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15 clarinet teachers in Amsterdam

Trusted teacher: My jazz clarinet and saxophone lessons provide a comprehensive and structured approach to learning these wonderful instruments within the context of jazz music. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this course covers essential skills and concepts. Course Content: -Instrument Mastery: Develop strong foundational skills in clarinet and saxophone playing, including technique, tone production, and fingerings. -Repertoire: Explore a wide range of jazz standards and compositions, focusing on both classic and contemporary pieces. -Improvisation: Learn improvisation techniques, scales, and patterns to express yourself fluently in a jazz setting. -Rhythm and Timing: Enhance your sense of timing, groove, and syncopation to play with precision and swing. -Ear Training: Improve your listening skills to recognize melodies, harmonies, and jazz phrasing more effectively. -Ensemble Playing: Experience ensemble dynamics through collaborative playing with other musicians. -Music Theory: Gain insight into jazz theory, chord progressions, and harmonic concepts relevant to improvisation and composition. -Individualized Instruction: Receive personalized feedback and guidance tailored to your specific goals and areas of improvement. -Deepen Your Jazz Knowledge: Explore the history and evolution of jazz, discovering its cultural significance and impact. My lessons are structured to help you progress steadily, whether you aim to play casually or aspire to become a professional jazz musician. Join this course to develop your clarinet and saxophone skills within the vibrant world of jazz music!
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Clarinet and bass clarinet lessons in Brussels for everyone. (Brussels)
My first lesson with Carlos was great! Not only is he a skilled clarinetist, but he has a very hands-on approach to teaching that is especially helpful for those just beginning or starting up again after a long break. Though I remembered very little of the clarinet before our first lesson, he immediately made me comfortable getting back into the swing of things and gave me many helpful pointers to regain my bearings. I look forward to continuing my lessons with him. Thanks Carlos!
Review by QUAID
Clarinet lessons! I am a clarinet teacher for all levels! (Geneva)
We are just getting to know Nuno, who started teaching my son (age 15) and preparing him for grade 6 ABRSM a few weeks ago. Nuno is a friendly, helpful and enthusiastic teacher who is professional in his approach and delivers enjoyable lessons. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with him over the coming months.
Review by KATE
Clarinet and Saxophone classes online to develop your own musicality
Guillermo is great so far . I’ve taken my first lesson with him. He takes the time to learn about your saxophone needs and your goals. He’s very knowledgeable and lays a great foundation for beginners like myself. I would recommend him as a teacher.
Review by LAURY