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16 guitar teachers in Basel

Trusted teacher: Sono un musicista e compositore specializzato in chitarra e nella musica Jazz, con esperienza nell'ambito Rock e Pop, e anche in altri stili musicali. Nelle mie lezioni di chitarra imparerai le nozioni base per poter suonare questo strumento. Potrai imparare a suonare brani e riff della tradizione Rock e Pop, o canzoni Jazz come gli Standards o brani più moderni. Imparerai scale e arpeggi che ti saranno di fondamentale importanza per approcciarti al concetto di improvvisazione. Ebbene si, potrai imparare ad improvvisare e scrivere della tua musica! Per i più "avanzati" si andrà più a fondo in argomenti, come la tecnica sullo strumento piuttosto che l'improvvisazione, lo sviluppo del senso melodico e ritmico o composizioni originali. Insieme studieremo brani e approfondiremo la teoria musicale per usarla nella pratica. Condividerò con voi i miei approcci per scrivere musica e sviluppare creatività. Ma soprattuto, a prescindere dal tuo livello attuale, ti divertirai! Non vedo l'ora di vedervi! I am a musician and composer specializing in guitar and Jazz music, with experience in Rock and Pop, and in other musical genres. In my guitar lessons you will learn the basics of playing this instrument. You will learn to play traditional Rock and Pop songs and riffs, or Jazz songs as Standard or modern songs. You will learn scales and arpeggios that will be absolutely important for you to get closer to the concept of improvisation. Yes, you will learn how to improvise and write your own music! For the more "advanced" we will go deeper into topics, such as the technique of the instrument, improvisation, the development of the melodic and rhythmic sense or your original compositions. Together we will learn songs and delve into music theory to put it in a practical way. I will share with you my approach for writing music and developing creativity. But most of all, regardless of your level, you will have fun! I am looking forward to see you!
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Trusted teacher: Italiano, français, Deutsch below. I'm offering classical or electric guitar lessons in or around Basel to guitarists of any age and level. I have a bachelor's and a master's in classical guitar and a master's in contemporary music on the electric guitar. I've also studied jazz in parallel and have a background playing in rock bands. Now I'm in my second year of music pedagogy at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel. I teach: Classical guitar Jazz/blues Rock Music theory Improvisation Lessons can be in English, Italian, French, or German. I'd also be happy to teach online via video chat. Send me a message and we'll figure out what works best for your interests! Chris Offro lezioni di chitarra classica o elettrica a Basilea o dintorni a chitarristi di qualsiasi età e livello. Ho una laurea e un master in chitarra classica e un master in musica contemporanea sulla chitarra elettrica. Ho anche studiato jazz in parallelo e ho un background musicale in gruppi rock. Attualmente sono al secondo anno di pedagogia musicale alla Hochschule für Musik di Basilea. Insegno: Chitarra classica Jazz/blues Rock Teoria musicale Improvvisazione Le lezioni possono essere in inglese, italiano, francese o tedesco. Sarei anche felice di insegnare online tramite video chat. Mandatemi un messaggio e capiremo cosa funziona meglio per i vostri interessi! Chris Je propose des cours de guitare classique ou électrique à Bâle et aux alentours à des guitaristes de tout âge et de tout niveau. J'ai une licence et un master en guitare classique et un master en musique contemporaine en guitare électrique. J'ai également étudié le jazz en parallèle et j'ai une expérience de musicien dans des groupes de rock. Je suis actuellement en deuxième année de pédagogie musicale à la Hochschule für Musik de Bâle. J'enseigne : Guitare classique Jazz/blues Rock Théorie de la musique Improvisation Les leçons peuvent être en anglais, italien, français ou allemand. Je serais également heureux d'enseigner en ligne par chat vidéo. Envoyez-moi un message et nous trouverons ce qui vous convient le mieux ! Chris Ich biete klassischen oder elektrischen Gitarrenunterricht in oder um Basel für Gitarristen jeden Alters und Niveaus an. Ich habe einen Bachelor- und einen Masterabschluss in klassischer Gitarre und einen Master in zeitgenössischer Musik auf der E-Gitarre. Ich habe auch intensiv Jazz studiert und habe eine Herkunft in Rockbands spielen. Jetzt bin ich im zweiten Jahr meines Studiums der Musikpädagogik an der Hochschule für Musik in Basel. Ich unterrichte: Klassische Gitarre Jazz/blues Rock Musiktheorie Improvisation Der Unterricht kann auf Englisch, Italienisch, Französisch oder Deutsch stattfinden. Gerne unterrichte ich auch online via Video-Chat. Schicken Sie mir eine Nachricht und wir finden heraus, was für Ihre Interessen am besten funktioniert! Chris
Guitar · Music theory
