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Trusted teacher: Hola, Mi nombre es Santiago y estoy ofreciendo clases virtuales de inglés individuales y personalizadas para mejorar tanto su comunicación oral como escrita. El enfoque principal de mis clases se centra en desarrollar una comunicación del idioma inglés de manera fluida y estructurada ya sea para preparar exámenes internacionales, incluyendo el TOEFL y el FCE, o como para poder comunicarse adecuadamente en el ámbito profesional, o para reforzar y mantener el conocimiento previo de este idioma. Soy Licenciado, graduado en Florida Gulf Coast University en los E.E. U.U. Habiendo aprendido inglés desde chico en el Ivy Thomas Memorial School y vivido año y medio en Tailandia, seguido de 4 años en E.E. U.U. adquirí gran conocimiento y fluidez del idioma inglés. En Tailandia estuve año y medio estudiando arte en la comunicación y esto me ayudó a prepararme para mis estudios en E.E. U.U. Tuve varias clases de comunicación, aprendiendo técnicas de cómo hablar mejor usando no solo nuestras palabras, sino también nuestro cuerpo para ayudarnos a hablar de manera más natural, tranquila y sin ponernos nerviosos si nos trabamos o nos olvidamos de lo que queríamos decir. Durante mi carrera en los E.E. U.U. estuve constantemente escribiendo ensayos para mis clases, además de tener que exponer proyectos delante de mis profesores y compañeros de clase. Al mismo tiempo, estuve trabajando en la universidad y luego de graduado trabajé durante un año, principalmente teniendo largas conversaciones por teléfono con personas de todo el país. Hoy en día la habilidad para comunicarse en inglés es imprescindible y los voy a preparar para que puedan cumplir sus objetivos. Podrá ser, el de estudiar en el extranjero, irse a vivir a un país de habla inglesa, mejorar la comunicación en el ámbito profesional o practicar para no perder el nivel previamente adquirido. Si lo que estás buscando es mejorar tus conocimientos del idioma inglés, yo te voy a ayudar. Mi metodología es simple. Cada persona es diferente y adapto el contenido de mis clases a las necesidades e intereses de mis alumnos. Todos aprendemos de distintas maneras y en tiempos distintos, por eso es que diseño mis clases de manera individual.
English · Public speaking · Writing
Denken Sie darüber nach, eine asiatische Sprache zu lernen? Chinesisch wäre ja keine schlechte Wahl! Mandarin ist in China, Taiwan und Hongkong weit verbreitet. Viele Menschen aus Singapur und Malaysia können auch Mandarin. Kantonesisch wird hauptsächlich von Menschen aus Hongkong, Macau und Guangdong, einer Provinz im Süden Chinas, verwendet. Die Beherrschung dieser Sprachen würde Ihnen eine Zahlreiche Karrieremöglichkeiten und kultureller Vielfalt eröffnen. Ich komme aus Hongkong und kann fließend Kantonesisch, Englisch und Mandarin. Ich habe Erfahrungen in interkulturellen Studien, außerdem bin ich selbst eine aktive Sprachenlernerin. Ich weiß genau, was man braucht oder womit man kämpft, wenn man eine neue Sprache lernt. Schreiben Sie mir einfach, wenn Sie Fragen haben. Ich freue mich darauf :) Interested in learning an Asian language? Chinese wouldn’t be a bad choice! Mandarin is widely used in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Many people from Singapore and Malaysia also speak Mandarin. Cantonese, on the other hand, is mainly used by people from Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangdong, a province in southern China. Mastering these languages would open you up to a wide range of career opportunities and cultural diversity. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, which benefits me with fluent Cantonese, English, and Mandarin. I am experienced in intercultural studies, adding on that I am an active language learner myself, I know exactly what a learner needs or struggles with when facing a new language. Just drop me a line if you have any questions. Look forward to hearing from you :)
Grammar · Culture · Writing
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Iana - Loerrach41€
