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STUDENT IN CLASSIC LETTERS WHO HAD OBTAINED ITS TRAY WITH MENTION VERY WELL. Individual tutoring, homework help, methodology, philosophy, French, English, theatrical improvisation, theater, other leisure I propose to give classes serious and motivated students, everything depends on your objectives. I already have experience in English courses or courses in French and Philosophy. I can give courses of: -Français from the second to the Terminale L. I also provide a teaching of literary culture in addition to analytical readings and more classical exercises. In the context of preparing for the dissertation, a literary culture is indispensable. To the Terminals of all sections I also provide a philosophical teaching with the explanation of doctrines and certain texts but also of exercises in the two exercises of the bac, the explanation of text and the philosophical dissertation. (methodology). For language courses, I can carry out an upgrade from the 6th to the 3rd in English. I also have 10 years of experience in theater and 5 years of singing, and I can also effectively prepare shy students who are afraid to speak in order to help them put all the chances of their side when No matter what exam oral or just to free themselves and speak publicly. Because it is by daring to speak first in an interview that it unfolds for the better. EXPERIENCE: - Mention TB au Bac L. - Obtained the Council of Europe of Cambridge. -10 years of theatrical experience. -5 years of lyrical singing. -Have already given courses in French, philosophy and English. - Several times first prize in oratorical competitions. -Premier prize of medieval poetry of the city of Péronne. - Has mounted a musical. Has knowledge of the staging in the theater. CV of this tutor, help with homework, methodology, philosophy, French, English, theatrical improvisation, theater, other leisure I have been teaching for two years with pupils who, at one time, have difficulty in their literary subjects. This year, the philosophy courses provided allowed one of my students to obtain a 14 to the baccalaureate, for example. But above all, I make it clear that it is not the professor alone who makes the pupil successful. The learner must also be motivated to succeed!
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