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Trusted teacher: I am a guitar teacher from Edinburgh, Scotland with a strong focus on developing practical musicianship and enjoyment of playing the guitar. I can help you from the beginner level into finding your own style and relationship to music. The lessons heavily revolve around the musical areas that you are interested in, we will do things like look at your favourite guitarists and songs, breaking them down into their fundamental parts, and developing the class on how to understand what you are playing. I have many years experience playing in live bands and can help you in many ways with developing your playing for groups and performances. I can also help with the recording aspect of playing music, both solo and with groups. Here are some of the genres that I love to teach: Alternative and Classic Rock Acoustic instrumental, Singer-songwriter, open-tunings Metal and Experimental Genres Classical and Spanish Classical Ambient and Psychedelic with effects pedals Playing with Fretless/ 7 & 8 string guitar I like our lessons to be structured and goal orientated, we often have an online lesson diary together where I keep notes of everything we are doing in the lessons, where you can add your own notes and things you would like to work on. I find this is very useful to keep you progressing with the guitar at a good pace. I have a strong background in music theory, and if the student wishes, this can be an integral part of the lessons. I personally like to teach theory through the songs you have chosen to learn, analysing what we are playing and through this developing your own intuitive theory understanding, within relation to your chosen genres of music. Although I am perfectly aware that many students do not feel connected with learning music theory, in which case we can focus more purely on the playing and performance aspects. I have been teaching the guitar for several years and it is a true passion in my life. Little makes me happier than to see my students progressing towards their musical goals and developing their own artistry. Please just ask for more information :)
Guitar · Music composition
Trusted teacher: Hey! (Lessons in English) Do you want music explained? I produce Hiphop and electronic music! Beats, Instrumentals, Songs, Sounds, Jingles: everything I want. I've always been very passionate about sounds and until I was 10 I try to create the best music. I have independent musical education but very technical. I wish you feel to Be Ambitious to succeed Be Imaginative to push the boundaries Be Inspirational Be Results-focused to exceed expectations and create structure [LESSONS ARE GONNA BE IN ENGLISH] The kind of lessons that I will host are very different and not mainly implemented on the theoretical part of the music production but on the practical one. I will explain you every step that I will take during my production process. I will produce beats using my techniques and methods during the lessons and I'll try to transplant in you the beauty of immagine, composing, editing, mix and producing your own ideas, IN YOUR OWN NATURAL WAY. As long as I'm not an academic teacher what I'm offering is close contact with my students to inspire, correct when is really needed and create together what is really close to our soul. The most important goal during our path? To work and discover your strong points and avoid the bad ones trying to understand them, understand your root. I will follow you like I follow the artist that I produce. First rule: HAVING FUN, BECAUSE MUSIC IS FUN! The feeling that you have when your music is there and is playing for you and for the others will be amazing. I promise you. Thank you Pietro
Music composition · Computer generated music · Guitar
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Patient, understanding, and kindhearted: Bley is a teacher whose musical passion speaks for itself. He custom-tailors lessons according to your individual needs by laying out various areas of practice (e.g. improvisation, lead playing, musical theory, etc.) to explore. As such, you can easily focus on what best suits your goals/motivations as an aspiring guitarist. Songs can be chosen according to your liking, keeping you engaged in playing and making lessons a fun experience all around. If you are searching for affordable guitar lessons in Groningen, there's likely no better tutor than this guy. Competent, flexible and courteous, but also ever-cheerful and receptive - absolute recommendation!
Review by JAN
Learn to play Electric or Acoustic guitar in any style (The Hague)
After the first few lessons I can say that Ivan is serious about his craft. His lessons are tailored to the needs of the student and he pays a lot of attention to technique and good posture, which for a beginner guitar player like myself is especially important. On top of that Ivan is just a very nice guy, easy to talk to and able to explain concepts and theory in an understandable way.
Review by LENNERT
Learn guitar, Guitar classes, online guitar for every one (Thrissur)
My first class.. and I started quite confidently. He made me understand the beats and counting so easily. It was indeed smooth. Was not at all uncomfortable.
Review by SAYANTAN