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30 cello teachers in Rotterdam

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Playing an instrument is one of the most fulfilling and enriching things you can do in your live. I am a cello student in Rotterdam. I have been studying music my whole life and professional cello for more than 10 years. I have the greatest passion in teaching. I have played in professional orchestras, competed in professional competitions and studied in different conservatories on my different levels of education. I have been teaching music theory and cello. Now I am far from home to complete my bachelors and reach even further with my music, hoping to have the satisfaction of teaching more people and sharing my knowledge with you. I have been taught by many different teachers from various styles and cultures. I have been learning from masters and now I want to show you what they have given me. I will show you the best technique for your physique and help you improve your skills on the instrument. I hope to make nice music with you and show you how much you can express through sound. I will also teach you how to read music scores and understand music theory. Everybody is different, especially in music education. We will discover the best ways to practice and learn. I will help you to find your own ways of improving. You will be able to play the cello and also to make music together with other people. If you already have a more advanced level, that is also great! We can work on perfecting your technique and finding inspiration. We can work on understanding the composers and what you want to express. I can also prepare you for conservatories. We can look at options and meet with teachers. We can decide on an impressive program for your auditions and I will help you to gain the skills to impress the professionals. We can even set goals, deadlines or concert dates according to your ambitions. Whether you want to become a professional soloist or a great entertainer for your friends and an understander of music, we can have a plan together to bring you there. I will help you enjoy music and the cello playing trough the whole journey.
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Trusted teacher: My name is Carla Peña and I come from Barcelona. Since I was a child, music has played an important role in my life. I started learning music when I was 4 years old and cello when at the age of 6. I discovered my love for music and that is what I share with my students. I have around 15 pupils of all levels and ages and I teach at my own studio (De Constant Rebecquestraat 3) or at your place! If you are in The Hague area and you want to learn the cello or improve your playing, you are welcome to do lessons with me! FIRST LESSON: The first lesson consists of getting to know each other. This is essential to choose the best teaching approach. All the students are unique, that is why I always choose the method that adapts better to your needs. Then, we elaborate a personal plan, depending on your level, expectations, practice time, and taste. TECHNIQUE: Learning the proper technique of the instrument is very important to avoid injuries and to be able to express ourselves and perform our musical ideas in a successful way. That is why we learn nice songs in different styles, depending on your taste (from classical to jazz, film music, pop, etc.) and we combine it with cello method books with progressive exercises to improve the cello knowledge. In the case of young beginners, we also play cello games during the lesson to make the learning experience dynamic and fun! Children can lose attention and get bored very quickly! Playing together is an essential part of enjoying music. Therefore, the last part of the lesson always consists of playing cello duets and having fun! ABOUT ME: I studied my Bachelor in Conservatori Superior del Liceu in Barcelona, with professor Amparo Lacruz. Then, I decided to continue my studies at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in the class of Michel Strauss and Jan-Ype Nota. During my studies in The Hague, I did a teaching internship at the Royal Conservatory as a part of their Minor in Music Education. I also taught in several Music Schools during my studies in Spain. Currently, I teach private students in The Hague and I created a cultural center in The Hague called Pandora Studio. I play regularly in two chamber music ensembles: Trio Jakob and Azalaïs Quartet.
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Trusted teacher: The ability to improvise is not a natural skill that we are born with. It is an understandable chain of tools that can be learned and practiced into performance. Improvisation is something that requires discipline as much as freedom, and in fact, it stems from the understanding of sounds, the music's natural grammar. Violin is mostly seen as a melodic instrument but it can be otherwise. Outside of the classical world, rhythm reigns and the violin can be a leading rhythmical instrument too, providing solid grooves and accompaniments or challenging your fellow musicians with percussive sounds. Furthermore, to be proficient in specific styles, it is not enough to just play scales and patterns but it is necessary to learn the colors of the proper harmonical framework which is part of an idiom. In 10 years of teaching, I developed an approach that rethinks the function of fingerboard visualization allowing you to transpose in any key with great facility and to understand the logic behind the shapes of any chord on the fingerboard. In these lessons, I will help you to rethink the violin out of the box, as a powerful rhythmical and harmonical instrument while deepening your melodic ability (soloing) related to the styles you want to play: Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Pop, Rock, Brazilian, World Music. [According to the style we will also be working with loops and effects] This class is designed for musicians who already know the basics of violin techniques but addresses both beginner and advanced players in relation to the field of improvised music. The lessons will be custom made for each student. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player I will work to adapt to your learning rhythm while keeping you challenged at the same time. You will receive regular feedback, advice, and guidance and materials. Don't hesitate to contact me for more details!
