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Trusted teacher: I am a professional singer, pianist and music teacher. From my childhood I have been studying music and art: sang in choir and solo, played piano, painted, studied music history and literature, solfeggio. Later in college and universities I have also learned classical voice, choir conducting, had ensemble and choir singing lessons, cultural studies, speech training, continued my piano practice. 2015 — 2019 R.Glier Kyiv Municipal Academy of Music Junior specialist in Choir conducting 2020 — 2023 P.Chubynskyi Kyiv Municipal Academy of Arts Bachelor in Solo singing 2022 — Present HMDK Stuttgart Bachelor of classical singing My education was very various: my core subjects were conducting, choir, voice, piano. So it allowed me to work with children, teens and adults with quite wide range of interests and needs: some students needed/wanted to learn particular composition(s), sometimes pop songs arrangements, some were interested in “introduction” to the music, some wanted to renew skills they gained in their childhood and continue their journey to the music world. As for singer who studied a lot about different approaches, technics and singing schools "Speech Training" was a part of the main subjects. It is extremely important to have clear pronunciation, make it sound free/relaxed (without any tension or unhealthy blocks) more confident, and emotional. On our Speech training lessons I will help you to make your speech more clear, your voice will sound more healthy and confident.
Public speaking · Speech
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Bibek - Altstadt Nord51€
Trusted teacher: Hello and welcome! I am a dedicated physics and mathematics tutor with extensive experience (3+ years) in helping students excel in their studies. Whether you're preparing for standardized tests like the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP-Physics, AP-Calculus, or pursuing advanced coursework like VWO, A-levels, OMPT-A, OMPT-B, OMPT-C, OMPT-D, or OMPT-F, I'm here to provide you with top-quality online tutoring sessions that cater to your specific needs. With my academic background (Ph.D. in Physics [ongoing], M.Sc. in Nanoscience, and B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics) and a passion for teaching, I have successfully assisted students in mastering physics and mathematics for years. I understand that test preparation can be challenging and stressful, but with proper guidance and support, it can be conquered easily. I aim to help you develop a robust foundation by clarifying fundamental concepts. Course Highlights: 1. Physics Topics: - Mechanics - Electricity and Magnetism - Waves and Optics - Thermodynamics - Modern Physics - Quantum Mechanics - And more, tailored to your requirements! 2. Mathematics Topics: - Algebra - Geometry - Trigonometry - Calculus (AP and beyond) - Probability and combinatorics - Problem-solving techniques - Customized to suit your level and objectives! Whether you're seeking to boost your scores on standardized tests or aiming for excellence in your coursework, I am here to guide you. I tailor sessions to your learning needs. Feel free to suggest any additional topics or specific concepts to cover. We'll work together to improve weaknesses and enhance strengths, preparing you for the future. Interested? Contact me now for personalized online tutoring. *Note that the sessions will be held online (via Skype).
High school entrance prep · Sat prep · Test prep
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Polina - Stuttgart28€
Trusted teacher: Good afternoon dear students! My name is Polina and I am experienced Russian teacher and native Russian speaker. I will help you to explore unique Russian culture and language. Both beginner and intermediate students are welcomed! Few words about my education and background: I graduated from Linguistics faculty at Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic university, having major Theory and Methods of teaching foreign languages. Now I am getting a Master's degree in English and American studies at the University of Stittgart. Since 2018 I have been successfully teaching international students from all over the world: China, Romania, Finland etc. Having more than 4 years teaching experience, now I am a proponent of individual approach to every student. About the structure of the lessons: My lessons are based on different Student's books suitable for your level. I prepare learning materials individually before every lesson, enphasing speaking, grammar or vocabulary aspect. All necessary papers and books are provided by me so you don't need to have any. During the lesson I use audio and video sources, as well as texts and excersices. Lessons are conducted via ZOOM/Skype platform or offline. You can be sure that our educational journey would be fun and productive! I will be happy to help you to start the enjoyable process of learning Russian and to boost your potential! Good afternoon dear students! My name is Polina and I am an experienced Russian teacher and native Russian speaker. I will help you discover the unique Russian culture and language. Both beginners and advanced users are welcome! A few words about my training and background: I graduated from the Faculty of Linguistics at the Peter the Great Polytechnic University of Saint Petersburg, majoring in Theory and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching. I am now doing a master's degree in English and American Studies at the University of Stuttgart. Since 2018 I have been successfully teaching international students from all over the world: China, Romania, Finland etc. With over 4 years of teaching experience, I am now an advocate of the individual approach for each student. About the structure of the lesson: My lessons are based on various student books suitable for your level. I prepare the learning material individually before each lesson, focusing on speaking, grammar and vocabulary. I will provide all the necessary documents and books, so you don't have to have your own. During lessons I use audio and video sources, as well as texts and excerpts. Lessons take place via the ZOOM/Skype platform or offline. You can be sure that our educational journey will be fun and productive! Classes are held in English and Russian. I would be happy to help you learn Russian in an enjoyable way and increase your potential!
