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Trusted teacher: These sessions allow the development of skills and knowledge of the trade, with the game facing the camera, familiarization with the audiovisual environment and the camera tool, in the art of acting. Your inventiveness and your uniqueness being at the center of your training, it is a question of dwelling on the objective criteria, such as the voice, the use of the body, the relationship with the partner, the capacity to occupy the space. But it is also the singularity and the commitment that are decisive. The objective of this training is to be able to: - Analyze and dissect a text - Create, develop and embody a character - Understand the artistic and technical writings of a film or a play - Create, cultivate and develop one's artistic identity and singularity (...) Through simulations and role-playing, the association between theory and practice makes it possible to achieve its objectives. PLACES : - Locations: Geneva - Lausanne - Friborg - Neuchâtel - Montreux - Basel - Sion - Sierre - Morges - Bienne. But currently and until further notice, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid. These sessions, for which you have asked me, also seem to be perfectly unanimous since they arouse a certain enthusiasm (and a certain enthusiasm). Indeed, they have the advantage of face-to-face sessions (ex: quality of the interaction), without its disadvantages (ex: loss of travel time) with additional advantages (ex: the entire session transcribed in writing on the chat). That is why, at your request, I continue to offer this option. - As other people do regularly, you can also please your loved ones by offering gift vouchers available all year round. THE TRAINER From a Grande Ecole post-preparatory class in France & Ivy League University in the United States, our teacher has specialized and has worked for more than 14 years in the field, in international establishments, intervening in forums and conferences. CONTACT / PROGRAM A la carte program: evaluated and adapted to each need.
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CERTIFICATION SUMMER COURSE!!!!! Theatre and the performing arts is a big field in the 21st Century such as acting,singing,directing,producing and dancing.Many people will love to get into this industry but i's very tough to get as many of these industries shows nepotism towards the people.or due to you geographic location you are unable to get into an industry.Have no fear after my sessions you will be ready to rock and roll Hollywood,Broadway,Tollywood,Bollywood etc.I will love to share my passion for theatre and the performing arts with others.On the other hand english literature may seem boring tot he 21st century but literature is very interesting it teaches you about the outside world and brings you closer to nature and god.I love to read and analyze and I am willing to work with those who shares that passion.My classes will be held during the summer period July 2nd-August 29th 2021.We will have a two hour class Monday to Friday and based on my class amount I will decide which day will be literature and theatre and some days we can do an hour theatre and one hour literature.Payments will be via Paypal inbox me for more info about payments.I am a current student of the Jeevan Jyoti Vidyalai founded by the late proffesor Hari Shankar adesh and as of March 2021 I won the Yellowbrick Scholarship to study theatre and the performing arts with the New York University in collaboration with Backstage.I am currently enrolled in a local drama group in my small community that tries to lead a good examples to the youths of my country and the 21st century.i am a fun and enthusiast person to work with.I am a n aspiring Corporate and Family lawyer and I really want to pursue law at my dream universities oxford or University of London. I am looking for students from ages 10-16 years old Materials to walk with: Pens Pencils Ruler Sharpener 2 Journal books(1 for theatre and the other for literature) your own personal email adress Zoom,google meet,hangouts A working webcam and mic. I will have an asynchronous classroom via google classroom mainly for the posting of notes etc while offline Since my class will be for two months which will be roughly eight weeks as of now 4 assessments willl be given to ensure that you are understanding what is being taught.My exams will be via quiziz,google forms and word documents. Everyone are to hand in assignments and exams on time.Certificates will be provided to each student who enrolling my class.Special Awards and prizes will be awarded to the hardworking students who does their work and participate in class.Prizes include:cash prizes,gift cards to some of your favourite online store and maybe a family dining getaway. FUN FACT:LIterature and Theatre Arts links to each other in a very mannered way.In my class we'll discover that.
