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3 boxing teachers in Geneva

Trusted teacher: Please check my page for my background, my qualifications, and why I'm such a passionate boxer. Class description: I will match the intensity you are willing to learn and train at, always encouraging you to take your skills to the next level, as I do with myself. It's a great way to get into shape (or better shape) and learn a useful sport. In my first training session, I can evaluate your level of fitness and boxing. As I hopefully continue training with you, you will then gradually moving up in levels and I guarantee vast results. My sessions always consist of about half boxing and half body conditioning and exercise for boxing so two-hour sessions are recommended. For BEGINNERS you can expect a plan (gradually increasing in difficulty) consisting of: - An introduction to boxing including how to prepare yourself using gear (wraps and gloves) - To learn how to correctly throw punches as well as the kinds of punches - Learn the different stances and the one that's best for you - Train like a boxer with ab exercises, jumping rope, shadow boxing, and other aerobic exercises (I will make this as tiring as you would like me to) - Pad work - Basics of good head movement for dodging, pivoting your feet, blocking, countering punches, and punch combinations For INTERMEDIATES you can expect a plan consisting of: - Learning long punch combinations - Introduction to light sparring - Intermediate head movement and punching while moving back - Switching stances at optimal times - A lot of pad work - Body conditioning against punches - Punch flurries, and movement against the ropes - Intermediate level of body exercise including ab exercises, jumping rope, shadow boxing, and other aerobic exercises (I will make this as tiring as you would like me to) - Shadowboxing for 6 rounds timed For ADVANCED boxers you can expect: - ALL aspects from the INTERMEDIATE plan but at a much higher level - Vigorous pad work - Very vigorous aerobic exercise for fight conditioning - Shadowboxing for 12 rounds timed - Sparring You can always expect the best tips and corrections from me as I am experienced and I will always use visual learning techniques to help. I might sometimes also ask you (only if you'd like) to watch certain parts of boxing fights to help your training and for visual aid.
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__Introduction to SELF-DEFENSE #SECURITY MONTH ___ (Geneva)
Great instructor with super feedback for her from the team
Review by ALEX