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Trusted teacher: Improve your skills during oral interventions in public, better manage your personal/professional communication & the resulting conflicts, master negotiation techniques (...): your objectives in terms of communication can be diverse and the objective of These sessions are precisely to support you to better achieve them. So, how can we send a clear message, create a difference and make an impact? ➤ Whether your objective is personal or professional, speaking is a predominantly physical activity, relying on a body, a voice, a breath, a rhythm (diction), an emotion and above all techniques, tools, a method, a know-how, reflecting the speaker's involvement in his speech. . ➤ On the telephone, in a meeting, in front of a client, his family (...), relevant and successful speaking must always be effective and efficient, with clear, simple and impactful messages, creating a balance between the message received and message sent. Coherence between form and content. ➤ So, how to listen and be listened to, convince and be impactful, challenge and leave an impression, promote your content, address your audience relevantly and optimize the quality & clarity of the exchange/message? It is precisely a question of going through, applying and deploying practical and effective techniques of oral presentation, simple intervention or 'one to one' exchange, aiming to challenge one's audience or interlocutor, taking care of both the content and the form. , all in a professional or personal setting. For this, there are verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. ➤ Thus, mastered, the practical method allows, through a set of simulations and scenarios based on your daily experience supporting pragmatic & concrete techniques, to improve self-confidence, self-assurance, ease by overcoming discomfort and controlling his emotion in public. But also to work on your leadership & charisma, in a context where empathy and emotional intelligence are at the service of communication. ➤ So, in this context, after having precisely defined your objective & gone through the blockages encountered, here are some examples of themes covered through concrete techniques & a methodology: ✓Perfecting your rhetoric/repartee ✓Fundamentals of eloquence but also of oratorical art (intonation, gaze, gestures, elocution, range, emotions, charisma, pronunciation) to ensure consistency between content & form ✓Fundamentals of Body Language to support and not interfere with the discourse while being convinced & convincing. ✓Highlighting your speech & promoting your speaking skills to arouse interest, by leveraging your strengths. ✓Creation of coherence between the message sent & the message received in order to improve one's speech and in fact, one's professional/personal relationships. ✓Management of question answer sessions & external reactions during a speech or oral exchange. ✓Techniques to put your interlocutor at ease and appear friendly/interested. ✓To succeed in a negotiation/mediation. ✓To learn to say ‘no’ in three steps AND get people to say ‘yes’. ✓To transform sentences into positive AND constructive. ✓To manage conflicts (e.g. NVC techniques, Non-Violent Communication). ✓To put NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) at the service of communication. ✓To adopt effective, simple, fair and engaging language. ✓To use sentences, phrases & expressions to be precise, simple, effective & engaging. ✓To manage your personal & professional relationships with, for example, the preparation of your ratings. ✓Make your hypersensitivity a strength to tame your abilities. (...) ➤ In short, each session combines techniques & practical exercises adapted to your everyday situations (filmed with your agreement in order to be reviewed, commented on, decoded together live), so that you can put them into practice immediately, and from the 1st session. ➤Trained at Grande Ecole post-European preparatory classes & Ivy League university in the United States, specialized and working for more than 15 years, in Europe and North America, in the field of communication, in renowned public and private international establishments, participating in forums and conferences, & oriented towards pedagogy and careful methodology. ➤ Locations: Geneva-Lausanne-Fribourg-Zurich-Neuchâtel-Lugano-Montreux-Basel-Neuchâtel-Berne-Lucerne-Brussels-Luxembourg-Paris-Lyon-Montreal. But currently and until further notice, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid, this format also being unanimously suitable for those supported. The quality of the session & interaction
Communication skills · Developmental skills · Personal training
Trusted teacher: Copywriting is the art of selling with words. In short, it's written marketing. Concretely, a copywriter (or copywriter) writes content tailored for the sale of a product or service. And precisely, it is either: - to offer you concrete techniques, a clear methodology and pragmatic tools to learn how to write quality content yourself for your own needs - or to help you directly to promote the content of your product and design a text, a letter, a hook, a slogan, write marketing files, press releases, an internet page, blog posts, advertising banners and newsletters (...) in an impactful and optimal way. Choose the appropriate terms and format them in order to convey an idea, a message, in the most relevant, effective and persuasive way possible. So, how can you write writing highlighting a brand, a product, a person or simply a company... in order to promote it and gain visibility? This is why, to help you on the one hand, to create