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Ran - Brussels$95
Trusted teacher: If you think of yourself as a foodie, you should take the cooking class with me! You can spend a delicious time and an appetizing experience while enjoying the meal that you just learned how to prepare. They are so good so you will definitely want to make them again. I offer different options for your cooking class depending both on your taste and your budget. The classes are approximately 2 or 3 hours long, including the preparation of the meal and the eating (dinner or lunch). We will decide the dish and the ingredients together each time. <a list of some popular Korean dishes> - pork ribs marinated with soy sauce-based Korean sauce - seasoned beef with lots of veggies (bulgogi) - Stir-fried glass noodle with veggies and meat (Japchae) - Korean sushi with lots of veggies and meat in it (Kimbap) - Rice mixed with various veggies and Korean pepper paste (bibimbap) - Spicy sticky rice cake with veggies (Ddeokbokki) - Crispy fried chicken with sweet-sour sauce (Dakgangjeong) - Stir-fried chicken breast with sweet potato (Dak gaseumsal bokkem) - Korean traditional pumpkin porridge (Hobakjook) - Mushroom pakchoi shabushabu (shabushabu) - Korean black bean noodle with meal and veggies (Jja jang myeon) - Kimchi - Korean curry - Seaweed beef soup (miyeok guk) - Korean new year soup (ddeok guk) - Korean miso soup (dwen jang kuk) During the cooking class, you can not only learn how to make the dishes but also Korean table manners. (How to use chopsticks, how to do cheers etc. It is going to be very interesting as I will also explain the origin of the dish and some behind stories of the dish. My cooking class is also good for vegans as well because there are many good vegan Asian dishes that you would absolutely love. The class will take place basically in my place but it is possible to have it in your place as well :)
Cooking · Asian studies
Career development · Hospitality management · Cooking
"Essentials of Italian Culinary Tradition" Welcome to a culinary journey that will immerse you in the rich tapestry of Italian gastronomy! In this comprehensive class, you will delve into the heart of Italian culture by mastering the art of crafting traditional handmade pasta, rustic bread, mouthwatering pizza, and an array of dishes that pay homage to the iconic Italian culinary heritage. Course Highlights: Handmade Pasta: Learn the secret techniques behind creating the perfect pasta from scratch. From silky tagliatelle to delicate ravioli, you'll master the art of mixing, rolling, and shaping various pasta types. Discover regional variations and accompanying sauces that make every bite a revelation. Bread Making: Dive into the world of yeasted breads and knead your way to mastery. Explore the nuances of creating golden-crusted focaccia, hearty ciabatta, pizza, and more. Grasp the fundamentals of dough fermentation, shaping, and baking to achieve that unmistakable Italian rustic charm. Culinary Classics: Explore a curated selection of Italian dishes that celebrate tradition. From soul-satisfying risotto to delectable eggplant Parmesan, each recipe carries the essence of Italian home cooking. You'll uncover the stories behind these dishes and gain the skills to recreate them with precision. Savor the Essentials: Delight your palate as you experience the flavors of Italy firsthand. Try on exquisite olive oil, wine, and tomato preserves meticulously crafted by our family in Italy. Understand the nuances of olive oil tasting and wine pairing, elevating your appreciation for these quintessential ingredients. At the end of your culinary adventure, take home a basket brimming with your handmade pasta, bread, and pizza dough, allowing you to recreate the magic of Italy in your own kitchen. Embark on this immersive voyage through Italian culinary heritage, where every dish tells a story and every technique passed down through generations is brought to life. Join us for a transformative experience that transcends the classroom, igniting a lifelong passion for the flavors, traditions, and culture of Italy. Come with an appetite for discovery, leave with a heart full of cherished memories.
Italian · Culture · Cooking
Trusted teacher: Over 100 inspiring recipes, shows that anyone can put delicious food on the table in next to no time. Every dish is easy to shop for and can be prepared from start to finish in 20 minutes - including any accompaniments clever tips, tricks and store cupboard shortcuts. Divided into breaks on starters, main courses and desserts, there are plenty of quick after-work suppers, such as: Online Cooking Class Join one of our online classes to learn how to make delicious Thai dishes in your own home. You will get step-by-step coaching, cooking tips, and can ask all the questions you want. Online Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking Class Join one of our vegan/vegetarian cooking classes to learn how to make healthy and delicious vegan/vegetarian Thai food from home. Private Online Cooking Class Our private cooking classes are highly flexible with a large menu selection as well as personal interactions with your instructor who will cook alongside you, watch and coach you as you complete the selected Thai dishes together. *Private classes are flexible and can be booked as a solo class, private group class or dinner party/date night event. VIP 24/7 Online Cooking Class If you want an exclusive online cooking class at a custom time outside of our regular schedule, we offer VIP online classes thats available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The Vip online classes include 2 dishes of your own choice. Cooking Class Gift Cards Gift an online cooking class is a great way to celebrate any occasion with an gift that keeps on giving. Easy healthy snacks for kids Fast nurturing and medicinal soups Easy elegant dinner recipes Amazing rich salads All well as simple-but-stunning dishes for entertaining when you're short of time, such Colombian, Greek, Thai, Mexican Food. Delicious yet speedy puddings include a 5-minute ban coffee cheesecake, Whoopee cakes and Instant strawberry ice-cream. Simple, tasty food - quickly. Guaranteed.
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Professional chinese chef for hire and can teach professionally (Eye)
Foy came and cooked noodles for a hoard of hungry 9 year olds! They had a fantastic time and really enjoyed learning how to make, cut and stretch noodles. The end result was delicious! Foy was a pleasure to have in the kitchen: tidy and polite. He interacted really well with the kids and made sure they felt involved. He was also very adaptable. Communication was excellent prior to the event. Foy made sure we got exactly what we wanted from the experience.
Review by BETHAN
Languages: English, Italian | Cooking: Cuisine Italienne (Paris)
Cristina is an outstanding teacher! she gave a cooking class to my 11 year old daughter (via webcam) and it worked very well: my daughter was delighted (and kept her smile for the rest of the day!), and the rest of the family enjoyed the result which was really delicious :-). Cristina is very enthousiast, organised and dynamic and she kept my daughter totally concentrated on her task during the entire lesson; A big thank you!
Review by CÉCILE
Learn Korean language, culture with a native speaker (Coréen) (Brussels)
It is really fun to study with Ran. She explains everything really well, she is considering one's needs and she loves and is passionate about teaching Korean. That encourages me even more to study Korean with her. She has a wonderful understanding of the Korean language as a whole and I am really very grateful to have her as my teacher. I can recommand Ran to anyone.
Review by CARMEN