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35 cooking teachers in The Netherlands

"Essentials of Italian Culinary Tradition" Welcome to a culinary journey that will immerse you in the rich tapestry of Italian gastronomy! In this comprehensive class, you will delve into the heart of Italian culture by mastering the art of crafting traditional handmade pasta, rustic bread, mouthwatering pizza, and an array of dishes that pay homage to the iconic Italian culinary heritage. Course Highlights: Handmade Pasta: Learn the secret techniques behind creating the perfect pasta from scratch. From silky tagliatelle to delicate ravioli, you'll master the art of mixing, rolling, and shaping various pasta types. Discover regional variations and accompanying sauces that make every bite a revelation. Bread Making: Dive into the world of yeasted breads and knead your way to mastery. Explore the nuances of creating golden-crusted focaccia, hearty ciabatta, pizza, and more. Grasp the fundamentals of dough fermentation, shaping, and baking to achieve that unmistakable Italian rustic charm. Culinary Classics: Explore a curated selection of Italian dishes that celebrate tradition. From soul-satisfying risotto to delectable eggplant Parmesan, each recipe carries the essence of Italian home cooking. You'll uncover the stories behind these dishes and gain the skills to recreate them with precision. Savor the Essentials: Delight your palate as you experience the flavors of Italy firsthand. Try on exquisite olive oil, wine, and tomato preserves meticulously crafted by our family in Italy. Understand the nuances of olive oil tasting and wine pairing, elevating your appreciation for these quintessential ingredients. At the end of your culinary adventure, take home a basket brimming with your handmade pasta, bread, and pizza dough, allowing you to recreate the magic of Italy in your own kitchen. Embark on this immersive voyage through Italian culinary heritage, where every dish tells a story and every technique passed down through generations is brought to life. Join us for a transformative experience that transcends the classroom, igniting a lifelong passion for the flavors, traditions, and culture of Italy. Come with an appetite for discovery, leave with a heart full of cherished memories.
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Hindi(conversational, cooking, culture), conversational English, Photography (Eindhoven)
Miss Swati is the best teacher. My experience with teachers isn’t very good I mostly don’t follow their teaching method but miss Swati she explains everything so precise that you can’t and won’t forget it. She takes the time and energy so that you understand every single sentence. Today 12-04-2023 was my first lesson and I am excited for my next lessons.
Review by GOERDEV
Learn Art of cooking Authentic Indian Cuisine - Healthy and Tasty (Spicy/ non spicy) (Delft)
Great lessons, explained and shown clearly, enjoyed learning Indian cooking skills from Nilam and tasting the end result!
Review by YASMIN