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93 music theory teachers in The Hague

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Norica - The Hague41€
Piano · Music theory
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Joana - The Hague46€
Children's music · Music theory · Piano
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James - The Hague44€
Trusted teacher: I'm a 30-year old guitarist and composer based in Den Haag, teaching electric and acoustic guitar, in combination with music theory (if that is of interest to the student). I teach in English or in Greek. I am half Greek and half Scottish and I have been living in the Netherlands for the last 6 years. I offer lessons in all styles, to all age groups, and for any experience level (ranging from students who have never touched a guitar before, up to advanced players who are looking for new challenges). Face to face lessons are preferable, but I also teach online. I am a patient and open minded teacher, and my desire is to help you learn what you want to learn, and make sure you have fun with playing the guitar and nurture your curiosity and excitement about the world of music creation ! My Credentials: I hold a Bachelors of Music degree from Birmingham Conservatoire (UK), and a Masters of Music from The Hague Royal Conservatory. My experience as a guitarist ranges from classical guitar studies, to playing electric guitar in rock bands, as well as experience as an improviser, performer of notated contemporary classical compositions, creator and performer of ambient and electronic music. I also am very experienced in ambient and electronic-influenced guitar music, which has given me an in depth knowledge also of the guitar in combination with technology such as guitar effects, computer software and multichannel setups which expand the audio palette of the guitar. I have written songs, I have written orchestra pieces, I have worked as a DIY home producer, I have released albums, and I've performed in concert halls, rock venues, squats and festivals. I even some experience in beat-making. My music has been performed in and has taken me to several countries, including Portugal, The Czech Republic, The U.S.A., Canada, Korea, Greece, The U.K., The Netherlands. My Teaching style: My emphasis is to teach you based on your interests and your needs. The lessons are based around each individual student. You bring me the music you like and the things you want to learn, and I build my lessons around that. I've taught students everything from post-rock, to metal, to K-Pop to Nepalese songs... This way the student gets to explore music on their terms, and not based on a pre-decided set of songs or exercises. Alongside this I bring exercises and other songs that help build around the skills we learn through your songs, and help you develop the techniques needed for you to learn to play the music you love. Whatever music excites you I encourage you to bring it to our lesson, as this also gives me a chance to discover some new music ! What's more, depending on your interest, we can also explore music theory, ideas on composition and songwriting, even the basics of how to record your own songs at home. For experienced players: If you are an experienced player looking for new challenges and new perspectives, my wide ranging knowledge of music in a large spectrum of music will help you push your playing and knowledge of music into new worlds ! Topics of our more advanced lessons could include: in depth exploration of the possibilities of guitar pedals, using Ableton live with the electric guitar, reading scores, writing scores, exploring extended guitar techniques, using multi-amp setups, recording your own songs, playing contemporary classical works that include the electric guitar, exploring finger picking, using alternative guitar tunings, going deeper into music theory, exploring genres you haven't heard of (ranging from classical, to experimental, to free jazz, to electronic music)
Guitar · Music theory · Music composition
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Rui - The Hague44€
Trusted teacher: Hello there! Welcome to my profile. I am Rui and I teach piano. The piano is known as the most complete musical instrument of all. This is because when playing it we can get all kinds of characters and sounds: very deep basses or super soft high notes; delicate melodies or dense harmonies (almost like an orchestra sometimes). This is one of the reasons why I love to play the piano, its versatility adapts to my everyday mood. I would love to show you the wonders we can create with this amazing instrument! Lessons Every student is different, and by saying this I mean that I prepare every lesson specifically for each student. Some might be more shy, others might need more time to acknowledge some questions. I believe that music (much like everything else) should be taught with patience and motivation. You shouldn’t feel like you’re going against time, it should be the opposite. As a teacher, I always give priority to your motivation and excitement regarding the lesson’s activity. If I see that a student is not enjoying the lesson I have to improvise and turn it around. When teaching, the most important thing for me is that you learn while having fun. I have already some years of experience in giving piano lessons to people of all ages. I adapt the lesson content for every student individually, and I always give them the freedom to follow their musical taste and instincts. I also give a lot of focus to creativity and improvisation. At the end of the lesson, I usually save a few minutes for the student to decide what he/she wants to do: maybe a little 4-hand improvisation, or maybe play a piece they have already learned and that they enjoy playing. About me Most of my studies and experience as a teacher took place in Portugal. I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Piano Performance in 2020. I moved to The Netherlands in 2020 to attend the Master Program in Classical Piano Performance in the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. My academic studies were built on classical music but I also have some experience in pop and rock music. I hope this motivates you to study piano with me! Looking forward to seeing you soon during your first lesson!