strong, attractive and synthetic messages but also on the other hand, to teach you to do it for yourself, it will be a question of precisely understanding your needs, your product, your strategy, the values you wish to convey (...). Objective: to be creative enough to capture the attention of your audience and make readers want it. With reusable writing, making your communication profitable, increasing your notoriety and achieving your objectives (...) allows you to make a lasting impression over time. Because always keep in mind that the writing remains. Develop your visual approach, compare the coherence of the text with the guideline but also the coherence of the idea with the graphic concept: it is also a question of assuming the tasks of coordination. If you also wish to train yourself to write other content yourself, the training can include deepening your writing skills to give personality to your texts, developing ideas, concepts and their implementation, creativity/presentation techniques... all anchored in practical exercises and scenarios. ➤ THE COPYWRITER TRAINER Trained at the Grande Ecole post-European preparatory classes & Ivy League University in the United States, our teacher has specialized and worked for more than 17 years, in Europe and North America, in the field. On the one hand as a copywriter then as director of communication / advertising agencies. On the other hand, as a trainer in this field in renowned public and private international establishments, speaking in forums and conferences. ➤ PLACE, TIMETABLE, PRICES ✓ Locations: Geneva-Lausanne-Fribourg-Zurich-Neuchâtel-Lugano-Montreux-Basel-Neuchâtel-Bern-Lucerne-Brussels-Luxembourg-Paris-Lyon. But currently, these sessions continue to be offered by videoconference in the current context and in accordance with general demand which is almost unanimous on this subject. ✓ Indeed, apart from the classic advantages of videoconferencing (time saving related to travel & their unforeseen events, eco-responsibility, increased schedule flexibility, etc.), the quality of the session & the interaction remain identical. In addition, the entire exchange, notes and recommendations are immediately transcribed on the dedicated chat. ✓ To support us among ourselves & to be pleasant to you in this sustainable / particular period and in a spirit of solidarity, the fees are temporarily reduced and will not increase after the start of our sessions. The rate offered is not a corporate rate and does not allow the delivery of invoices to companies that request it. ✓ Languages: French/English. ✓ The progress following these private sessions is perceptible from 1 to 2 sessions (*2024 study). ✓ As other people do regularly, you can also please your loved ones by offering gift vouchers available all year round. CONTACT / PROGRAM ✓ A la carte program: evaluated and adapted to each need.
Marketing · Business writing · Advertising
Trusted teacher: I am a native Spanish teacher with a degree in languages and I have two master's degrees: I specialized in the field of education and teaching Spanish as a foreign language. I have over 10 years of experience as a teacher. My lessons will be tailored to your needs. Spanish is my first language and I have specialized training in teaching Spanish. I graduated in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Salamanca, Spain, and I did my Erasmus at the University of Geneva. I have two masters: I have a Master in Language Training and also a Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. My expertise of more than 10 years will accompany you in this learning adventure. Immerse yourself in a unique learning experience with my tailor-made courses, carefully designed for you. Discover the Spanish language by following the communicative approach where conversation plays a central role. Together, we will explore grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, while navigating the cultural dimension of the language. In a relaxed atmosphere, I also offer captivating visual aids to make your learning even richer. We work on your specific objectives, whether: - Be more comfortable in conversation (at work or with friends) - Ensure complete preparation for life in Spain, combining linguistic and cultural improvement - Work on your accent so you no longer feel embarrassed - Improve your speech so that people can hear what you say and not that you are not comfortable - Know how to better prepare your meetings in Spanish (what terms to use, how to get your point across, etc.) - Preparing for exams (exams such as the DELE) - Improve your Spanish in a specific field (law, medicine, finance, the aeronautics industry, etc.) Who are these sessions for? Who is among my students? Private coaching is for everyone and at any stage of life. Among the people I have had the pleasure of teaching, there are students from all backgrounds and branches: pilots, diplomats, scientists, journalists, lawyers, doctors, private bankers, students... Here are some real-world examples: I've helped students pass traditional exams like the DELE, prepare for life in a Spanish-speaking country, find a new job where they need strong Spanish, and make a change career, preparing speeches, preparing for court hearings abroad, presenting in Spanish in front of an audience of fellow experts, preparing for negotiations regarding financial agreements with their clients. My classes are for everyone and at any stage of life. Among the people I have had the pleasure of teaching, there are students from all walks of life and branches: pilots, diplomats, scientists, journalists, lawyers, doctors, nurses, private bankers, students...
