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18 flute (recorder) teachers in Belgium

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Hello, My name is Eva, and I am a flutist and flute and recorder teacher from Slovakia, currently based in Brussels. I offer one-on-one private lessons for adults and kids from the age of 6. I studied flute performance and pedagogy at The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (Slovakia), The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus (Denmark), and I participated in numerous masterclasses with flutists such as Sharon Bezaly, András Adorján, Ulla Miilmann, etc. I am trained in all styles of classical music, but I am particularly interested in contemporary music. My teaching specialty is using extended flute techniques to help my students discover their best sound more easily and have more fun while learning to play. With over 8 years of teaching experience in music schools and private settings, I am able to fully customize my teaching methods to meet my students' specific needs. I have successfully taught individuals with visual impairments and various learning disabilities. Dobrý deň, volám sa Eva, som profesionálna flautistka a učiteľka hry na priečnej a zobcovej flaute žijúca v Bruseli. Ponúkam súkromné hodiny priečnej a zobcovej flauty pre dospelých a deti od šiestich rokov. Hru na flaute a pedagogiku som študovala na Štátnom konzervatóriu v Košiciach, Vysokej škole múzických umení v Bratislave a absolvovala som študijný pobyt na Kráľovskej hudobnej akadémii v Dánsku. Okrem toho som sa zúčastnila mnohých majstrovských kurzov pod vedením slovenských, českých a ďalších medzinárodne uznávaných zahraničných flautistov. Mám viac ako 8 rokov skúseností s učením hry na priečnej a zobcovej flaute (súkromné hodiny, ZUŠ, VŠMU) a tiež s vyučovaním osôb so zrakovým postihnutím a poruchami učenia. Vďaka tomu dokážem prispôsobiť učebné metódy individuálnym potrebám každého žiaka.
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Thiago - Brussels41€
Trusted teacher: *English below Professeur de musique expérimenté offre des cours de flûte à bec et formation musicale pour les enfants et les adultes de toutes âges et niveaux! Brésilien d'origine j'enseigne la musique depuis plusieurs années. Diplômé par le Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles j'ai de l'expérience comme professeur de musique en donnent des cours privés et dans les Académies de Musique en Belgique et ailleurs. Je développe une méthode unique pour chaque apprenant.e d'une façon qu'il ou elle peuvent apprendre d'une manière solide et ludique. Parce que c'est un instrument facile de se produire un son, la flûte à bec est une bonne opportunité pour les enfants pour débuter dans le monde de la musique. C’est déjà un premier contact avec les notation musicale et le développement de l’oreille. Je propose à l'étudiant.e une pratique amusante et dynamique où on fait de la musique depuis le premier cours. Pour les adultes... Si vous êtes débutant.e, ne vous inquiétez pas! Je vous apprends comment faire les premiers sons sur votre nouveau instrument, comment souffler correctement, comment tenir un bonne posture... et créer, pas à pas, une technique de base solide qui vous aidera à jouer n'importe quel morceau à la flûte. Si vous êtes un.e étudiant.e avancé.e ou qui avez déjà les connaissances fondamentales de votre instrument, je vous propose une amélioration de la technique adaptée a chaque répertoire. Nous allons exploiter la créativité et le son afin de faire le discours musical de plus en plus beau et éloquent. Les cours peuvent se passe chez l'élève ou chez le professeur à Schaerbeek. Les frais de déplacement sont négociables selon la distance. N'hésitez à me contacter pour découvrir ce bel instrument! EN: Experienced music teacher offers recorder lessons and musical theory for children and adults of all ages and levels! Originally from Brazil, I have been teaching music for several years. Graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, I have experience as a music teacher giving private lessons and teaching in Music Academies in Belgium and elsewhere. I develop a unique method for each student in a way that he or she can learn in a solid and fun way. Because it is an easy instrument to produce a sound, the recorder is a good opportunity for children to get started in the world of music. This is already a first contact with musical notation and the development of the ear. I offer the student a fun and dynamic practice where they can play music from the very first lesson. For adults... If you are a beginner, don't worry! I teach you how to make the first sounds on your new instrument, how to blow correctly, how to hold a good posture... and create, step by step, a solid basic technique that will help you to play any piece on the flute. If you are an advanced student or who already have the fundamental knowledge of your instrument, I suggest an improvement of the technique adapted to each repertoire. We will exploit creativity and sound in order to make musical discourse more and more beautiful and eloquent. Lessons can take place at the student's or the teacher's in Schaerbeek. Travel costs are negotiable depending on the distance. Do not hesitate to contact me to discover this beautiful instrument!
