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7 calculus teachers in Switzerland

Trusted teacher: I specialize in tutoting calculus to international school students as well as national schools in Switzerland and Italy. My teaching method is a combination of theory and practice. The students can bring their own exercises to solve or to better understand. I provide students with extra exercises that can be done in class or as homework. The subject of the classes is the entire AP calculus program: 1) Limits and continuity: - Graphing and interpreting graphs (pre-calculus). - Limits and continuity. Finding limits algebraically or estimating them from numerical or graphical data. Continuity in terms of limits. - Intermediate Value Theorem and Extreme Value Theorem. - Vertical, horizontal, and oblique asymptotes. Limits involving infinity. 2) Derivates and rates of change: - Limit definition of the derivative and its relationship to continuity. - Derivative rules including the Power Rule, Product Rule, Quotient Rule, and Chain Rule. - Slope and tangent lines. - Linear approximation and differentials. - Instantaneous and average rates of change. Relationship among position, velocity, and acceleration functions. - Higher order derivatives. - Implicit Differentiation. - Analysis of Graphs based on both pre-calculus methods and derivative information. This includes finding intervals of increase/decrease, relative minima/maxima, intervals of concavity, and inflection points. - Mean value theorem and Rolle’s Theorem. - Applications of derivatives, including optimization and related rates. - Elementary differential equations and slope fields. 3) Integrals and Areas: - Antidifferentiation and indefinite integrals. - Techniques of antidifferentiation, including power rule, algebraic manipulation, and substitution. - Finite Riemann sums and their limits. Relationship to definite integrals. - The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and definite integrals. - Trapezoid Rule and other methods for estimating area. - Exact area below a curve or between two curves, using definite integrals. - Volumes of solids of revolution, by washer method and shell method. - Accumulation functions. - Relationships between position, velocity, and acceleration using integrals. - Average value of a function over an interval. - Models for exponential growth and decay.
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Mathematics, Statistik, Economics for both high school and university (Zürich (Kreis 3))
We are very happy with the help Lisjana is giving the girls, thank you
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