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Homeostasis is one of the topics one should be expecting in examinations like IGCSE, GCSE, WASSCE, GCE, NECO, SAT. Osmoregulation (homeostasis)-in unicellular organism is ensured by the use of contractile vacuole. The main organs involved in homeostasis in multicellular organisms include kidney, liver, skin, ductless glands (hormones) and the brain which has the overall control of the homeostatic process in the body. The regulation of homeostasis depends on three mechanisms: 1. Receptor 2. Control Centre 3. Effector. The entire process continuously works to maintain homeostasis regulation. 1. Receptor: the receptor is the sensing component responsible for monitoring and responding to changes in the external or internal environment. 2. Control Centre: The control centre is also known as the integration centre. It receives and processes information from the receptor. 3. Effector: The effector responds to the commands of the control centre. It could either oppose or enhance the stimulus. Biological systems like those of your body are constantly being pushed away from their balance points. For instance, when you exercise, your muscles increase heat production, nudging your body temperature upward. Similarly, when you drink a glass of fruit juice, your blood glucose goes up. Homeostasis depends on the ability of your body to detect and oppose these changes. Roles of Pancreas and Liver in Homeostasis. During a meal, the pancreas will secrete insulin and suppress glucagon, causing the liver to store glucose as glycogen. Alternatively, when blood sugars are low, the liver can convert glycogen into glucose through a process known as glycogenolysis. The pancreas controls the concentration of glucose in the body by producing the hormones insulin and glucagon which stimulate the liver. Insulin and glucagon are chemical hormones messengers.
High school entrance prep · Biology · Chemistry
🤝Join Me! Let's begin an exciting and comprehensive course customized to empower students with the confidence required to face any examination. 📈 Studies shows that mastery at the O Level opens doors to numerous opportunities, including advanced studies in STEM fields, lucrative careers, and the ability to navigate real-world challenges with precision. As a private program, I have tailored this course to provide a solid foundation, principles, problem-solving techniques, and exam strategies, ensuring students develop confidence and achieve outstanding results. In my classes you or your child will embark on a transformative journey that will unlock your/their full potential. Through engaging lessons and interactive activities, they will enhance their critical thinking, logical reasoning, and analytical skills, which are vital for success not only in O Level but also in various academic and professional pursuits. I believe in a student-centered approach that fosters active learning and deep understanding. My classes are structured to create an immersive and supportive environment where students actively participate, collaborate, and explore mathematical concepts. Through a carefully curated curriculum, I cover all essential topics, ensuring students grasp fundamental concepts before progressing to more advanced areas. I employ a combination of interactive lectures, hands-on exercises, real-life applications, and problem-solving sessions to enhance comprehension and retention. My methodology emphasizes practical application, enabling students to connect theories to real-world scenarios. I incorporate innovative teaching techniques, including visual aids, technology-based tools, and real-life examples, to make learning engaging and relatable. By adopting a step-by-step approach and providing ample practice opportunities, I instill confidence in students, equipping them with the skills needed to tackle challenging exam questions with ease. 🎁 I am also commitment to student success goes beyond the classroom. I understand the significance of continuous support and guidance, even after the course concludes. I am always available to address queries, provide additional resources, support and offer personalized feedback to ensure students reach their full potential. Join Me today and embark on a transformative learning experience that will empower you/your child to become a confident and proficient student. Together, let's unlock the doors to endless possibilities and pave the way for a successful future.
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Trusted teacher: Simplification of IGCSE curriculum chemistry and biology, plenty of exercises and exam solving.In this class, we will embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the intricate workings of life and matter. Through engaging lessons and hands-on experiments, we will unravel the mysteries of the natural world and understand the fundamental principles that govern it. In the biology component of this course, we will delve into the fascinating realm of living organisms. We will study the building blocks of life, from cells to tissues and organs, and explore topics such as genetics, evolution, and ecology. We will learn how different organisms interact with their environment and the intricate web of life that connects them. Through interactive discussions and engaging activities, we will gain a deeper understanding of the diversity of life on Earth and the amazing adaptations that allow organisms to survive and thrive. In the chemistry component of the course, we will delve into the world of atoms, molecules, and chemical reactions. We will explore the periodic table and uncover the secrets of elements and their properties. We will investigate the various types of chemical bonds and reactions, and learn how to balance equations and predict the outcomes of reactions. We will also delve into the realms of acids, bases, and pH, and understand their role in everyday life. Through hands-on experiments and laboratory work, we will discover the practical applications of chemistry and its significance in various fields.
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Trusted teacher: (Note: Please note that the first message sent by Parents/Students to the tutors is firstly checked by Apprentus and hence it might take as long as 1 day to come to my inbox. But I usually send the reply within 10-30 minutes, which might take another day to go back to the parents/students. Therefore, please allocate a maximum of 2 days for our first conversation.) Biology course taught by engineering graduate who has more than 8 years of experience in teaching mathematics (up to undergraduate level), Biology (Upto Secondary Level, IGCSE, GCSE, S5) and Physics and Chemistry (Upper Secondary levels, IB, A level). Also, more than 3 years of experience in teaching and guiding standardized tests (GRE and SAT). I will help you to learn standardized courses (GRE, SAT, and even TOEFL) more effectively. Mathematics lessons are available for the students up to Bachelor level which includes, Bachelor Students, IB (Math SL and Math HL) students, A level students, European S6 and S7 level students, GCSE students, and IGCSE students. Science (Physics and Chemistry) course is available for the students up to European upper secondary level, IB and A level. Science (Biology) lessons are available up for the students up to European Secondary level, GCSE level and IGCSE level. Currently, I am teaching: 1. GCSE Students 2. IGCSE Students 1. IB students 2. European School Students 3. AS/A level students Homework help will also be available for school students. Student's progress can be seen from the periodical tests in all of the above courses as per the requirements of parents or the student himself/herself.
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Tuition in Math and Science (Physics, Chemistry and Math), Mathematical Part( GRE and SAT) (Luxembourg)
Narayan is a really good teacher. I urgently needed someone to teach me physics for two different medical school entrance exams. He was able to do it very fast and well. Every lesson started with him explaining a specific concept, and then he gave me practice questions to ensure that I was confident in solving them. Additionally, after every lesson, he shared his notes with me to study from them later on. I truly feel confident and prepared for my exams. Thank you so much!!
Review by KATERINA
Math, Biology and Chemistry lessons for primary, secondary and high school students (Warsaw)
Simply amazing, more than teaching my son and Fatih were able to bond and have conversations helping the teaching. Progress has been spectacular and my son was able to develop an high level of confidence in going to the exams that is already more than half way helpful. Strongly recommend!!
Review by DAVID
English alphabets, vocabulary, sentences and gradually speaking fluently in a conversation.
A good friendly teacher
Review by NEHA