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29 essay writing teachers in The Netherlands

I'm an international Msc in Psychology student in The Netherlands, a native speaker of English and have experience working in various academic contexts as a research assistant and lab facilitator, as well as some industry experience as a personal aide and copywriter. I empathise with the struggle others have when trying to study English either for general use or academically. I wish to push students of the language to improve their skills with personally-catered lessons to suit their needs. As such, you as the student will direct the content and extend of your lessons, from studying style and homework choices, to study location and timing of lessons. Generally, your lessons can include but are not limited to the following areas: -Academic writing - Understanding essay structure - Referencing and citation skills - Idea synthesis - Research and literature search -General English for beginners to intermediate levels - Conversational speech - Vocabulary, syntax and grammar My classes are for you if: - You're entering college or university in English-directed courses - Referencing and citations are confusing to you - You need a refresher on English in general - You desire personally-catered lessons that will improve your academic writing skills for your field (e.g. writing research papers, literature review) - You're looking for a passionate and friendly instructor to guide your learning. Not to worry if you're a beginner or have some experience already but need to brush up. Just explain your situation and the lessons will accommodate to your needs. Lesson timings are highly flexible and can be negotiated and adjusted to match changing schedules. Moreover, if you instead need assistance in text correction, and proofreading your work as part of your lessons or separately, I am happy to oblige! *Lessons are conducted primarily in English. (I can speak Mandarin Chinese and Malay as well if it suits the student) If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
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Academic English Support including 1:1 tutoring and essay/thesis support. (Amsterdam)
There’s no overstating how important a role a teacher can play in one’s life. With the amount of time they spend with us, watching us grow into better professionals, the academic evolution and the foremost into more responsible human beings. I can affirm categorically that Eva seems to be a great teacher, and I am very optimistic to the journey we will start together. Yesterday when I had a meeting with her I felt like she is a lady who cheer up the students and help them according to their needs. And most import she teach life lessons of confidence. Teachers and professors who taught life lessons are far greater than teaching standard based content. I am very happy I found this lady. She is also very inspiring and have an impressive positive and lovely personality. And who is just like me seeking for help, I will definitely recommend her. Thank you Eva ❤️ Giovanna.
Review by GIOVANNA
Math & Statistics Tutoring for High School & University Students (Amsterdam)
I want to start off by saying a huge thank you to Sacha! I am a Master student who needed academic support for a statistics course in February and although I have always lacked confidence in math, Sacha made me feel as if i had the foundation and ability to not only pass the course but also succeed in writing the results section of my Thesis paper. She was always very flexible in her availability, and was able to meet several times per week, which for me, was very beneficial. Other than that, Sacha was approachable, friendly and a great tutor. I appreciate all the support and definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to grow as an academic :)
Review by NAOMI
English Writing - For improving your abilities in formal and creative contexts (The Hague)
John is an excellent tutor. He goes through the material very carefully and explains every aspect in a clear and understandable way. In my case this was for the subject matter linguistics. John is also a fantastic creative writing tutor and was super helpful to me when I was writing my essays. He is someone who really cares about giving his students a quality lesson that they can benefit from and I cannot recommend him enough.
Review by NOOR