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Trusted teacher: After more than 17 years of a very intensive teaching ‘career’ (with CELTA certificate) I stopped teaching using "usual ready made programmes". We explore amazing facts or find out some new details. It’s important for me that English doesn’t become a goal as it is, but is one of the means and instruments of what I call real life :) In the process of this exploration we play a lot, have a lot of practice using different available sources, and study a lot of information finding answers to real questions we have. And we improve in the language ‘studied’ as a result. When dealing with ESP courses (English for specific purposes), i.e. English in Medicine, Aviation, Sport, Negotiations and Presentations, etc. we dive into the topics, studying thoroughly different books, articles, video-lectures, atlases. We sometimes also organize events online for people ‘from real world’ where we share important or surprising information. It’s not only a lot of pleasure from sharing, but also a really good ‘practice bonus’. When ‘working’ with children we become friends and go into a lot of secrets of the family (sorry :), friends, we talk things over that are important for them. When taking any material they study at school (at physics, mathematics, history, literature, etc.), we explore them, looking for the solutions to the problems/quizzes or finding how those rules, laws, etc. could be used in everyday life. It’s not interesting for me any more to use ready made programmes for my classes, in spite of them having been developed by super educated people. I take some material from them or we could choose authentic courses as the basis for our classes but I feel free to use only 10% from them and use a lot what we really need. It’s a bit different with tough deadlines, incredible tasks and goals… The language there is already the instrument to achieve a goal and it is highly motivating and needs a lot of focus and work. And brings us pleasure when we get it. I am for pleasure and real life :)
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I am a medical student at the university of Birmingham. Having gone through the process of applying to medical school and achieving all a*s and a's at GCSE, As and A-level and also receiving all 4 of my medical school interviews, I am well aware of how the applications process and exams work and how the volume of content can be overwhelming at times. I am able to give tips and advice on how to cope with exams and university applications along with ways to keep on top of everything. I have also tutored at children from primary school age (including 11+) through to a levels and volunteered at the children's ward at royal free hospital and so am well aware of how every child is different and how to communicate effectively with them all. Having worked at a tuition centre tutoring children from as young as primary age all the way through to a-level, I understand that everyone is different and learn at different paces and in different ways. I am an innovative thinker and so like to come up with new ways to explain content which will keep my students engaged and enjoying the topics whilst fully understanding them. I understand that quantity and quality are both important during exams and so aim to cover a few topics in detail in each session. I also like to consolidate these topics with a few exam questions at the end of each session to ensure that my students are able to apply their knowledge as application has become a focus point in many of the new syllabuses. I also try to add in an exam question at the start of the next session to ensure that information has properly been understood and retained. I am flexible in teaching style and pace as I understand that not everyone learns in the same way. I will help you prepare for your UCAT and BMAT exams whilst counselling you through the applications process.
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Science; IB, IGCSE; Medicine & University Applications (Luxembourg)
She responds so fast and has high responsibilities. She provides us slides and media for better understanding. Additionally, she follows the results after teaching. Thank you Marie.
Review by DAO
General Pathology for medical students-usmle prep or first timers (Ataşehir)
Great help & support for IB Molecular Biology lessons. Highly recommended Sadia for IB Biology classes.
Review by ANGELA