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40 health teachers in The Netherlands

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Trusted teacher: Discover your personality type and learn to live with yourself (and the rest of your family). Incl. an online test and discussion of your result. The enneagram (ennea = 9) is a powerful tool to discover the secrets of your personality. The profile that emerges can be used for personal development, training, relationships, upbringing and conflict mediation. The enneagram provides insight into the emotions and motives that lie beneath our behavior, for example 9 energies for a family eating together with cutlery at the table. This is a black and white oversimplified example, it just indicates that anyone can do the same for a different line. 1. How nice that everyone sticks to the rules and uses the correct cutlery 2. Ah, it will not work there, shall I help or show you how? 3. Look how effective and fast I eat, I finish first! 4. Sigh, how wonderful that I can use this elegant place setting. 5. How nice to eat, this tastes great! Sorry you asked something? 6. Isn't that sharp knife unsuitable for its age? 7. Oh these beans could also be steamed or stir-fried. 8. I think things are going fine, everything under control. 9. Does everyone have food and cutlery? Then I will also enjoy. In itself, this is a pleasant meal with 9 different motives that show the same behavior, but the moment a sensitive string is touched, the flame can hit the pan for no visible reason. With the knowledge of the enneagram you can quickly adapt the language and a situation can quickly be brought back to safety.
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Fun and effective German classes, Berlin and online (Berlin)
I have been taught by Benedict for just over 2 months and I feel my German has really progressed well in this short time. I always feel like I am being challenged but not to the point where I feel lost like I have done learning other languages. I enjoy the fact that my lessons are always adapted to my learning style too.
Review by RACHAEL
Private Yoga and meditation Sessions-taught in English or Chinese (Maastricht)
This yoga lesson exceeded expectations. I learned proper form for the postures, breathing technique and advice about how to integrate what I learned in my everyday bearing. Very friendly and well-trained teacher.
Review by TOM
Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Power Yoga - certified teacher. (Amsterdam)
Vivien does yoga with us twice a week at our home. Her classes are always the perfect level to challenge us, and we love how clear and concise she is with instruction. Highly recommended! 😀
Review by GREG