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Trusted teacher: Former investment manager in venture capital, former trader on the French and American equity markets, I have been an independent trainer in market finance and corporate finance for 10 years now. I am a graduate of Sciences Po Paris (economic and financial section), I have a degree in economic sciences (option money and finance) and I am a CFA charterholder. I have a strong taste for most of the themes related to the large universe of finance. In particular, the functioning of financial markets, financial analysis, corporate finance, management and valuation of assets from the simplest to the most complex (shares, "simple" bonds, bonds with options, options, forwards, structured products, swaps, swaptions, CDS, FRA, etc.) and their use for risk hedging purposes. I also have a very good theoretical and practical knowledge of behavioral finance. It is indeed necessary to identify, recognize and adapt to the cognitive and emotional biases that are omnipresent in the ultra-competitive world of trading, but also more broadly in asset management and wealth management. CONSULTING AND TRAINING MISSIONS IN MARKET FINANCE I have carried out numerous consulting and training missions for industrial clients or financial institutions facing problems requiring the understanding and acquisition of methods and tools for managing interest rate, currency and commodity risks. I work both for industrial clients and for training and consulting organizations. In particular with Krechendo Trading. Trading mentorship by an experienced trader with a passion for behavioral finance... I regularly give training sessions on how to build a complete trading system to both French and international clients who can follow me on Twitter. I also have a strong taste for portfolio management and asset allocation. When I lead training sessions, I try to understand and define not only the needs and objectives of the clients (institutional or individual) but also the profile and the positions held by each of the learners in order to be able to respond as pragmatically as possible to the expectations of the instructing party and the participants. I have also created Moocs on corporate finance topics. I combine a very good technical and theoretical knowledge with a significant field experience in both market and corporate finance. You can contact me whatever your needs in market finance (derivatives, portfolio management, interest rate hedging, foreign exchange, commodity risks, behavioral finance, etc.) and in corporate finance so that we can define together a program that will be the most beneficial for your. See you soon. Florian
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Trusted teacher: Trading is a zero-sum game. It is an activity where the sum of the gains and losses of all traders is equal to zero. This means that the gain of one necessarily constitutes a loss for the other. Therefore to be a winning trader, it is "sufficient" to be "better" than 50% of the other traders (to simplify things even if that does not is not totally accurate). It seems easy as long as you know what to buy, at what price and when to sell. I am an industrial engineer and I trade (stocks and ETFs) for over 20 years. During the first years of trading I was losing because I had no clear strategy and I was not advised by an winning expert. I mostly did my own research in books and on the internet. I was developing strategies that I tested with my own money. Over time I eliminated the losing strategies and improved those which made me win in order to optimize them. Today I only use four strategies (one main and three complementary) because they make me win regularly and with the best risk / gain ratio. If you are a beginner or if you are a trader who is losing or not earning enough, then I can help you become a winning trader over the year by sharing my 4 strategies with you. Since I am an engineer and not a financial expert, I am not going to overload you at all with theoretical financial concepts that are not necessary in order to become a successful trader. I will teach you the bare minimum that you need to know in order to become a successful trader. Because what is important is to be a successful trader and not not an expert who knows the theory inside out but who loses in trading. Depending on your level and your choices, I offer the following modules : 1) Choice of best trading platform that is suitable for you. 2) Presentation of my main strategy and the checklist (34 criteria that must be positive before buying stocks). 3) Adaptation of my main strategy to the level of risk you wish to take. 4) Presentation of the 3 complementary strategies. 5) Discover the useful websites for the 4 strategies. 6) Explanation of the golden rules for the management of the bankroll that you have devoted to trading. NB: see below Specialized in stocks and ETFs as bull. Against selling short for purely mathematical reasons (i am happy to explain why). I take swings for several weeks to several months.
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Math Tutoring (Boswell-Beta/CCVX (VWO) Math A/B/C /IB/GCSE A-levels/ SAT) (Amsterdam)
I fully recommend Kollol as a tutor. I had to prepare for the advanced Maths exam in 2 months and it was very challenging for me because I haven't done Maths for 3 years and also I haven't done it in English and also advanced. Kollol helped me with all subjects that I struggled with, explained to me everything very properly, was very patient and helpful, and was sending me additional exercises when I asked him to. Moreover, he was always available to help me outside the class which I appreciate a lot. He was a great teacher for me and I again I really recommend him as a tutor! :)
Review by KLAUDIA
Research Methods Statistics and Analytics-Thesis Assistance (BS MS and Phd level)- Qualitative and Quantitative research methods-SPSS STATA
Jad provided exceptional help and gave great recommendations on how the overall paper could be improved. The sessions were not only value adding to construct the paper optimally but also to gain insight as to how researchers work in real life. I really enjoyed the sessions as Jad was a very knowledgable and patient tutor who was always giving his best to help out (also given the time constraints and tight schedule that I was facing). Thank you again so much for everything!!
Review by INGA
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I am having classes with Fatih 3 times a week, and I just want to add more because they are very helpful. Fatih manages to explain me my hardest class (Fixed Income), in a way that towards the end of each 1.5 h I leave with confidence that I am more prepared and the knowledge stayed in my head. Fatih helps me create intuition and better understanding in each topic. I am very happy with our classes. I highly recommend him for finance courses.
Review by KRISTINA