar/ Teaching is my biggest passion and i would love to share it with anyone who is interested in Learning and help them pursue their passion, goals and aspirations. In the lessons, i adapt my knowledge to the students needs in order to help them in the best way i can since everyones musical needs need and personality are different and require a different teaching approach . TOPICS & DESCRIPTION: Repertoire - Learning tunes/songs of your own interest and in any musical style. Hearing - Indentifying scales, chords, intervals, chord progressions and melodies by ear and being able to play them on the instrument. Theory/Harmony - This field is essential for anyone who wants to audition for a music university programme and needs basic music theory knowledge, or someone who wants to be more knowledgeable in music theory and analysis. I teach basic theory, Jazz theory/analysis, Pop Theory, and music analysis in scores. Composition - Learning techniques and ways of composing in any style of music. Technique - Soloing techniques (Alternate picking, legato, finger tapping, sweep picking, economy picking, Bending/Vibrato and expression) Scales/Arpeggios/ Modes, fingerstyle, right hand technique (For acoustic guitar) Rhythm Strumming techniques (for acoustic guitar) Improvisation: Being able to play musically and with spontaneity over different harmonic progressions and tunes. I am also specified in pop/rock and jazz improvisation.
Music theory · Guitar
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Guitar lessons and music theory lessons in Rotterdam (Rotterdam)
Perfect teacher! I met Alex when I was buying a guitar from him and realised he teaches as well. I'd been self learning music theory and it was all over the place. Alex helped me understand chord theory in a much more practical way and an easy to learn format. Also, after some of the sessions he created fantastic video recording and explained the gist of that session so I could refer to when I was practising. Alex is very knowledgable and also a proficient musician. Certainly recommended.
Review by NASIR
Guitar and music theory classes. Online lessons also (Amsterdam)
Pedro is really experienced and flexible teacher with a big repertoir and a variety of music styles. We focused on jazz guitar and learned standard compositions. Pedro was able to find good examples and songs for what I needed to learn and adjusted them for our lessons. It certainly boosted my jazz guitar skills and getting started with improvising.
Review by JORDAN
Guitar and Music lessons from a CvA graduated teacher in Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
I think that learning as an adult is a bit challenging. However, Santiago's classes are fun and it feels easy to learn. I feel I am progressing and I enjoy the lessons. Also, in every class, I discover something new about music! He is also relaxed while teaching which helps a lot when I make mistakes. ​I love learning with him :)
Review by DIANA