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Hi my name is Rich. I offer one 2 one acting sessions in Peckham Rye to help all levels and abilities improve confidence in their performance. I am a British actor and performer with over 20 years of experience working in TV, Film and Theatre. My TV credits include over 200 episodes of playing Dr Caleb Knight on BBC's hit series Casualty 2014-2020. 24 episodes of hit teen soap Hollyoaks playing Father Francis. For film i had lead roles in the box office smash British film STREETDANCE 3D and the Film Festival hit EVE. In 30min or 1 hour sessions we will work through the text(if there is a scene to prep or i can provide interesting material) and discuss ways of applying the best techniques to unlock your performances full potential. Whether it be for a big audition or just a bit of fun i will offer a calm and productive environment for you to find creativity and flourish. I have trained extensively in the Meisner technique as well as a more Method approach at Guildhall Music & Drama School. There really isn't a set technique i teach from, rather a balance of what works for the individual student as we are human and all work in completely different ways. I am here to help you use your instrument and unlock your true instincts to help you shine in your own extraordinary way. Please feel free to contact me to discuss how I can be of service to you and then let's go from there. I can also read in and film your self tape audition with you using my own tried and tested set up. Filming can either be done within the 30min/hour coaching session or as a separate filming session in its own right. You'll never feel rushed while striving to film your perfect take as i am well aware that stress can hamper any performance. The time is yours and if we go over slightly so be it. I can also offer online classes, please contact me for details.
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Hi! :) I'm a Portuguese Singer-Actress and Vocal Coach currently based in Copenhagen. I have a BA in Musical Theatre by the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, awarded by the Liverpool John Moores University (UK). I am certified as a Vocal Health First Aider by The Vocal Health Education (UK) and also completed their course in Teaching Inclusively to learn more about inclusivity when working as a singing teacher with persons with special needs and disabilities. I believe everyone should feel welcomed to do what they love in a safe, respectful, personalized and happy environment. Adaptability is key in my practice! And I'm also trained in Conscious Singing with Fernanda Lopes (Brazil), focused on Vocal Science and Anatomy and how it can be applied to the singing voice with clear and safe strategies for Vocal Pedagogy and Performance. Some of the things will be working on are: * Breath control * Posture * Vocal Registers * Vocal Styles * Develop a conscious practice and healthy voice * Interpretation * Warm-ups and Cool Downs * Vocal Conditioning * Repertoire * Tips for Live Performance * And so much more! I teach CONTEMPORARY SINGING (Pop Music, Jazz, Indie, Bossa Nova, etc.) as well as MUSICAL THEATRE (covering topics such as Belting, Acting Through Song, Audition Preparation and Audition Technique). You are encourage to sing what you enjoy singing, at your own pace. We will work together to be as creative as possible, keeping/discovering you own individuality and what makes you unique. Schedules are flexible and negotiable. Send me a message and let's talk about music and voice and sing your favorite songs! :)
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Trusted teacher: DESCRIPTION The awareness and initiation into the Art of Storytelling has several objectives: Storytelling in public, Composing a repertoire of stories, Organizing a collective show, Games and putting emotions into play (...). These theoretical and practical training sessions (story structure, voice, memory, diction, management of stage fright, ...). It is a question of going through the history of the tale (origin, different styles of tale, difference between tale and story), the art of telling (work on the voice, the body, the imagination), the tale and the child (importance of the story for the overall development of the child, resource of the imagination, difference between reading and telling) ...: in short, the intention of this course is to make you want even more, to better tell stories Open to all those interested in the story (parents, teachers, animators, educators ...), these sessions can also be offered to the person of your choice. These sessions can be chosen individually or in small groups. PROGRAM ✓ Explore and experience the art of storytelling and discover its hidden sides ✓ Express yourself with your body, your emotions, your ideas, play with situations (...) ✓ Mobilize your capacities and creative energy ✓ Open interior spaces of reverie ✓ Explore your path of personal expression in complete freedom and security ✓ Overcome your fear of public speaking ✓ Make room for your imagination, Develop your creativity ✓ Activate flexibility of mind, Practice active listening ✓ Cooperate, create, play down The art of storytelling allows you to develop your creativity and imagination, because you are both a director and an actor. It also allows you to face your shyness, to develop speaking, listening and responding. Each person evolves at their own pace and appeals to their sense of creativity. Objective: to anchor sustainable resources such as letting go, creativity, presence or self-confidence. In short, this artistic discipline will accompany you in your personal development and will help you get out of your comfort zone thanks to a benevolent environment and playful exercises. THE TRAINER Trained in a Grande Ecole post-preparatory European classes & Ivy League university in the United States, our teacher has specialized and has worked for more than 14 years in the field, in international establishments, intervening in forums and conferences. LOCATION, TIME, LANGUAGES - Locations: Geneva - Lausanne - Friborg - Zurich - Neuchâtel - Lugano - Montreux - Basel - Neuchâtel - Bern - Lucerne -Brussels - Luxembourg - Paris - Lyon. But currently and until further notice, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid. These sessions are also unanimous, I continue to offer this option. Apart from the classic advantages of videoconferencing such as by skype / zoom / whatsapp for example (time savings related to travel & their unforeseen events, eco-responsibility, increased schedule flexibility ...), the quality of the session & the interaction remain the same . In addition, the notes taken during the sessions are immediately transcribed by your interlocutor (on the chat of the session) and are automatically transmitted to you so that you can browse them during and after the session if you wish. - The sessions can be given in French and English. -As other people do regularly, you can also please your loved ones by offering gift vouchers available all year round. CONTACT / PROGRAM First contact by email and phone. A la carte program: evaluated and adapted to each need.
