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Trusted teacher: I Teach Thai Language to Foreigners Because I Love to Teach ! I also have a genuine love of helping people attain their language goals, thereby helping them to make the most of their visit to Thailand and their interactions with our Thai people in a wide variety of situations. And it gives me great delight to observe my students improving and progressing their skills in direct response to my teaching style. I believe my experience in teaching and working with foreigners, my approach to these tuition classes, my flexible availability and my prices combine to offer you something unique and special in Chiang Mai. More than 10 years Thai language tuition experience Soft and patient manner Tuition style adapts to student skill Flexible with class days, times and locations Modest fees and discounts for couples & small groups People’s skill sets, personalities, objectives, learning rate all vary Some people learn quickly, others are slower and need more help Accordingly, I tailor my approach to each individuals’s abilities Classes are a mix of structured content & relaxed interactive sessions Together we look at Thai culture, manners, traditions and cuisine Learning materials are current and carefully selected for each student No fixed pre-scheduled classes Instead, flexible lesson times, to mix into your own schedule 7 Days, Monday to Sunday, 8:00am – 6:00pm (in person) Your house, condo, hotel, guest room, coffee shop or online My focus is tutoring with individuals and small groups only Smaller groups = more time per student Easier to cater for different student abilities
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A qualified Thai language teacher that will teach you how to speak Thai fluently and appropriately and know how to encourage learners to communicate in your daily life in a natural style of words and phrases that like used by Thai natives. The learners will be inspired to create their own sentences from the structure provided in each lesson. In addition, tones are not the most familiar to most foreigners, so learning to speak Thai with phonetic symbols will help enable you to concentrate on the unfamiliar sound system of the Thai language without needing to worry about the additional complexities or reading and writing Thai. This focus will encourage you to speak Thai clearly in a short time and you will find it’s much easier to learn to read and write at a later time. ✅️There are 3 levels available for you to choose from. 🔶️Beginner Speaking + Listening + Reading + Writing 500/hour minimum 16 hours / duration 2 hours 🔶️Intermediate Speaking +Listening +Reading+ Writing 700/hour minimum 16 hours /duration 2 hours 🔶️Advanced Speaking + Listening +Reading+ Writing 900/hour minimum 12 hours /duration 2 hours ✅️The schedule is flexible depends on learner's choices. 🔆Online 💻zoom group or private (Group )6 people maximum 🔆On-site Group or private (Group) 6 people maximum 🚘 There will be extra costs if you wish to learn at your place. A qualified Thai language teacher in Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand Patience is a trait every teacher should possess and I am confident in my potential of being a qualified teacher that you will get the most of it learning Thai Language with me. khɔ̀ɔp khun khâ Thank you.
Sawaddii kha Hi! My name is Noon. I’m Thai and I’m a native Thai speaker. I love to travel, learn about culture, Thai food and of course, teach languages as well. I have taught Thai as an online language teacher for 3 years to many foreigners. My teaching style is focused on helping my students feel comfortable learning and having fun. Want to excellent your learning Thai progress? I am here to help ! See you soon in my class ;-) My course 👉COURSE DETAILS : 📌Thai for children 1. Basic Sounds for Beginners 2. Vocabulary Building 3. Flashcards 4. Remember easily with fun and exciting games 5. Writing, reading, listening and vocabulary exercises 📌Thai for Children I have been teaching Thai language online to children for more than 1 year. Thai lesson for children : Would you like your children to communicate with Thai speakers ? Don't be shy about learning a new language. I focus on improving your kids' confidence in speaking and listening in Thai. In case of adopted children from Thailand, they may forget Thai language so you can gain more confidence in themselves to brush up on their communication skills. 📌 THAI language for Adults & Young Adults 💥 Conversation and Speaking Fluently And role plays in different situations. This lesson we can sit down and talk in Thai for the whole lesson, or part of the lesson. I will help you fill in the gaps. I will teach you how to introduce yourself, as well as simple words and phrases like yes, no, excuse me and I don’t understand. Learn these and you’ll be ready to conduct conversations in thai. 💥GAIN Confidence Speaking Thai 💥MASTER you Fluent and Conversational Skills 💥Vocabulary Building (Beginners & Advanced) 📚 Reading and Writing Success ⚡ Boost your pronunciation ⚡Improve Comprehension ⚡Writing, reading, listening and vocabulary exercises 📌Thai for beginners I can teach from beginner to advanced level. You will learn how to introduce yourself , how to start a conversation with local Thai people , how to construct Thai sentences , WH questions, Thai vocabulary, Thai tones, adjectives, adverbs, tenses in Thai etc.
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I have been learning from K. Benyapa (Beauty) for approx. 3 months. She is a brilliant teacher! She puts in much more effort to design a curriculum and prepare for lessons, than any other teacher I have had over my 7 years in Thailand. Kru Beauty is willing to tailor classes for your needs, which for me, is Thai citizenship. The lessons feel a lot more personalized than the usual running through of a "Thai Conversation" text book, like many other teachers do. Highly recommended for all level of Thai language, from beginner to advanced!
Review by IAN
Daily Conversational Thai, Reading and Writing Thai (Chiang Mai)
Kru Nim, is highly knowledgeable and explains subject matter in a way that I can understand easily. She identifies my strengths and weaknesses and works with me at my level. I have advanced my learning because of her. She is truly amazing and I am extremely glad/grateful that she had been my teacher!!
Review by DAVID
Learn Thai language with a Certified Native Teacher (Rotterdam)
Very nice teacher. She's really taking the time to explain how the rules work and giving several examples, so it's easier to understand. Also, she's very approachable and fun to talk to.
Review by PENNY