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Raphaël - Paris41€
Trusted teacher: Welcome :) If you want to learn the clarinet, you've come to the right place! I am a professional clarinetist myself, graduated from the Royal College of Music in London (Global No. 1 Institution for Performing Arts). I am currently pursuing my concert career between Paris and London. Between us the choice to become a clarinetist is admit the original! But why this instrument rather than another? I was hesitant myself when I started. I found the sax.. “cooler”. But I finally fell in love with the clarinet. This instrument offers an incredible variety of repertoire! First of all Classical Music: The clarinet developed at the same time as Mozart. The composer was immediately seduced by this new instrument with its soft, pearly sound; he fell in love with her and wrote a magnificent concerto for her (one of the most beautiful ;)). Subsequently, composers such as Weber, Schumann and Brahms will deploy all their knowledge and sensitivity to make the clarinet sing. Jazz: Since the appearance of this new genre, the clarinet reigns as a diva among instruments. Gershwin dedicated a legendary solo to him in “Rhapsody in Blue”. The instrument shines with this effect of its own: the glissando (sliding from one note to another in a progressive and continuous manner). Subsequently, clarinetists such as Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Buddy de Franco... will forever mark the history of Jazz with their wild solos. Klezmer: If you don't know this genre, don't wait. Open Spotify or YouTube and type "Giora Feidmann Let's be Happy". Sorry for your neighbors. You won't be able to resist the urge to dance and jump around. The clarinet, through the variety of sounds it can produce, perfectly imitates the modulations of the human voice: laughter, crying, singing... How not to fall instantly in love with this instrument which allows such a wide range of expressions? I have been teaching for 6 years now and enjoy sharing my passion for music on stage as much as in a more intimate setting during a private lesson. I had the opportunity to refine my pedagogy throughout my various experiences in teaching and find simple and effective methods to allow the student to progress quickly. My career as a classical conservatory musician and Jazz/Klezmer concert performer gives me the opportunity to offer a varied education. I guarantee that in a month you will already be performing your first track in front of your awe-inspiring family! I offer private lessons of Clarinet and or Solfège for children, adults, all ages from beginner to intermediate / advanced level (1st cycle / CEM / Specialized cycle). My teaching is based on a personalized musical follow-up: Discovery - Methodical learning - Initiation to improvisation, Jazz or Klezmer - Perfection -THE PLEASURE OF PLAYING- Music is a game. Despite the difficulties that the student may encounter in his progress, it is very important never to lose this fundamental dimension. Mozart was also of a very mischievous nature and it was said of him that he was an eternal child! My goal as a teacher is above all to transmit a passion for music. Learning an instrument can be long and tedious and the approach of some conservatory teachers is sometimes abrupt and academic. For my part, I favor a playful teaching adapting to the capacities of each one. My experience as a concert performer in the Jazz/Klezmer group Kanaï Trio, of which I am the founding member, offers me the possibility of extending my teaching to improvisation and to different musical styles (Jazz, Traditional Yiddish/Klezmer Music, Eastern Europe, the Balkans). My classical music studies at the Conservatoire Régional de Paris allowed me to develop my instrumental technique but also my knowledge of musical analysis, music theory, singing and music history. I consider these theoretical fundamentals essential to the study of an instrument. The student must above all understand the music before being able to flourish in the interpretation of the piece. One of the common difficulties for beginners or intermediate students is not being able to manage the air well, running out of steam quickly and thus losing the pleasure of performing an entire piece. In reality, the clarinet does not require the endurance of a marathon runner, but just an appropriate breathing technique: I have therefore developed a method based on breathing exercises, the search for good posture (specific to each pupil) and physical relaxation (with the elimination of tensions and parasitic gestures). The student will also have simple and effective technical tools to quickly overcome difficulties (placement of the mouthpiece, precise positioning of the fingers, etc.). See you soon ! :) PS. : -Possibility of traveling to your home (modular increase depending on travel time) LEZIONI IN ITALIANO REED POSSIBILI.
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Clarinet lessons around Dijon, help in FM possible (Dijon)
Charlotte is an excellent teacher. She is personable, encouraging and highly skilled in her teaching technique. I have progressed rapidly with her and am looking forward to having more sessions.
Review by BILL