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Samuel - Paris44€
Trusted teacher: Presentation : Professor of National Education and examiner of the BAC, I know how to make French pleasant for students in difficulty who do not hang with the subject. Whether it is to explain how to make a dissertation pleasant to read, how to organize a composed commentary or read one's text clearly, distinctly and posed for an oral. French is not only a subject, French is difficult and requires effort, but these are rewarded! Method: My students have always made significant progress, going from an average of 5 to the year to 14 average French baccalaureate. My last to have sent me his results went from 6 to the written and 9 to oral to 15 in writing and 17 in oral (EAF 2019 session). I have been preparing classes for these tests for years, I am up to date on methodology and programs. My services combine the experience of teaching French and the vivacity of a young teacher who succeeds in motivating the most recalcitrant students. My students have always made significant progress and above all, go to tests with confidence in their abilities. I adapt to your level and I give exercises to do for the next course (finish a comment, make an introductory essay ...). I am nice and enthusiastic but nevertheless serious: you will make satisfactory progress because you will work for 😉 2015-current Professor of Modern Letters in College / High School 2015-University Paris IV, The Sorbonne License of French as a Foreign Language 2014-University Paris IV, Sorbonne Master of Medieval Studies 2012-University Paris IV, The Sorbonne License of Modern Applied Letters 2010-Brevet of Aptitude to the Functions of Animator 2008-Baccalaureate series L 2006-First Aid Training Certificate
French · Literature · Methodology course
Trusted teacher: Dear, My name is Marie and I am a student in the second year of literary preparatory classes (CPGE) at Lycée Louis-le-Grand in Paris (75005). My experience in preparatory classes taught me to work efficiently without neglecting quality; I was able to benefit from a multidisciplinary education which allows me to be comfortable in several diverse and varied subjects, several languages and I would really like to share my skills and my working methods with students, whether they are young ( primary) or older (college-high school). This is why I offer courses between 1 to 2 hours (to be adapted) of: - French (grammar, vocabulary, essays, ...) - letters (analysis of literary texts, comments, ...) - Latin (revision of declensions, conjugations, juxtalinear translation, ...) - English (grammar, vocabulary, oral, reading...) - Spanish (grammar, vocabulary, oral, reading...) - history (retrace the main stages, dates, events, ...) - philosophy (identify the main currents of thought, know the main theses, ...) Whatever the subject(s) chosen, I share with the student simple and effective tools and methods for a better organization of the work (revision sheets, chronological friezes, memo-technical means) adapted to his needs, abilities and level. For students who have difficulty concentrating or memorizing, I try to vary my methods and imagine a different way of teaching. I would add that I am fluent in English (level C1) as well as Spanish (level C1). I remain of course available for any question(s) or additional information(s) concerning my profile. See you soon ! Mary
French · Tutoring · Methodology course
Math · Dmv exam test preparation · Methodology course
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Trusted teacher: THE PUPIL This announcement is aimed at both pupils and adults wishing to acquire the German language. I offer tailor-made individual German seminars for levels A1 (beginner) to C2 (perfect mastery). My goal is to make my student independent as quickly as possible. THE METHOD Contrary to popular belief, German is a very tame language. You are certainly familiar with the language courses at school. You are given lists to learn by heart and you are asked to do exercises completely unrelated to the reality of a speaker. We explain grammar to you by confusing French grammar and German grammar. This is why no one manages to express themselves in German having undergone this kind of method which has proven for a century that it does not work. With me, my student has a second chance thanks to intelligent theory and pragmatic methodology. Indeed, I am currently writing a book on the acquisition of foreign languages. THE TEACHER I have 5 years of experience teaching German and an average rating of 5/5. German is my mother tongue, with no particular accent. I master French as if it were a mother tongue. I am fluent in English and Portuguese and have an intermediate level in Latin as well as some basics of Greek. My personal linguistic goal at the moment is to master Latin fluently orally. To maximize the quality of the courses, the sessions take place by video call in combination with Google Drive: - individual tailor-made course - interactive text document - interactive whiteboard - photos or scans can be imported - readable writing - instant written feedback during speaking - very flexible schedule - no time-consuming trips If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me to arrange an appointment or to ask me your questions. I look forward to meeting you.
German · Grammar · Methodology course
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Individual German seminar for learning in turbo mode. All levels (Québec)
Kevin's lessons are very helpful for Olivier Wiecek, who received the abonnement of 20 lessons from me as a Christmas gift.He has told me he is very happy. But in spite of five messages from me telling you that I am.NOT Kevin's student but just the person who offered them as a Christmas gift to Olivier,,you persist In bombarding me with messages asking for an evaluation. Please take the trouble to READ my messages.Thank youq
Review by ANYA
Afraid of the French bac? Oral gives you stage fright? Let's study together! (Paris)
Amazing Teacher! Would truly recommend to anyone who needs help with the baccalaureate! Very easy going and easy to communicate with, and also does an amazing job at helping his students with their baccalaureate preparation! Thank you Samuel!
Review by MARY
Private lessons in French, history and methodology of work (Brussels)
We are very happy with mister Jonathan, he is really very sincere with his work.Not seen such a credible teacher.can say much more but only words will not merit his work .his is really appreciable person.
Review by SOBIA