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Trusted teacher: My Lessons and What I Teach: My main job as an Acting Tutor is to spark your imagination and guide you, at your own pace, to a place where you can take ownership over both your craft as a performer AND your own self-expression as an individual. My teaching practise is about meeting the individual needs of the student: • If you are someone with the ambition of going to Drama School or pursuing a career as an Actor - I have a programme that I can provide you with that will give you the best possible chance of getting you to the next stage in your career. • Similarly, if you are a child/teenager/adult who is looking to gain Performance qualifications with the LAMDA Exam Board - I have 3 years experience in preparing students for the Acting, Verse & Prose and Public Speaking Exams that LAMDA offer and would be able to guide you through fulfilling your potential in these exams. • Equally, if you are someone who just wants to feel you can articulate yourself more confidently in everyday and professional life - I am also qualified to provide you with skills and techniques to support you in making that possible. Fundamentally, my lessons are tailor made to ensure the needs of the individual are prioritised above all else. I therefore have varying tutoring programmes depending on what it is you want to get out of the sessions. Methodology: My teaching is rooted in the belief that Playing is the most effective way of Working. I employ techniques used by Konstantin Stanislavski, Michael Chekhov, Jerzy Grotowski, Patsy Rodenburg, Rudolf Laban and many other practitioners to provide you with a diverse tool-kit that you can take ownership of and use in a way that suits you. Regardless of what you want to get of the sessions, these 5 main areas of focus remain as a constant at the bedrock my practise in order to ensure a rounded and cohesive training. They are as follows: 1. Physical Ease and Engagement 2. Vocal Ease and Engagement 3. Sense of Play and Use of Imagination 4. Textual Comprehension 5. Stagecraft and Understanding the Theatrical Space
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Trusted teacher: Hello, my name is Sabine! I'm a soprano, actor, and singing teacher educated in multiple styles. I hold a degree in Vocal Performance (Classical + Pop/rock) & Musicology, and finished my studies at Fontys AMPA (Opera). I have also trained as an actor (film & theatre) at the Mulholland Academy in Amsterdam. My lessons are entirely tailored to your personal wishes. We begin with a discussion about what you'd like to learn, and we work toward your own ideal voice and sound. We can choose classical, operatic, popular, or musical repertoire - or other styles that interest you. The focus is always on healthy, sustainable technique. You can also choose to work on different elements: we can focus only on singing technique, but also on performance or dramatic skills, song interpretation, audition preparation, your speaking voice, stage fright..all questions are welcome! Reasons to try out a lesson -You've always been curious about singing, but don't know where to start -You already sing for fun, but you want to take your voice to the next level -You want to prepare an audition (for conservatory, a role in a production, singing competition, choir, open mic..) -You suffer from stage fright or lack of confidence -You want to work on your theatrical skills -You're an actor who wants to improve their vocal technique -You want to strengthen your speaking voice -You're in a choir and want to improve your voice -You want to be able to sing convincingly in the English language (as a native speaker, I also offer English language and diction coaching for singing) -any other reason! Please feel free to contact me with any questions. All ages and experience levels are welcome :)
Voice (music) · Singing · Acting
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Learn Greek online through intensive or specialized courses (Thessaloniki)
Margarita is a dedicated teacher with a friendly but focused approach. Her ability to listen and explain in your own pace makes you feel comfortable during lesson as she is ready to accommodate your needs. Having tried a few online teachers I can say I am learning and understanding the language easily with her guidance, I recommend her to everyone passionate to learn Greek as she is a real gem for me.
Review by IVANA
Singing technique and repertoire for all ages and abilities. (Lansdowne)
Kyra is a fantastic teacher! She is incredibly knowledgeable and kind, and made me feel comfortable from the first lesson. I have been singing for 8 years and have never felt better (vocally) since my lessons with Kyra. Looking forward to many more lessons in the future!
Review by JULIANA
Singing lessons for young and old, at your own pace (classical and other styles) (Leuven)
I was very excited about the lesson and I felt very comfortable with Lara as teacher! I am looking forward to the next meeting and I am grateful for the new exercises and breathing techniques.
Review by USER