Trusted teacher: A competent teacher with many years of teaching experience in three countries gives professional German lessons online Hello! I give professional German lessons online (Skype and video conferencing tools possible). My competencies: I studied German and English as a foreign language for a teaching post in Russia and did a master's in German studies (TU Dresden). My teaching experience: I have taught German as a foreign language in Russia (language school and private tuition) and in Germany (vocational school and private tuition), and also at a university abroad (University of Antananarivo, Madagascar). I speak several languages (German and Russian on the mother tongue level, English fluent, Italian and French conversationally), so I can also teach in these languages. Привет! Даю уроки немецкого языка на профессиональном уровне. Я закончила педагогический вуз в России по специальности учитель немецкого / английского языка. Есть магистерская степень немецкого вуза по германистике. Я преподавала немецкий как иностранный язык в российской языковой школе, немецком пространный сротучилищеатеар сротучилищеатеар сротучилищеатеар сроифучилищеатеар сротучилищеатеар сротучилищеагеа. Опыт работы репетитором 5 лет. Hi everyone! I`m giving professional german lessons. I have a diploma of German / English teacher of the pedagogical University (Russia) and a Master degree in German Studies (Germany). I worked as a teacher of German language at a private language school, German vocational school and at the University of Antananarivo (Madagascar). Work experience: 5 years. I speak german and russian (native speaker), english (fluent), italian and french. So I can give lessons in these languages too. Best regards / Have a nice day / Хорошего дня! PS I unfortunately do not offer classes on weekends and in the late evening. К сожалению, я не работаю по выходным и поздним вечером. Kindly notice that I don`t work on weekends and late evenings.
German · Teaching
Trusted teacher: Hi there, I offer private dance lessons both online and in person (in Berlin). I have been teaching (young) adults in various urban styles for 12 years. These include hip hop, locking, popping, breaking or even house. I adapt my lessons to your existing level. So I train with beginners the basics such as: Isolation, weight shifting, basic rhythm and coordination with the help of various Foundation Steps. As we progress, we then devote ourselves to topics such as quality of movement, (more complex) musicality and performance. A single lesson consists of first warming up together (warm up varies, depending on the level) in order to prepare the body for the training and to improve the condition in the long term. Then we stretch to minimize the risk of injury and improve your mobility in the long term. Of course, we devote most of the time to dancing. We can focus on learning individual basic steps, my choreographies or even freestyle. I individually address your strengths and weaknesses, your goals and wishes and create a training program that is tailored to you. My goal is to support you in such a way that you make noticeable progress in the long term. The top priority is of course having fun dancing, especially in times of the Corona. ————————— credentials Artists: Thomas Anders, Mike Singer, Lukas Rieger, Fero47, Julia Lindholm, Julie Bergan Brands: Sony, Coca Cola, Peugeot, Malboro, Bruno Banani, Schwartzkopf and many more I also have experience in events (small to large), theater stages (e.g. Friedrichstadtpalast) and in advertising (Burger King, Knoppers, Vodafone ...)
Hip hop dance · Personal training
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private lessons: French (remediation + preparation) possible online (Tunis)
I look forward to my lessons, they did an excellent job at immersing me from day one. I had some basic understanding of composition, vocab etc. and they immediately matched my level of understanding. I don’t feel any time is wasted. Within two minutes of meeting with my tutor, we began learning. I am super impressed by Emna and hope to continue my learning until I am fluent. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Review by GABRIELA
Violin lessons - Experienced teacher - guaranteed results! Achieve your goals! (Berlin)
Jovana is a well organized and well structured teacher. We have had only three classes and she has already taught me how to read music notes and I have no musical experience at all. She is reliable and patient. She gives her 100% and doesn’t lose confidence in her students. She is also very linguistically gifted. I am going to continue taking lessons with her :)
Review by HAFSA
Private math lessons in French by shared interactive whiteboard (Amsterdam)
Teaching mathematics to someone who has almost no knowledge about it is a big challenge and Christine faced it great. She has a plan and knows how to accomplish it. I can´t wait for the next lesson.