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18 self‑improvement teachers in France

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Charles - Paris35€
Trusted teacher: By associating art with the power of your intention, psychology, communication, mindfulness meditation, neuroscience, relaxation and breathing techniques, you will learn how to manage the emotions of your thoughts in order to change mental patterns. negatives and attract by your natural radiance regained what you wish to see realized in your life. Stress related to a problematic professional and family environment, speaking out, or difficult management of anxious states and relationship problems, everything that handicaps you and imprisons you on a daily basis is the logical result of mental processes that often go beyond framework of too formal analysis of an unsuitable classical psychotherapy. These processes are anchored by behaviors that become your life rituals, themselves modeling a painful reality that you can not leave without the outside help of a benevolent neutrality and a structured holistic approach to the overall development of your personality. Professional musician, I offer you a personalized coaching to achieve your goals and overcome the limitations and irrational fears that you have been fighting for too long and that prevent you from accessing your true potential. Whether you are a music lover or not, my studies, knowledge and experience in the fundamental areas mentioned above will allow you in a few sessions to learn and progress yourself by identifying and permanently correcting bias that you no longer had consciousness, and this thanks to the unique will power of your mind. You are the key that will open doors that you could not see anymore. The holistic approach that I propose combines art, psychology, neuroscience and advanced spiritual disciplines to regain inner peace and unleash your potentials through the power of your intention and a mind that balances in the present. . The sessions, in French or in English, are generally from 1h to 1h30, totally adaptable according to your preferences. I move on Paris and Ile-de-France. See you soon ! Charles
Religion & spirituality · Psychology · Self-improvement
Life coaching · Personal training · Self-improvement
Trusted teacher: Methodology I am a creator / director of an accredited home tutoring organization since 2009. Teach French, general culture, English, Philosophy and history-geo from primary to Master II with a psycho-pedagogical approach focused on motivation + self-confidence + methodology ... When learning becomes a game and let know a know-how ... Test boost! In addition to the private lessons adapted to the card, my private tutoring organization offers internships in the menu of competitions and exams that are just around the corner. Thus, a certificate, a baccalaureate, a Sciences Po competition, a Grandes Ecoles de Commerce, Communication and Journalism are offered in sessions or internships, according to. From the excellence of French and English, to the perfecting of history-geography and general culture to the techniques of writing specific to synthesis, we strive to face challenges to maximize the chances of success. A serious boost worth studying any boost! Ambassador of the teaching, I think to be in all modesty (LOL!) The the last of the professors. Quality of the profile, excellence of the diploma, guaranteed answer, I will not fail to organize with care the first course intended to make knowledge and especially to evaluate the needs. course High in Britain Graduate of journalism 'EFAP) Master of Communication ESCP Paris Graduate from New York University Prof of journalistic writing and com at EFAP for 14 years, teacher of French / general / english culture / and personal development at the Institute of Training in Communication and Sales (IFCV) and the Institute Medici. Trainer at Novencia and the National Center for Distance Learning (CNFDI), speaking and writing (French, English, com, and journalism). Creator / Director of a private tutoring organization since 2009. If you want to learn french, to improve or master it, you're welcome at Boost Studies, the company I created 9 years ago. With a long experience of teaching both French and English, I guarantee quick progress in the understanding, the syntax, the grammar or the vocabulary.
Self-improvement · English · French
Trusted teacher: Private and group lessons - Oral expression - Self-confidence - Speaking / All ages and profiles / In Saint-Étienne or Webcam or Travel. More advantageous hour packages possible. Hello ! 😊 I am Valentin, your particular coach in speaking and speaking. Adult or child, whatever your profile, I suggest you develop your speaking skills, as well as your self-confidence in front of an interlocutor or in public. Indeed, which of us has never secretly wished to know the tricks to install his presence in conversation? And deploy your charisma, welcome for any convincing and noticed speech? If this learning excites you, I offer you a benevolent teaching, tailor-made around your desires for progress. I teach oral and scenic expression and expressive oral reading - descriptive, argumentative or poetic. We can also prepare your oral or high-stake interviews for you. Classes can take place at my home in Saint-Étienne or by video teleconversation or at any other place of your choice. I rely on 15 years of socio-cultural, scenic and educational experiences and on an eclectic curriculum combining cultural enhancement, language sciences and education sciences. Professional, my teaching activity has been declared as a liberal microenterprise since May 17, 2018 (“Siret” and “Naf” numbers available on request). To best respect your budget and reward long-term learning, I offer advantageous decreasing packages. Even more economical, and more user-friendly too: ask me to provide a group lesson with friends! Affirm your ease with style! Let's give body to your expression! See you soon ! 😉 Yours, Valentine
Interviewing skills · Self-improvement · Public speaking
(1 review)
Sophie - Troinex124€
Self-improvement · Opera · Singing
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Piano special beginners passionate !! Experienced teacher Graduate of State and CNSMD (Paris)
Charles has been a great teacher for me to re-learn piano from having not played since I was a child. He has a good methodology and well combines learning theory along with playing.
Review by KATHLEEN
Fight misconceptions read faster and better (Lyon)
A good start to learning speed reading techniques.
Review by GABRIEL