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Jade - Paris58€
Trusted teacher: Bonjour ! You want to improve your French and enjoy the classes? I am here ! To put it briefly : - I am qualified (Master's degree) and experienced in French teaching (13 years in France and abroad) - I am my own student, teaching myself languages (I can communicate in 9 languages) >> Teaching/learning is for me a way to understand each other and not just a transfer of knowledge << I can teach : - beginner, intermediate or advanced level (A1 to C2) - to all ages (I have had students from 9 months to 76 years of age!) - grammar, pronunciation, conversation, Business French - DELF/DALF, TCF preparation and all other specific needs you may have in French (applying to jobs or universities, administrative tasks, etc.) For more details, please see below, otherwise, just contact me! - I am qualified and experienced in French teaching : > I love teaching ... Having more than 13 years of teaching French to foreigners in France (language schools, summer camps intensive classes, university, Red cross, social start-ups for refugees) and abroad : Japan (Institut français of Osaka for 2 years), Myanmar (University of foreign languages of Yangon and Institut français), Ukraine (Alliance française of Lviv), Lebanon (High school) and Germany, Ireland, Mexico (private classes) > I love studying ... Holding 3 Master degrees in Didactics (French teaching for foreign students), Linguistics and International Business from Lyon and Paris Universities. - I am my own student, teaching myself languages : I love languages ... I can communicate in more than 9 languages - 3 of them fluently - so I understand the learning process and the students difficulties Looking forward to meeting you ! A bientôt ! Jade
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Samuel - Paris44€
Trusted teacher: Presentation : Professor of National Education and examiner of the BAC, I know how to make French pleasant for students in difficulty who do not hang with the subject. Whether it is to explain how to make a dissertation pleasant to read, how to organize a composed commentary or read one's text clearly, distinctly and posed for an oral. French is not only a subject, French is difficult and requires effort, but these are rewarded! Method: My students have always made significant progress, going from an average of 5 to the year to 14 average French baccalaureate. My last to have sent me his results went from 6 to the written and 9 to oral to 15 in writing and 17 in oral (EAF 2019 session). I have been preparing classes for these tests for years, I am up to date on methodology and programs. My services combine the experience of teaching French and the vivacity of a young teacher who succeeds in motivating the most recalcitrant students. My students have always made significant progress and above all, go to tests with confidence in their abilities. I adapt to your level and I give exercises to do for the next course (finish a comment, make an introductory essay ...). I am nice and enthusiastic but nevertheless serious: you will make satisfactory progress because you will work for 😉 2015-current Professor of Modern Letters in College / High School 2015-University Paris IV, The Sorbonne License of French as a Foreign Language 2014-University Paris IV, Sorbonne Master of Medieval Studies 2012-University Paris IV, The Sorbonne License of Modern Applied Letters 2010-Brevet of Aptitude to the Functions of Animator 2008-Baccalaureate series L 2006-First Aid Training Certificate
French · Literature · Methodology course
Trusted teacher: FR : Bonjour à tous ! Je m'appelle Léa et je suis une passionnée de la langue française. Rejoignez-moi dans mes cours interactifs et plongez dans la beauté et la richesse de la langue française. Dans mes cours de français, je vous propose une exploration captivante de la langue. Que vous soyez débutant ou que vous souhaitiez perfectionner vos compétences, je m'adapterai à votre niveau et à vos objectifs d'apprentissage. Nous allons découvrir ensemble les subtilités de la grammaire, de l'orthographe, de la conjugaison et de la syntaxe. Nous allons également nous plonger dans la littérature française, en explorant les grands classiques et en découvrant des auteurs contemporains. Nous allons étudier la culture francophone, les expressions idiomatiques et les nuances de la langue qui font sa beauté et sa singularité. Ma méthode d'enseignement met l'accent sur la pratique et l'interaction. Vous serez encouragée à parler, à écrire et à vous exprimer en français de manière créative et authentique. Nous allons utiliser des ressources variées, des jeux de rôle, des discussions et des activités ludiques pour rendre l'apprentissage du français vivant et stimulant. Je suis là pour vous guider et vous aider à progresser à votre propre rythme. Vous bénéficierez de retours constructifs, d'exercices personnalisés et de ressources supplémentaires pour renforcer vos compétences en français. Mon objectif est de vous aider à gagner en confiance et à maîtriser cette magnifique langue. Que vous souhaitiez améliorer votre français pour des raisons professionnelles, académiques ou simplement pour le plaisir, mes cours vous offriront une expérience d'apprentissage enrichissante et gratifiante. Rejoignez ma communauté de passionnés de la langue française dès maintenant et découvrez le plaisir de vous exprimer avec aisance et élégance. Inscrivez-vous dès aujourd'hui et embarquez dans un voyage linguistique captivant avec moi ! EN : Hello everyone! My name is Léa, and I am a passionate lover of the French language. Join me in my interactive classes and dive into the beauty and richness of the French language. In my French classes, I offer you a captivating exploration of the language. Whether you are a beginner or looking to improve your skills, I will adapt to your level and learning goals. Together, we will discover the intricacies of grammar, spelling, conjugation, and syntax. We will also delve into French literature, exploring the great classics and discovering contemporary authors. We will study Francophone culture, idiomatic expressions, and the nuances of the language that make it so beautiful and unique. My teaching method emphasizes practice and interaction. You will be encouraged to speak, write, and express yourself creatively and authentically in French. We will use a variety of resources, role-playing, discussions, and fun activities to make the learning of French lively and stimulating. I am here to guide you and help you progress at your own pace. You will receive constructive feedback, personalized exercises, and additional resources to strengthen your French skills. My goal is to help you gain confidence and master this magnificent language. Whether you want to improve your French for professional, academic, or simply for the pleasure of it, my classes will offer you an enriching and rewarding learning experience. Join my community of French language enthusiasts now and discover the joy of expressing yourself with ease and elegance. Sign up today and embark on a captivating linguistic journey with me!
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Private French classes in Paris with a qualified and experienced teacher ! (Paris)
Jade is a truly excellent teacher of the French language with whom I have been having lessons for over a year. She’s is not only a native French speaker, but holds degrees in Linguistics, Teaching and Business, and has significant experience of teaching French over many years. The benefit of this is that she is able to effortlessly teach at any level, with a focus on actually speaking the language in conversation. We have had discussions about things as simple as ordering food in a restaurant to subjects as complex as planning application submissions and urbanism rules (I am an architect). I am certainly not a natural linguist, but through her teaching I have gone from someone who was nervous about ordering a croissant in French, to gaining the confidence to deal with the complex language found in the workplace, and in day-to-day life in France. I would highly recommend Jade, whether you are visiting Paris for a short holiday and want to brush up on some vocabulary, or have moved here permanently and want to broaden your command of the French language.
Review by HENRY
Foreign language courses: French, English and Spanish. (Paris)
She is a great tutor! She explains everything in a very clear and simple way and she is very patient so you can ask her as many times as you want! Her class is very fun and interesting so you do not feel bored during her lesson at all! She speaks a very good English so she could explain everything very well to me in English whenever I had any difficulties to understand the French lesson. I highly recommend her for French lessons.
Review by REZA
french language course all levels / french lessons all levels (Paris)
I’m looking for a fle teacher that helps me improve my French for professional occasion. I give this review after having two lessons with her : she is someone professional : always show up on time, prepare the teaching material in advance. I feel positive that I may achieve earlier my study goal with her.
Review by YI