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12 drums teachers in Lausanne

Even though it may not always seem like it, percussive elements and instruments play a vital role in enhancing the vitality and dynamism of a piece of music. They bring a unique and captivating element to the overall composition, adding depth and texture that can't be achieved with other instruments alone. When it comes to learning percussion, I offer comprehensive online lessons that cover everything from the very basics, such as how to hold a drumstick correctly, to more advanced techniques that will help you develop your musical skills to a higher level. With my guidance, you can learn the art of improvisation and how to effectively interact with the music, allowing you to create your own unique rhythms and beats that perfectly complement the melody. Furthermore, my lessons will equip you with the necessary skills to confidently perform in live situations. Whether it's playing in a band, participating in jam sessions, or performing on stage, I will provide you with the knowledge and techniques to excel in any musical setting. You will learn how to maintain a steady tempo, synchronise with other musicians, and deliver captivating drum solos. Drumming is undeniably one of the most enjoyable instruments to learn. While it may require patience and dedication at times, the rewards are truly worth it. As you progress in your drumming journey, you will experience the joy of creating infectious rhythms, the thrill of performing in front of an audience, and the satisfaction of mastering a versatile and expressive instrument.
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Clément - Lausanne69Fr
Trusted teacher: Hello, My name is Clément, I am a professional musician and drum and percussion teacher. I am a graduate of the Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg and holder of the State Diploma, I am currently continuing my journey at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne in Master Performer Composer Jazz. During my career, I had the opportunity to play in several contexts (solo, chamber music band, orchestra) and to be able to immerse myself in different musical aesthetics. (classical, jazz, current, world) This taste for diversity, which is part of my personality, is partly what I want to pass on to my students. Another important axis in my eyes in learning an artistic practice is based on the concept of creation, which allows the development of the imagination. For the drums, in line with your wishes and the objectives that we will have put in place, we can explore the different styles. (rock, funk, jazz, latin, metal..) For example, here are some concepts that we will work on: - coordination and independence - develop their musicality and groove - technique and sound - rhythm and reading on score We can also approach classical percussions (keyboards, skins…) and world percussions (Brazilian, Cuban and African). We will of course work on the technique specific to each instrument, some notions of musical theory necessary for a good practice, the whole aiming at musicality and expression. Another challenge is to acquire autonomy and regularity in the practice of the instrument outside of class. I also offer music theory and theory lessons, as well as improvisation and jazz harmony lessons open to all instruments. The courses I offer are aimed at both children and adults. For more information, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer you. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you and introduce you to this beautiful universe so that you can have fun while progressing.
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Florent - Lausanne69Fr
Trusted teacher: I give drum lessons instead of Vallon 12, in my studio, equipped with 2 drums and recording equipment. I consider that learning can only be done while having fun, so I adapt almost all my lessons to the desires of my students, while keeping a course of action to follow, based on methods that have been developed. proven to be very effective over the years. I teach any style of music making sure the basics are solid. (Rock, Funk, Groove, Jazz, Samba, Latin, Metal, Fusion, ...) It is important for me that the student tells me about his desires, his tastes, and to know what the student has desire to learn. Of course, I can come up with tons of songs, but it is always more interesting for the student to bring me what they want to learn. My local is a recording studio. This means that I record and film sessions with students from time to time. It is very rewarding to see / hear yourself play, even very early in learning, and this service is an integral part of the lessons and is something quite rare in drum lessons in the region. I enjoy a familiar atmosphere, without pressure, to focus on the essentials in a relaxed way :-) About the teacher: Studied drums at the Sleack Kaven School in Lausanne. Drummer in many Swiss and international groups, specializing in extreme, technical and progressive metal, as well as electro-groove. Great experience of concerts all over Europe, as well as various recording studios, as well as recording in my personal studio. Drums teacher since 2016 at the ENSR in Lausanne. Drums teacher between 2018-2020 at GimmeMusic School, in Etoy. Private drums teacher since 2017.
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Drum lessons, music theory, pulse perception and more in OSLO (Oslo)
At the time of this review, I have completed 4 lessons with Bruno. I can say with confidence that Bruno is an excellent and patient tutor, who has helped me get confident with the drum kit and also sustain my interest for learning drums (Before these lessons, I have never learnt music or drums earlier - so a complete newbie). He is very professional and his lessons are customised to the student. I recommend him very strongly to anyone who wishes to learn drums!
Review by SRIRAM
Individual drum lessons at Place du Vallon, Lausanne, in the studio. (Lausanne)
Florent's teaching method is the best I've ever encountered! He's awesome! ! I started playing drums four years ago. Before him, I was walking in a dead-end street. And improvisation is impossible for me. But he comes, I see the light!! He is energetic and very friendly. Learning with him is extremely efficient. I'm so lucky to meet him on apprentus!
Review by ANQI
Drum lessons ONLINE - Learn at home playing your own kit - Low fares
Child enjoyed her class. Tutor was kind and knowledgeable, really easy to deal with and organised. He responded to questions and had a clear lesson plan for the class.
Review by S