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Opera · Voice (music) · Singing
Hi all. I am a musicologist, music editor and opera specialist with 15+ years experience in casting, season planning, YAP design and artistic development in the field of opera, as well as university-level teaching experience and academic publications. I am currently residing in Taiwan under the Employment Gold Card programme, looking for local talent to develop either on an individual basis or with a local institution. Knowing Taiwan very well, I have always wondered why there are so few internationally renowned Taiwanese classical musicians. Let's try and change that situation ! Make me believe in your potential ! I am open to discuss artistic development programmes for upcoming Taiwanese opera singers, and to organise YAP, masterclasses and promotional events for Taiwanese institutions and universities. I can prepare detailed artistic development plans for individual artists and place recommendations with international organizations. I have a large network of international contacts which I can use to promote young Taiwanese artists abroad. I am open to take on editorial projects and international promotional activities for Taiwanese composers. I am open to work as a research advisor for postgraduate students in Musicology. I teach intermediate to advanced topics in my fields of expertise, including Opera Studies, Music Palaeography, Editorial Method, Source Studies and European Music History and Analysis. I am also open to suggestions for teaching or promotional activities according to the specific needs of individual artists, teachers, universities or institutions. Simply let me know what you need and we'll take it from there. ==> Be clear about your professional goals. Embarking on a PhD in performance is NOT the preferred road towards becoming a successful international artist. While I do teach music analysis, I do not dabble in "Music Theory" as taught at many US universities and colleges. Stuff such as Schenkerian analysis that was all the rage in the US some decades ago is an intellectual desert based on a nonsensical proposition of musical universality, with nothing to offer the young aspiring professional performer. Currently I teach and interact in English. I also have professional command of Italian, Japanese, French, Spanish and German. In the past I have taught advanced courses in English, Italian and Japanese. I am able to read Chinese, but I currently do not speak beyond the basics (A2). I may code switch between English and Italian, especially when discussing opera topics and while directing or auditioning singers. I expect students to know music notation and to be able to read vocal and orchestral scores. I will help you with the more advanced technical terminology. == My cv in brief == Qualifications: - PhD in Musicology with Opera Studies and Editorial Method (Leeds, UK, 2003) - Master of Music in Musicology with Opera Studies and Editorial Method (Leeds, UK, 1999) - Licence in Musicology (NOVA University, Lisbon, Portugal, 1996) Professional Experience: - 2008-present: Opera planning, casting and YAP design for opera houses worldwide; artistic development for singers - 2009-2016: Editor for CESEM, CIAO and Bärenreiter: Critical editions of "La testa di bronzo" and "Gabriella di Vergy" (Mercadante), and "Sigismondo" (Rossini). - 2008-2011: CIAO (University of Chicago) Post-doctoral researcher in the operas of Rossini under Philip Gossett; - 2004-2008: Artistic development advisor: Design and implementation of artistic development programmes for young artists in cooperation with casting departments at opera theatres worldwide; - 2004-2008: Independent Scholar (Tokyo University of the Arts) MEXT (文部科学省) scholarship for research in Japanese contemporary music and opera, with a focus on the operas of Miki Minoru (三木稔); - 2000-2002: Assistant Lecturer at the University of Leeds (UK), teaching "Issues in Opera" and "Music Palaeography Source Studies and Editorial Method". Taught advanced courses in Opera and Music Dramaturgy at Tokyo University of the Arts (2007) and University of Rome - La Sapienza (2010). Published academic papers and gave conference presentations on Puccini, Mercadante, opera dramaturgy and Japanese contemporary opera. Led the critical editions of the scores of operas by Rossini and Mercadante. Member of the International Musicological Society. Expert user of music notation software Finale.
Music history · Opera
Trusted teacher: About myself I am Gulnara and I am a professional classical singer. As a soloist I sing leading roles on major international stages such as Mariinsky Theater, Scottish Opera, Opera de Colombia and in the Netherlands for example in De Doelen. I studied classical singing in St. Petersburg (Russia), at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and, among others, at the famous Georg Solti Accademia in Tuscany. At the same time, I have been teaching singing to both children and adults at different levels and with different music styles for many years. For example, I also help with the preparation for an audition. How does the singing lesson go? The singing lesson consists of two parts. During the recording we do singing exercises and you learn the basic singing technique. This consists of breath support, learning to sing pure tones (voicing) and articulation. Then you sing different repertoire (songs, arias, songs, etc.) and we apply what you have just learned. I also pay attention to your presentation and the artistic aspects of singing (emotion and passion!). I accompany my students on the piano. I regularly organize music evenings where the students play for each other. Lesson to children I teach children from 4 years old. Singing pleasure and musical development are central. Bring your favorite song! All music styles are possible. We can also organize sings with other children. If you have ambition to study at the conservatory, I can prepare you for this. Lessons for adults Mature with good motivation and love for music, I like to support their further musical and singing development. We are working hard! Step by step, we push your boundaries and work towards your dream or passion. Info For adults and children from 14 years, I teach in these Corona times in the large space with the necessary distance. I also teach via Skype. I prefer to teach during the day, for adults I can also teach in the evening.
