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8 essay writing teachers in Wassenaar

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Trusted teacher: Can we get you your results? Yes! With our guaranteed results package. Also, our 7 famous teachers are British Council certified and have a 95% success rate in the market. We also have a 5-star rating and we are currently ranked among the top 10 institutes in Canada and UK in English teaching for IELTS/CELPIP/CELBAN/TOEFL/SAT/Cantest/CAEL/CALTEST/Essay Writing and (basic to advanced) English language/ESL/EFL/EAL preparation. Last year, we had 1235 students passing their exams from over 1266 students (our reviews in the pictures here will show you exactly that). Just follow our procedures and you will get phenomenal success like others before you. Here is the process: •For speaking and writing, you get easy-to-use templates to memorize. All you have to do is use our wordings/sentence structures that adjust with every examination topic. You will be surprised how great your writing and speaking look after this! •For reading and listening, we are one of the 5% institutes in the world that provide content from the past exams. This repeats 40% of the times. Not only will you have a chance to see it again in your exam but also you will be practicing the kind of material that may come in your next exam. THAT’S SUPER IMPORTANT! MATERIALS: •Over 30 past reading exams • Over 50 past listening exams • Unlimited past exam writing and speaking questions along with books/videos as samples are free as part of your course. You will be blown away with the vocab practice we provide here! SCHEDULES: We work round the clock. We are the ONLY INSTITUTE working 5 am till 2 am the next day; for 7 days a week. So pick as many classes as you like on whatever timings you want! You will never have to sacrifice your preferred schedule! Guys, we are here to get you to pass, give you a GREAT customer service experience and help you help us get great reviews. PERMANENT RESIDENCY/EXPRESS ENTRY/CITIZENSHIP/UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE ADMISSION–CONSIDER IT DONE! GET STARTED FROM THE BASIC, INTERMEDIATE OR ADVANCED COURSE AS NEEDED. Also, get MOCK TESTS AND FINAL EXAMS as part of the course! We have SUCCESSFULLY helped thousands of students in achieving their CLB and English exam requirements. Students from several countries ALL OVER THE WORLD have taken this course and passed! So stop failing your course and get it done already! Thanks, guys!!
Reading · English · Essay writing
Dear Perspective Students and Parents, Due to the current COVID 19 situation, I am offering tutoring sessions on Skype and zoom. My name is Ishmail. I am a Freelance private English Language Tutor providing a range of English Language Support services including Reading, Writing, Spelling, Vocabulary, Proof Reading, Preparation for 11+ Entrance Exams, Home-work, Coursework, Dissertations, Reports, Essays, Comprehension, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning, GCSE exams, SATs, University Exams. I provide support for students of Key Stage 1-4, A-Levels and University Standard in all English related subjects including English Language, English Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Media, Communications, Marketing, Child-Care and more, English Language (Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening for Adult learners). Teaching Method: My teaching methods involved, stages of consultation and assessment. The first stage in the first lesson of the consultation and assessment stage, involves having a brief discussion with the parent and client, gathering information on areas which they have both identified and feel that further support is needed. The second phase of my analysis process is called the `Assessment` stage, this involves conducting an assessment on the work of client/student, along with analysing feedback provided by their teachers e.t.c. to give myself an idea of the standards and quality of work the student is producing and results he/she is currently achieving as a result. Upon being able to carry out this brief yet thorough analysis in both consultation and assessment process, I would not only be able to build a good understanding of the educational and learning needs of the client but also identify areas which they may have no picked up on with regards to their studies and recommend a concrete action plan, which would be suitable in tackling and addressing the issues identified in a robust and effective manner, delivering my teaching based on this recommend action plan.
Proofreading · Essay writing · Presentation skills
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Private lessons in Trumpet, Cornet, Solfege, Rhythm (The Hague)
Danny was an amazing teacher with all the knowledge that will help beginners, intermediate and advanced player. He introduced me into new way of playing trumpet step by step, which made me understand his directions really easily. Although I could take his lesson for a day only, I could see that he is a ready, always good-to-go trumpet teacher. Thank you so much for your teachings, Danny!
Review by MINJAE
Editing/Proofreading, Specialized Consultation on Academic/Business Writing, CV Prep (Ixelles-Elsene)
Justin is a well-educated and helpful tutor who has a broad experience on educational subjects. He has helped me develop my study techniques and has advised me on certain writing skills. He gives good advice and has helped me look at my studies from a different angle. All in all Justin has been very helpful and has provided valuable feedback in areas where I needed to improve.
Review by RICHARD
English Linguistics - all branches and levels for all age groups (The Hague)
Paul is a professional with a high standaards and a deep understanding for the english language. He makes sure that the lessons are tailored to your needs and that you make progress. He has a comforting way of teaching, since practicing a foreign language can be a bit scary.
Review by DANIELA