Spanish · Culture
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Ramon - Luxembourg29€
Trusted teacher: Learn and master Spanish, mathematics, and history with me! Are you looking to improve your skills in the Spanish language? Or perhaps you need assistance with mathematics or history? As an accountant and a passionate educator, I am delighted to offer my services as a personal teacher in Spanish and other school subjects. With over 8 years of experience in accounting, I understand the importance of having a strong foundation in various academic areas. My goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized education tailored to your individual needs and objectives. As a teacher, I take pride in creating an interactive and stimulating learning environment. I utilize a variety of educational resources, such as audiovisual materials, educational games, and practical exercises, to make the lessons engaging and effective. Furthermore, I ensure to adapt my pedagogical approach to your learning style, so you can make the most of each session. If you're seeking to improve your Spanish, I can assist you with all language skills: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking, writing, grammar, and vocabulary. From the basics to more advanced levels, together we can work on enhancing your fluency and confidence in the language. In addition to Spanish, I can also teach you mathematics and history. Whether you need help solving algebraic equations, understanding geometric concepts, or delving into key historical events, I'll be thrilled to share my knowledge with you. I will guide you step by step, clarifying your doubts, and ensuring that you fully grasp the topics. My rates are flexible and competitive, and I am committed to providing you with a quality learning experience at a fair price. Classes can be conducted in person or online, based on your preferences and availability. No matter your current level or educational goals, I am here to help you achieve success in Spanish and other school subjects. Together, we can accomplish it! Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your learning needs and schedule our first lessons. I am excited to embark on this educational journey together!
Spanish · Math · Business accounting
Learning & study skills · Special education · High school entrance prep
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Math&Physics for School and University Students: IB SL/HL, EB,IGCSE, GCSE, ICSE, CBSE, SPM, AP, A-levels, Cambridge (The Hague)
It is with the utmost admiration and gratitude that I extend my effulgent endorsement for David, the epitome of mathematical tutorship. His fervor for the subject and his pupils is steadfast, and David’s commitment to ensuring proficiency and comprehension is manifest in every tutorial session. His availability is most pliable, as he exhibits a constant readiness to alter his docket to accede to the necessities of his students. This adaptability is rare and precious quality, one that has played a seminal role in my time near the finals. Not only do he demonstrate devotion during his scheduled lessons time, for he is always approachable for additional guidance and support outside his hours. David’s unwavering dedication to the academic success of his students is truly remarkable and deeply appreciated by those who benefit from it. What distinguishes David is not solely his mastery in mathematics, but his amiable and cordial demeanour. He cultivates a genial and hospitable environment; and his pedagogy a harmonious blend of professionalism and conviviality. I consider myself fortunate to have availed myself of David’s instruction, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. In conclusion, if you seek a mathematics tutor, David Devidze should be your first port of call. His passion for the subject, commitment to his students, and affable personality makes him the ideal tutor for anyone seeking to enhance their mathematical understanding and aptitude. A true gem in the world of tutelage
Review by VALENTIN
Private lessons to learn Japanese culture and language (Hettange-Grande)
For a long time I had been looking for a Japanese teacher in Luxembourg for private lessons until I found Maki-sensei. Her teaching style is really meeting my needs: she is encouraging me to talk more in Japanese while working on my vocabulary and grammar. She is using a range of teaching materials, such as text books, audio clips, short movie-clips, and articles from web-sites, which makes her lessons very enjoyable and rewarding. After the lesson Maki-sensei provides me with a write-up with newly learned words and corrections. I am always looking forward to the next lesson and strongly recommend her for anybody wanting to learn Japanese or about Japanese culture.
Review by THOMAS
Camille gives impressive lessons with a lot of information, live exercises and feedback. It is definitely worth it.
Review by RUBEN