Singing · Voice (music) · Opera
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Tamara - Madrid, Spain50€
Trusted teacher: 🎤 Unlock Your Voice with International Singer with over 15 years stage experience Are you ready to discover the true power of your voice? Get ready for personalized voice lessons that will transform your vocal abilities, no matter your age or skill level. 🌬️ Master Your Breath: Learn the secret to breath control! Strengthen your diaphragm and achieve flawless vocal control. 💃 Perfect Your Posture: Discover how proper posture can elevate your singing performance. I will guide you to a posture that maximizes your vocal range and projection. 🎶 Find Your Authentic Voice: Uncover the unique beauty of your voice with expert guidance. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vocalist, I will help you tap into your true, authentic sound. 👩‍🎤 All Ages and Levels Welcome: No matter your age or skill level, I welcome you with open arms. Whether you dream of singing on the stage or simply want to sing your heart out, these lessons are for you. I am an international opera singer, and perform leading roles on the world’s most important stages. I offer lessons in vocal technique, with a great emphasis on breathing technique, body work, as well as techniques to deal with performance anxiety. You will learn the key fundamental aspects of breath and body alignment techniques, and will be given vocal exercises that can help you to achieve your goals. We will focus on getting rid of unnecessary muscle tension, and finding a released and projected sound. I have sung at houses such as the Hamburg State opera, English National Opera London, Semperoper Dresden, Opernhaus Zürich, Gran Teatre Liceu Barcelona, Dutch National Opera, Salzburg, Rome in leading roles such as Carmen, Isabella, Adalgisa, Ariodante, Orfeo, Radamisto, Cenerentola, Hermia. I also joined the roster of the Metropolitan Opera for thé first time in 2020.
Voice (music) · Opera · Singing
Trusted teacher: Are you curious about singing, but feel like you don’t know where to start? Do you already have some experience of singing and are curious about what your voice could achieve at its full potential? Do you feel shy about your voice and wish you could feel confident enough to sing in front of other people? I am Olivia, a professional opera singer who is passionate about teaching singers a healthy vocal technique in all styles of singing, and helping them to grow in confidence along the way. My teaching room is a safe space where students are free to experiment, make mistakes and discover everything about their voice with my full support! I have been teaching singing privately to pupils of all ages and levels for several years, as well as enjoying a busy performance career. I find that being a regular performer myself is very important when imparting knowledge and advice to my students because I want to teach you more than just the mechanics of singing - I want to guide you towards being an artist and expressing YOUR unique voice and personality. I work on vocal technique, drama and language, and have worked with children, teenagers, and adults - both those hoping to sing professionally and enthusiastic amateurs! Every lesson will include warmups and technical exercises as well as work on repertoire that we will choose together. I can teach in English, French or Italian. As for my performance experience: I began taking singing lessons at 13 years old after joining the school choir in secondary school in London, and adored the process of training my voice. In my teens, I performed in concerts as a soloist and also in a few musical theatre roles, most notably Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I moved to Switzerland and trained as an opera singer at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève, and did a Specialised Masters (Soloist) at the Hochschule der Künste Bern. I have since gone on to perform with the opera houses of Geneva, Lausanne and Lucerne, the Opera House of Zrenjanin in Serbia, the Jeunesses Musicales Opera Studio (Croatia), London Grimeborn Festival, and have been a featured soloist at such concert venues as the Berlin Philharmonic, Salle Paderewski in Lausanne, the BFM in Geneva, the Cologne Philharmonic, and St Johns Smith Square in London. Most recently you may have seen me as Mrs P. in the Swiss première of Michael Nyman's 'The Man who mistook his Wife for a Hat' in Vevey, or if you've been enjoying the program 'Blob Opera' this year, you might be interested to know that I was one of the opera singers working on this project by recording hours of material for a machine to create an algorithm that recreating an opera singer's voice! Good singing is about solid and healthy vocal technique, a good feeling for music, self-expression and confidence! I would love to work with you to build all of these parts of yourself and to see where your voice takes you. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with me!
Voice (music) · Singing · Opera
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Voice lessons online with an international singer!
I’m so happy I have the chance to take a class with Tamara, she is Great! I had many teachers in my entire life in different fields and Recognize a good one when is in front of me, Tamara is not just an amazing opera singer but a really amazing teacher. Her classes are gold! I get to learn so much in just one session, Thank you Tamara! Till next time❤️🫶
Singing lessons with an italian lyric-coloratura soprano. From opera to modern and pop. (Masters degree in singing with honours, cum Laude)
As someone who loves singing it was very helpful in the very first lesson to begin to understand the muscles I need to use and the "spaces" I need to create to stabilise and improve my sound. I also felt she responded well to each question I raised, or issue she heard in the way I did the excercises. I look forward to future lessons.
Review by JULIETTE
Singing Lesson - Italian Soprano alumna of the Dutch National Opera Academy offers singing lessons (Amsterdam)
I really enjoyed my lesson with Francesca. She has a bright appearance and uplifting energy and teaches very clear, practical and gives a lot of great tips in her lesson. She observes well and is on it. I could really feel the change in my singing, during the lesson. Excited to practice more and to book a new lesson.