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1 weight loss teacher in Charleroi

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Trusted teacher: Hello beautiful people, I am all about helping you to get better results in less time, giving you a greater understanding of training & nutrition programming, exercise execution, and how to overcome obstacles and maintain consistency. Due to the online nature of this service, I can work with people from anywhere in the world. To achieve the maximum benefit from the online coaching service you must be motivated, disciplined, and focused, during your workouts and along with the hours you spend out of the gym. I will be here to encourage, cajole and give guidance. As a knowledgeable personal trainer and clinical exercise physiologist, I will create a customized workout/diet program for you, designed to help you reach your unique health and fitness goals and help you develop a more positive outlook by exploring options for making exercise more enjoyable and mood-state changes related to exercise, thereby improving self-confidence and self-motivation. Choosing the right personal trainer ensures that you will receive the most from you and also that you will enjoy the experience. Keep in mind that an investment in the right personal trainer is an investment in your health and your success I will guide you towards your best shape in the safest and fastest, scientifically proven way possible and teach you how to keep it forever! You will have everything, from A-Z, you will ever need to go from a beginner to an elite athlete: -analyze your medical history -design an individualized exercise prescription that meets the specific needs of each client -Workout routine (Sets, reps, exercises tailored for your condition and needs. Videos on how to perform the exercises -correctly. Warm-up and stretching routines. HIIT routine for cardiovascular health). -Diet plan (Calculated calories and macronutrients, templates with recipes. How to manage your electrolytes and -microbiome to promote optimal blood pressure, bodily fluids, and health). -Supplementation list with scientifically researched supplements that help with muscle building, fat loss, and longevity (Source links included). -Information on longevity, skincare, self-development, finances, and a lot more! -24/7 chat support and guidance! Investing in the right personal trainer will help you live a longer and healthier life, look amazing and improve your mental well-being. Progress is assured or money-back guaranteed.
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Private trainer-Yoga cursus/Cours de Yoga/Yoga courses (Hasselt)
this was a very good experience. new for me. My teacher was very patient. I enjoyed to practice yoga surrounded by nature during a sunny day
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