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Dirk - Ghent, Belgium24€
Trusted teacher: Sinterklaas has just passed and the following holidays are already announced. Because we are all used to dampening our festive cheer because of the corona measures, we have decided to give you all a Christmas present. That is why, if you register by December 31, 2020 at the latest, you will still receive a welcome package of the aloe vera products from LR and, moreover, we have even more big new ones: in the period from January to March 2020 we will record a real web series with all students who would like to participate: Four and a Living Room. More about that below. Promo until December 31: Contact us for the correct prices Badass Intensive Acting studios is one of the only organizations in the Benelux that provides acting lessons in front of the camera. All experience levels and ages are welcome. More info * For all possible experience levels * All major acting techniques (Adler, Chekhov, Hagen, Practical Aesthetics, Stanislavski, Strasberg, proprietary REPEAT and Hollywood Actor's Showcase unique approach) * Emphasis on self-development and modeling your own approach * Acting for film and TV + improv * Support and help with resumes, castings, networks, showcases, showreels and more About our partnership with Hollywood Hollywood Actor's Showcase and Richie's Acting Workshop is one of the best-known, most influential acting schools in the United States. After 30 years of training for aspiring actors and Hollywood stars (including Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore), she teamed up with Belgium's Badass Intensive Acting Studios last year to expand European. The goal is simple: to bring the authentic energy of Hollywood to Europe, so that even people who cannot afford to move to America themselves can receive the same education. There are not many acting courses that focus on acting in front of the camera. After all, most schools teach you — implicitly or explicitly — theater techniques and while the art of acting itself remains central, it should be clear that acting for TV and film requires slightly different skills, as it usually involves subtler, smaller expressions and movements. . Film connoisseurs therefore know that the camera tends to notice the smallest emotion. The most minuscule micro-expressions, the least obvious 'subtext' and the most layered interpretations are visible on both the large and the small screen. In Belgium, Badass PR's Intensive Acting Courses have long been one of the few acting classes that deal exclusively with acting in front of the camera, supplemented with improvisation. During the lessons, all the important acting techniques are discussed, including those of Adler, Chekhov, Hagen, Meisner, Practical Aesthetics, Stanislavski and Strasberg, but the goal remains the same: to forget technique in a sense and to act as naturally as you breathe. Badass Intensive Acting Studios' own technology, REPEAT, has also been developed for this. Ever since author / coach / editor / PR consultant Dirk started teaching acting classes more than 10 years ago, he has tried to offer his students as many opportunities as he could. That went by trial and error: sometimes he failed to get something off the ground, at other times he succeeded in his objectives. Those of his students range from developing more self-confidence to becoming more sociable and getting more opportunities to star in a play, a movie or a TV series. One of the best decisions: partnering with the Hollywood Actors' Studios of Larry, Bobbie and Richie Chance - three of the most famous acting coaches in the film world. Badass Intensive Acting has been organizing workshops in Los Angeles and Las Vegas for years now to enable its students to learn from the most prestigious instructors, talent agents and casting directors that Los Angeles has on offer. For example, the collaboration with Hollywood Actor's Showcase and Richie's Acting workshop has already paid off. Of course it depends on many factors whether you can achieve success as an actor — a great deal of luck and a lot of dedication are usually very important — but the students at the Chances can certainly say that they are as prepared as they can be. From improv lessons to working with scripts and intensely emotional lessons, the courses cover the entire spectrum of what the film world needs. Since August 2019, Badass Intensive Acting Studios and Hollywood Actor's Showcase in Belgium have been flying under a banner. In Belgium, the Chances now work exclusively with Badass Intensive Acting Studios (now 'Powered by Hollywood Actor's Showcase'). The participating students not only receive a discount on the international workshops, but can also enjoy many other benefits. With the 20-session card you can participate in our online course whenever you want. This is done via Zoom. You can follow on any mobile medium or on your computer. You don't need special software Don't forget that you can collect points with an UiTPAS! Early bird discounts are also available for all our workshops. So be quick. Promotion The acting course is continuous. So you can choose which lessons you participate in and which you do not. Contact us for the correct prices
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Trusted teacher: My Lessons and What I Teach: My main job as an Acting Tutor is to spark your imagination and guide you, at your own pace, to a place where you can take ownership over both your craft as a performer AND your own self-expression as an individual. My teaching practise is about meeting the individual needs of the student: • If you are someone with the ambition of going to Drama School or pursuing a career as an Actor - I have a programme that I can provide you with that will give you the best possible chance of getting you to the next stage in your career. • Similarly, if you are a child/teenager/adult who is looking to gain Performance qualifications with the LAMDA Exam Board - I have 3 years experience in preparing students for the Acting, Verse & Prose and Public Speaking Exams that LAMDA offer and would be able to guide you through fulfilling your potential in these exams. • Equally, if you are someone who just wants to feel you can articulate yourself more confidently in everyday and professional life - I am also qualified to provide you with skills and techniques to support you in making that possible. Fundamentally, my lessons are tailor made to ensure the needs of the individual are prioritised above all else. I therefore have varying tutoring programmes depending on what it is you want to get out of the sessions. Methodology: My teaching is rooted in the belief that Playing is the most effective way of Working. I employ techniques used by Konstantin Stanislavski, Michael Chekhov, Jerzy Grotowski, Patsy Rodenburg, Rudolf Laban and many other practitioners to provide you with a diverse tool-kit that you can take ownership of and use in a way that suits you. Regardless of what you want to get of the sessions, these 5 main areas of focus remain as a constant at the bedrock my practise in order to ensure a rounded and cohesive training. They are as follows: 1. Physical Ease and Engagement 2. Vocal Ease and Engagement 3. Sense of Play and Use of Imagination 4. Textual Comprehension 5. Stagecraft and Understanding the Theatrical Space
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