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9 arabic teachers in Canada

Trusted teacher: (Below) Hello, A Moroccan graduate in Journalism and Comparative Literature at the University of Montreal, I offer private lessons in classical Arabic. I was notably an employee of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal as a language teacher with immigrant merchants. Arabic is what is called a macro-language, that is to say that there are several dialects of Arabic depending on the geographic region and that they are not always intelligible to each other. It is also a diglossic language, which means that there is a standardized version dedicated to intellectual disciplines and communication between Arabic speakers of different dialects. This is the MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), also called Fusḥa. So I can teach you the Arabic alphabet, the pronunciation of letters as well as basic vocabulary and grammar. I teach webcam lessons for beginners. Link for my Moroccan Arabic course here: - Hi, I am a Moroccan graduate in journalism and comparative literature from the University of Montreal. In the past, I have worked as a language tutor to immigrant shopkeepers while I was employed at the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal. Arabic is a macrolanguage, meaning that it is constitued of many dialects differing based on geographical location, and that they are not always mutually intelligible. It is also a diglossic language, meaning that there is a standardized version used for intellectual topics and communication between people speaking different Arabic dialects. This standardized version is known as Modern Standard Arabic (MDA), aka fusḥa. I can teach you Arabic alphabet, letters pronunciation as well as basic grammar and vocabulary. The classes will be given through webcam and are directed to beginners adults. Link to my Moroccan Arabic course here:
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Arabic lessons! (Fusha and Jordanian/Palestinian dialect) (Vienna)
Heba A.
i may not have a comparison to other private-lesson-teachers, but Heba has what i want in a teacher: she's patient, with explaining as well as having me asking questions; she adjusts to my pace of learning, noticing when a little break is needed, without making the lesson too easy ...and she's a very sweet and uncomplicated person! ;-) also i benefit from her backround to get an overall view about the arabic language; i recommand to learn with Heba! :-)
Review by PELAGEA
Guitar lessons (Acoustic, Electric, and Bass) and music composition (Berlin)
It was my first electric guitar lesson, and I had already from the beginning high hopes about it. Sam is a wonderful teacher, he knows how to structure the lesson and try to include both theory and practice. Very good job! I enjoyed a lot the first lesson and I am looking forward for the new and second lesson! This time I will try to be more patient and not so demanding with myself! Thanks for your patience Sam!
Review by EMMA
Classical Arabic or dialectal course (Syro-Lebanese) (Geneva)
Nadim is very approachable and knowledgeable ,very reliable and always on time, the classes I had so far were very comforting and “custom made”. He makes sure to come back with all the explanations and is willing to provide extra material for the class. His experience in giving math and French classes is helping a lot . I would surely recommend him to anybody who is willing to learn Arabic from the scratch.
Review by JELENA