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Samuel - Paris44€
Trusted teacher: Presentation : Professor of National Education and examiner of the BAC, I know how to make French pleasant for students in difficulty who do not hang with the subject. Whether it is to explain how to make a dissertation pleasant to read, how to organize a composed commentary or read one's text clearly, distinctly and posed for an oral. French is not only a subject, French is difficult and requires effort, but these are rewarded! Method: My students have always made significant progress, going from an average of 5 to the year to 14 average French baccalaureate. My last to have sent me his results went from 6 to the written and 9 to oral to 15 in writing and 17 in oral (EAF 2019 session). I have been preparing classes for these tests for years, I am up to date on methodology and programs. My services combine the experience of teaching French and the vivacity of a young teacher who succeeds in motivating the most recalcitrant students. My students have always made significant progress and above all, go to tests with confidence in their abilities. I adapt to your level and I give exercises to do for the next course (finish a comment, make an introductory essay ...). I am nice and enthusiastic but nevertheless serious: you will make satisfactory progress because you will work for 😉 2015-current Professor of Modern Letters in College / High School 2015-University Paris IV, The Sorbonne License of French as a Foreign Language 2014-University Paris IV, Sorbonne Master of Medieval Studies 2012-University Paris IV, The Sorbonne License of Modern Applied Letters 2010-Brevet of Aptitude to the Functions of Animator 2008-Baccalaureate series L 2006-First Aid Training Certificate
French · Literature · Methodology course
Math. The torture. The illogical material par excellence. Terror. What if it could be different? When I was younger I was an average math student. I had some facilities. But I was lazy because I didn't really like it. Not to mention the teachers who are more or less pedagogical, human, open ... it could worsen my feeling of aversion for the subject. And then I got into High Math where I literally "ate" math every day. I had to adapt, and quickly! I managed to do it and to have my competitions, after 2 years of intense work. A good methodology in addition to a lot of work on my mind helped me. I have been giving private lessons in mathematics for 4 years. I put forward an intuitive teaching method based on my experiences as a student, teacher and self-taught in many areas including neurosciences, pedagogy, personal development or organization (I am also a Process Optimization Engineer AKA Industrial Engineering) This is what I offer you through my courses organized in 3 axes: - Pure and hard support in theory (lessons) and in practice (exos, evaluations), - Coaching; Knowing and understanding is good. Being aware that you know how to do is even better. We avoid anxieties, parasitic thoughts, blank page syndromes, negative emotions (anger, sadness, stress ...), - The methodology, which is specific to the pupil, his preferences, his qualities, his faults, his neurological peculiarities. I am committed to helping my students find the key they hold within them that will bring them awareness of the beautiful people they are. An awareness of their ability and, that math is not that complicated :) I am also an HPE * who has worked on its flaws and its qualities. Although I don't like this term, it just means to me that I have a special sensitivity, which allows me to detect human issues easily. Emotions are springboards for movement. It's up to us to use them in the right way! For webcam lessons, I have a graphics tablet that allows me to interact with the students on an interactive whiteboard. It's like a real class, except that we are not together physically!
Math · Methodology course · Life coaching
Trusted teacher: I welcome you to my profile. Math teacher with 15 years of experience, I offer personalized support and guidance. Also, support for exam preparation (Bac, Brevet des Collèges, post bac competition), in the form of courses or by intensive courses. My lessons are adapted to the profile of each student regardless of the degree of his difficulties to give him the means to acquire knowledge essential to his success, develop his potential, and also take into account his needs in order to increase his chances. My method: explain the difficult points of the course, check the assimilation by exercises and problems, insist on the working method and the tricks which save time. I adapt to each student, according to their profile, their needs and the parents' desire: my methods range from coaching and confidence building to rigorous monitoring of the work to be done; similarly, the level of exercises and problems will be different depending on the objectives. Quality education, confidence and motivation guaranteed. I am at your disposal to answer all your questions. Cordially. Internships During the school holidays, I offer you "internships" to upgrade / revise / deepen preparation for post bac exams: Avenir, MÃ © tance-Alpha, Accès, Advance. These "internships" can take the following forms: - active re-reading of the student's course material and oral questions in order to check that the important notions are perfectly mastered; - exercise sessions, from the student's supports and my personal supports; - help with the writing of homework assignments (DM) given by the student's teacher; - specific preparation for the writings of the competitions by "coaching" the pupil on subjects of writing of the previous sessions; - Specific preparation for oral exams by "coaching" the student on exercises that fell during previous sessions. As soon as I get in touch, I invite the student to tell me about their expectations and the face they want to give to the course. I had the opportunity to give lessons to several students during the school holidays, including in particular several students of preparatory classes wishing to actively and efficiently prepare their competitions, but also several high school students wishing to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the school year. Following my interventions, all my students were able to approach the end of the year in the best conditions and obtained remarkable results.
Tutoring · Methodology course · Test prep
Math · Dmv exam test preparation · Methodology course
Trusted teacher: Hello Miss, Sir , I am the professor of one of the best establishments of Clermont Ferrand. For 15 years I realize discounts with a very high rate of success. I intervene in favor of students in difficulty who want to fill important gaps but also for others who aim to be at the top of the class. My individualized pedagogy allows me to understand, adapt and achieve the specific goal of each student. Homework help is very focused on methodology and pedagogy as these are the keys to successful schooling. The theoretical concepts studied in the classroom, whether in science subjects or literary subjects, are explained in a clear and detailed manner so that the student can understand better. The practical application of the course in scientific subjects or literary subjects is also very qualitative. The student is guided step by step during the exercises and then during the corrections in order to reduce as much as possible his mistakes. A high-performance work method and organizational advice for each subject are also instilled. Throughout my 15 years of experience I intervened in favor of about 300 students (middle school / high school students) which allows me today to master at fingertips all aspects of homework help and homework. different methodologies used in both scientific and literary subjects. I managed to increase my students by an average of 4 points each quarter to reach in the best cases 19/20 at the end of the year. The contact information of dozens of families who have used my services can be provided to you so that you can have testimonials of the very good results that I managed to obtain. I have an aggregation, the highest diploma to teach courses, which is a guarantee of my aptitude for teaching. I intervene for 15 years in one of the best establishments of Clermont Ferrand but also in parallel in the best French private tutoring organizations such as Kelprof, Acadomia, Completude, Superprof or Laureate. While waiting for our contact, I wish you, madam, a great day. Best regards
Methodology course · Tutoring
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Afraid of the French bac? Oral gives you stage fright? Let's study together! (Paris)
Amazing Teacher! Would truly recommend to anyone who needs help with the baccalaureate! Very easy going and easy to communicate with, and also does an amazing job at helping his students with their baccalaureate preparation! Thank you Samuel!
Review by MARY