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Matteo - Brussels46€
Trusted teacher: Are you interested in learning or developing your flute skills? Are you a beginner or already advanced? Opening up to different repertoires and techniques? You need to integrate your flute class with strong discipline regarding rhythms and solfege? Then... what are you waiting for? I offer lessons of flute and recorder in three languages (French, English & Italian). If you are a big fun of art noveau buildings you can come to my house in Schaerbeek. Or if you leave too far, I can come to your place. My name is Matteo and I am an Italian flutist and musicologist, based in Brussels since 2010. I graduated in modern flute at 'B. Marcello' Conservatory in Venice and at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels with Barthold Kuijken and Frank Theuns in the Baroque flute. I hold a master degree in Philosophy and Musicology as well. I hold a PhD degree in music performance at Cardiff University, School of Music. From 2013 till 2015, I have been teaching at the Venice Conservatory "B. Marcello", giving yearly lectures and seminaries on the historical repertoire for the flute. Since 2021, I have been appointed music curator of Coudenberg Sound Box Fest, a music festival which aims at celebrating the Belgian music heritage and takes place every year at the beautiful archeological site of the former Royal Palace of Brussels. I recorded for Warner Classics & Erato, and a soloist for Arcana/Outhere Music ('La solitude à deux. Solos and duets by G. P. Telemann' in 2018 and 'Affect is no Crime. New music for old instruments' in 2019). I regularly play with leading ensembles and orchestras such as Millennium Orchestra (Leonardo Garcia Alarcon), Vox Luminis (Lionel Meunier), Les Muffatti (Peter van Heyghen), Coro & Orchestra Ghislieri (Giulio Prandi), Le Concert d'Anvers (Bart van Reyn), B.O.X. (Pieter Theuns), Silete Venti (Simone Toni), Transports publics (Thomas Baeté), Oficina Musicum (Riccardo Favero), and performs on the main stages and festivals such as: Festival Oude Muziek in Utrecht, De Singel in Antwerp, Bozar in Brussels, Festival de Sablé, Festival des Abbeyes en Lorraine Ravenna Festival, Grandezze e Meraviglie in Modena, Venetian Centre for Baroque Music in Venice, Spazio & Musica at Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Festival Accademia Bizantina, Coudenberg in Brussels, Teatro dell'Arte di Milan, Teatro Della Pergola in Florence, Ars in Cathedrali in Brussels, Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris, and many others.
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Benjamin - Nivelles35€
Trusted teacher: I will be happy to start or deepen with you the learning of the recorder or the transverse flute. Like Obélix, I fell into the pot when I was little: my father is a pianist and my mother a music teacher. I started early musical awareness and recorder lessons at the Waterloo academy. At 8 years old, a single instrument was no longer enough for me and I started playing the transverse flute. I obtained my Bachelor's degree with distinction in Brussels and then left for an enriching Erasmus year in Weimar in Germany. I finished my course in recorder at Lemmens with Bart Spanhove, where I studied 4 years in musical humanity. I am currently in master 2 for the transverse flute at the imep with Denis-Pierre Gustin. Since entering the conservatory in 2016, I started giving lessons alongside my studies. I taught musical awareness in schools in Waterloo, I also gave recorder and transverse flute lessons in Lembeek in addition to leading several instrumental groups. Since September 2022 I have been teaching at the Apko academy and in Berchem-Saint-Agathe. I don't have a favorite methodology other than the "positive attitude". I have given many lessons with very different students and with equally different expectations, I adapt as best as possible to your wishes and your situation, hoping to give enriching and fulfilling lessons. Having many children students, I created my own recorder method, for the most advanced, I am currently working on creating a technical exercise book. I teach in sessions of one hour or 1/2 hour for the youngest. All ages are welcome as well as all levels and styles. I hope to see you very soon to share my passion with you.
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Flute ONLINE for everyone. Children to Adults. (English, Russian) (Ghent)
I might not know much about flute, but what I know is that if you want to learn it, Anna's your gal. She's fun, smart, punctual and really professional and, to top it off, a really good teacher. She is going to make you feel appraised for your smallest accomplishments (which will definitely help you evolve much faster than using any conventional book/online course etc.) and will find the sweet spot between theoretical concepts and fun, practical songs to keep you entertained. I myself had an internal kerfuffle and nearly quit after 2 weeks of trying to learn flute. But flute can be fun and entertaining, and Anna's teaching method is the proof to that lemma!
Review by HORIA
Flute, recorder and saxophone lessons in Brussels for everybody (Brussels)
Our daughter loved the first lesson and we will definitely continue with Adela. She has a good touch for children, she is very caring and easy to communicate with.
Review by ANDREJ
Cours de flûte à bec et formation musicale pour adultes et enfants (Schaarbeek)
Thiago gave a great first lesson, with recommended exercises and very helpful advice. And he was patient and encouraging even when I made mistakes.
Review by ALICIA