Russian · Speech · Grammar
Trusted teacher: Arabisch-Muttersprachler & Lehrbeauftragter der Frankfurt University of Applied Scineces seit 1994 bietet bundesweit Arabischkurse und Arabischeinzelunterricht für alle Lernstufen: Anfänger, Fortgeschrittene und Konversation für Profis. Angeboten wird Alltags-, Hoch-, Medien- und Facharabisch wie Wirtschaftsarabisch sowie einige Dialekte: u.a. Ägyptisch, Golf-Staaten, Jordanisch, Libanesisch, Palästinensisch, und Syrisch). Weitere Dialekte auf Nachfrage. Teilnehmer an diesem Kurs beherrschen mindestens ca. 1.500 Wörter der Alltagssprache in Wort und Schrift (Level: A2-B1) und können z. B. einfache, dreisilbige Verben (sogenannte starke Verben) in der Gegenwarts-, Vergangenheits-, Futurs- und Befehlsform konjugieren bzw. nichtvokalisierte Texte lesen. Kursinhalte: Es handelt sich um Medienarabisch, d.h. die Sprache, die man im Internet ebenso in Zeitungen, Magazinen, Radio, Film, in Lehranstalten wie Schulen und Hochschulen sowie bei offiziellen Verlautbarungen allgemein verwendet. Und zwar von Mauretanien / Marokko im Westen über das östliche Mittelmeer bis zum Oman im Südosten. Der Dozent hat für die Kurse eigene Skripte erstellt, die im Kurspreis nicht inbegriffen sind. Sonstige Arbeitsmaterialien: Alla Elgibali / Nevenka Korica “Media Arabic A Coursebook for Reading Arabic News”. The American University in Cairo Press 2007 El Mustapha Lahlali “Media Arabic. Advanced” Edinburgh University Press 2010 Elisabeth Kendall “Media Arabic. The Top 1000 Words for Understanding...” Georgetown University Press 2009 Gelesen werden z.B. die Tageszeitungen Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, Al Hayat, Al Sharq Al Awsat, Al Quds Al Arabi und Al Ahram sowie u.a. die Online-Ausgaben und TV-Berichte der Fernsehstationen Al Jazeera und Al Arabiya? Nähere Informationen erhalten Sie bei Samir.
Arabic · Communication skills · Business management
Trusted teacher: Greetings! I am a Test Prep Trainer with 11 years of language teaching experience. I train students on GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, and LNAT. I have worked with renowned test prep companies such as Jamboree Education and the Princeton Review. My students' test results speak for the quality of training I impart. Unlike many other language trainers, I am a trainer by choice. My work experience and educational background testify to this. I hold a bachelor's degree in English, a post-graduate diploma in Language Processing, and an MA in English Studies (with a specialization in English Language Teaching) from the University of Munich (LMU Munich). I hold a TESOL certification from Arizona State University. I also hold certifications in Advanced Grammar and Phonology from the University of Queensland and the University of California respectively. My teaching plan is designed to provide comprehensive and effective one-on-one coaching for students preparing for standardized tests. The objective is to equip students with the necessary skills and strategies to achieve their target scores. The coaching sessions will be tailored to the individual needs and learning styles of each student, ensuring a personalized approach to maximize their potential. I have provided an overview of the plan below. I. Diagnostic Assessment: Conducting an initial diagnostic test to assess the student's current strengths and weaknesses in each section of the test. Analyzing the test results to identify specific areas of improvement and develop a customized study plan. II. Setting Goals: Discussing the student's target score and long-term academic aspirations. Establishing realistic and achievable short-term and long-term goals to track progress throughout the coaching process. Regularly reviewing and revising goals as the student progresses. III. Content and Strategy Instruction: Providing in-depth instruction on the content and format of each section of the test, Teaching effective test-taking strategies, including time management, question prioritization, and process of elimination. Familiarize the student with various question types and provide strategies for tackling each type. IV. Comprehensive Study Materials: Recommending reliable and up-to-date study materials, including textbooks, online resources, and practice tests. Curating a collection of relevant study materials tailored to the student's strengths and weaknesses. Providing additional resources such as sample essays and vocabulary lists. V. Practice Sessions: Administering regular practice tests to monitor progress and identify areas requiring further attention. Providing timed practice sessions to simulate the real test environment and enhancing time management skills. Analyzing and discussing the student's performance on practice tests, focusing on areas of improvement. VI. Review and Feedback: Reviewing practice test results and discussing specific questions or concepts the student found challenging. Providing constructive feedback on the student's performance, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. Offering personalized tips and strategies to address weaknesses and enhance overall performance.\ VII. Final Review and Exam Readiness: Conducting comprehensive review sessions to consolidate knowledge and address any remaining gaps. Providing tips for managing test anxiety and maximizing focus on the test day. Discussing test day logistics and strategies for a smooth and successful test experience.
Sat prep · Gmat test preparation · Gre test preparation
Spanish · Teaching · Learning & study skills
English · Teaching · Tutoring
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Historian. Political Scientist, and Journalist offering classes in History, Geography, and Social Sciences (Ixelles-Elsene)
Justin is a true professional and is really gifted at helping job seekers in their career path. He assisted me a lot with career advice, job application adaptation and proofreading. He is really good at communication, reading between the lines, and highlighting the core idea. Our lessons or as I would rather call it a master class, were absolutely great and easy going. Thank you very much, Justin, for your amazing approach, custom-made professional and easy attitude, and a super international mindset. I would very much recommend it!
Review by NATALIA
CCVX + James Boswell Entrance Exams Preparation (Physics) (Groningen)
I was preparing for CCVX and Boswell Beta physics exams and the lessons with Bibek helped a lot. They were very flexible, and suited for me, I received a lot of tips and the general atmosphere during the lessons was very good. I would definitely recommend Bibek to everyone looking for a person with great physics knowledge and also teaching skills, as he was able to explain everything in a way that I would definitely understand, by even giving some visual references.
Review by AISTE
Private lessons: French and literature (remediation + preparation) possible online (Gouzon)
I look forward to my lessons, they did an excellent job at immersing me from day one. I had some basic understanding of composition, vocab etc. and they immediately matched my level of understanding. I don’t feel any time is wasted. Within two minutes of meeting with my tutor, we began learning. I am super impressed by Emna and hope to continue my learning until I am fluent. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Review by GABRIELA