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15 violin teachers in Madrid

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Today, the violin has become one of the most popular and versatile of all musical instruments. Apart from classical, and, in France, gypsy swing, which remain his areas of predilection, he has introduced himself everywhere, into jazz, pop, electro, etc. However, at the beginning of the initiation, the basics remain more or less the same, in all styles. Everyone obviously has their own rhythm and these particular ambitions: I have students who practice for several hours every day, and others who only play once or twice a week, outside of class. I assume that almost anything is possible, provided you have the right learning methods. First, we will define, as precisely as possible, your objective. What style do you want to learn? Which artist inspires you and makes you want to learn the violin? What is your level of musicality, have you ever played the violin or other instruments? And finally, how much time do you want to devote to the violin? After having collected this information, I will offer you a suitable program, made up of technical exercises, training pieces, "objective" pieces, and also, which is often neglected, listening advice (such as when learning a language, you learn a lot by listening...). Also note that it is possible to play works that seem difficult, by tackling simplified versions. At the end of each course I send you a detailed report of what we have worked on, what has been accomplished and what remains to be worked on/corrected (without pressure, without stress, of course.. .;)) Teacher's presentation Coming from a family of violinists, I received my first violin lessons from my father at 4 years old. Now a graduate of the Amsterdam Conservatory and the CMDL Didier Lockwood, I have been giving violin lessons for around twenty years. Passionate about transmitting, I teach a wide variety of styles, classical, jazz, gypsy swing, Latin, gypsy and traditional music, film music... We look forward to accompanying you from the discovery of the instrument to your first concerts... See you soon ! Musically, Simon
Music theory · Violin
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¡Aprende a tocar el violín o mejora tus habilidades con el violín! (Madrid)
Miriam is really a pleasant person, i enjoyed my class with her , she started with me from level "-1" :D and she is always patient and eager to teach me, she is also open to contact her at any time apart from our planned sessions. she also encouraged me to play/practice songs i love apart from the course material and simplified the notes to match my level which make me more enthusiastic about learning music. I really learned a lot from her and willing to continue learning violin with Miriam :)
Review by AHMED
Violin classes with music theory complement and technique
I recommend Fernada for violin instruction. In addition to being an extraordinary musician, she is friendly, experienced and gifted with patience to understand students needs.
Review by LARI
Violin lessons for all levels from beginners to advanced, professional ... 🎻 - with Master Didactique diploma. (Courcelles)
Serious, patient, smiling. What you need to learn a so difficult instrument. If she can teach me, that I am hard as a stone, she can teach everybody. Very fluent English.
Review by ROMOLO