Piano · Music theory
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Nick - The Hague46€
Trusted teacher: Professional Session Guitar player/teacher based in The Hague, Netherlands. Born in Athens in 1993. Graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, with Specialist degree in Rock, Blues, and Jazz Guitar Courses. Throughout my career, I have gained extensive experience in live performances and studio sessions working with various artists and bands. For over a decade, I have served as a music theory and guitar teacher and tutor in esteemed music schools, helping students of all ages and skill levels. My teaching success is evident in the remarkable achievements of my students, as I have guided them towards scholarships and degrees with exceptional outcomes. With a strong background in music theory and production/mixing, I am knowledgeable in these areas as well. As a solo artist, my primary focus is on guitar techniques and creating expressive solos in Rock,Metal and Jazz style. I am known for being friendly, passionate, and supportive in my teaching approach. I offer lessons in both English and Greek. My guitar lessons are designed to be both enjoyable and highly educational. I prioritize the student's interests and goals, tailoring the lessons accordingly. Alongside teaching music theory and production, I have encountered diverse students and various situations, enabling me to develop expertise in psychology and instructional techniques. I am currently seeking opportunities as a highly skilled session guitar player, available to collaborate with bands and artists across diverse musical genres. I am open to collaborating with music schools, offering my skills as a guitar instructor to guide and inspire students of all levels
Guitar · Music theory · Music teacher training
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Agata - The Hague61€
Music theory · Piano · Cello
Trusted teacher: Hello, I'm excited to offer piano lessons for adults right here in The Hague. With over 25 years of experience as a professional pianist, I understand the joy and fulfillment that comes from mastering this beautiful instrument. Whether you're a complete beginner, looking to enhance your piano skills, or preparing for a public performance, I'm here to guide you on your musical journey. Here's what you can expect from my piano lessons: * Personalized Approach: I tailor each lesson to your unique needs and learning style to ensure you make the most of your musical experience. * Music Theory Integration: Gain a deeper understanding of the rich language of music as you progress in your piano journey. * One-on-One Sessions: Enjoy dedicated 60-minute individual lessons that are exclusively designed to help you reach your musical goals. * Consistent Progress: To see steady improvement, I recommend a minimum of one class per week, allowing you to build a strong foundation. * Flexible Scheduling: I understand your busy schedule and will work with you to find convenient lesson times that fit both of our availabilities. I'm passionate about sharing the art of piano playing with adults who are eager to learn. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to refine your existing skills, my friendly and professional approach ensures an enriching and enjoyable piano learning experience. Ready to embark on your musical journey with me? Don't hesitate to reach out and schedule your first lesson. Let's make beautiful music together. I kindly request that you contact me in advance of booking a class to inquire about my current availability. Your early communication will greatly assist in ensuring a smooth and convenient booking process. Thank you for your consideration.
Music theory · Piano · Keyboard (music)
Trusted teacher: 🎓 About me: I am a dedicated violin instructor with a wealth of experience. I completed my degree in classical violin in Spain and am now further honing my craft at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. I am also pursuing a Master's Degree in Music Pedagogy, equipping myself with the best teaching techniques to help you unleash your full potential. 🎼 What you can expect: My violin lessons are tailored to students of all levels, from beginners taking their first steps to intermediate and advanced players looking to hone their skills. I offer a dynamic and immersive learning experience where we will explore the beautiful world of music together. 🌍 Lessons in English: If you are a native English speaker or looking to enhance your musical journey while improving your language skills, I teach all my lessons in English, creating a rich and fluid learning environment. 🎵 What we will cover: -Fundamental techniques and posture. -Music theory and sight reading. -Interpretation and expression. -Selection of repertoire focused on the needs of the student. 🌟 Why choose my classes: My lessons are more than just playing the violin; It's about nurturing a deep passion for music. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, whether mastering a challenging concerto or simply playing for the joy of it. 🎶 Book your lesson today: Release your true potential and let the music flow through you. Join me for an exciting violin lesson that will elevate your skills and deepen your love of music. Reserve your spot now and let's embark on this harmonious journey together! 📆 Availability: Flexible scheduling options to suit your needs.
Violin · Music theory
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Viola and Violin lessons from Beginners to Advanced levels. (The Hague)
Estella is a very positive, always happy teacher. Even though my son has been having on-line lessons with her, we can always feel her positive attitude during the lessons. She is very patient, gives lots of important tips and feedback, which has been helping him to guide his learning, improving in every aspect of it. We can see how much she care about the whole learning experience. It’s been very useful to expend his time while at home doing the lessons. He has been practicing more and has been feeling more motivated since he started the lessons with her. We definitely recommend her as a Saxophone teacher!
Review by PRISCILA
Violin or viola and music theory lessons in Den Haag (The Hague)
Hello, Jakob has really been such a great teacher, I have never seen someone so enthusiatic about music...He is the type of person who can motivate you to learn and have fun with the instrument. I am total beginner in terms of music and violin, but yet the progress im making is amazing. The lessons are so much fun and i really enjoy learning from him. He is never afraid to go extra mile for his students, which is very rare these days. I look foreward to my classes every week. Overall, i have an amazing time learning violin, all thanks to him.
Review by AAYUSHI
French Horn (modern/historical) and Music Theory with a professional (The Hague)
Nicolas has a friendly approach in his horn teaching backed by his high professional standard with very good ears. His feedback is to the point and focused on building up in small steps for long term improvements. His lesson on resuming practice after a break was very useful, which I’m sure will benefit me repeatedly in future. He also very kindly helped me look for a mouthpiece and instrument, which again was very useful. If/when face to face becomes possible, I’d love to get lessons on historical horn from him!
Review by YOSHI