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I am a music teacher with a keen interest on helping my students to develop their musical identities and technical abilities. Learning an instrument can be a fun and rewarding activity at any age, no matter if you want to become a professional musician, or just want to enjoy an artistic leisure activity. Learning music improves coordination, social and emotional skills, and makes us smarter. And music is something everyone needs in their lives, no matter the age, background or profession! I have more than fifteen years of teaching experience. Throughout this time I have met students of very different backgrounds, ages and approaches to the instrument, who have inspired me a lot. For me, teaching is also a part of my lifelong learning of the instrument, which enlightens me every time. Also, being an active performer who is used to face a wide variety of styles makes me a more versatile teacher. According to my own experience and philosophy, the best teacher is the one who teaches you how to become your own teacher. I do my best to follow this approach in my lessons, enhancing the student’s autonomy and own identity. I use a bunch of different methods and resources, which helps me to match the needs, musical taste and level of each student. I like to play a lot with my students from the very beginning, so I can help them to improve their intonation and rhythm in the most efficient way, and we have more fun playing together! A special focus is put on keeping a natural and relaxed body posture while playing, in order to produce an open sound and be able to play with comfort. Also, as you might have noticed by browsing through this website, I am especially fond of baroque music, so if you are too, I will be happy to focus on this repertoire, or even introducing you to the baroque cello. But other styles are most welcome as well! What is included in my lessons: -Personal method adapted to the individual needs of each student -Sheetmusic -Music theory basics -Leads on finding further coaching on music theory -Advice on purchase/rental of a cello -Newsletter with cello-related content If you are not able to come to my place or you live elsewhere, I also offer online lessons for non-beginner students. Get in touch for more info!
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Cellolesses, viola da gamba lessons, music theory lessons (The Hague)
I am a guitar teacher and professional musician myself who had no experience with the Viola da Gamba when I contaced Anna for lessons. As a trained musician, I have had many teachers in my life and I can honestly say that Anna is one of the best that I have ever had. She is knowledgeable beyond her years and her passion for music is so strong that it is easy to get inspired by it. She also puts a great deal of thought and preparation into her lessons, so you will be getting a lesson that is very much made for you specifically to be able to progress in a fast, yet relaxed way. Anna is extremely patient and took a lot of care to give me a good basis on the gamba. She gives very good exercises to target specific weaknesses (for me bowing), in addition to the note-reading exercises so you can get to know the instrument both with notation and without. In this way, you can also start from the beginning with very good technique. I have greatly enjoyed learning in the form of duets, playing simple melodies in the beginning that you can first practice at home by yourself. Then playing together with Anna is always enjoyable since the pieces and exercises she chooses are musically very beautiful and satisfying to hear on the two instruments together. Anna is a patient, passionate and devoted teacher. I know that she is an excellent player and it is rare to find someone so talented as a performer, that is also as devoted to her students and their own progress. I highly recommend her!
Review by SAHIL
Violoncello and Music Theory. All ages and all levels. (The Hague)
I was overwhelmed with joy in my first music lesson, it was Very informative, accurate, fun, well organized, fast yet profound, professional and exciting lesson. I have great expectations for our future lessons and great energy to keep up with Miss Silvia, wonderful person
Review by RAHAF
Cello lessons. The best instrument you can choose! (Rotterdam)
Belén is a great cello teacher! I really enjoy my cello lessons with her!
Review by CHIARA