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Trusted teacher: *Skype/Zoom available!* I am a native American English speaking instructor, editor, journalist, and legal/policy expert from Florida specializing in instruction, interview and exam prep, consulting and text correction for a wide range of professionals & students across Belgium including in the legal, academic, policy, and other fields. My past & present clients have included: professionals and politicians from all four major EU institutions, the Belgian government, the UNHCR, and various NGOs, alongside diplomats, doctors, journalists, and engineers, as well as a variety of other professions in addition to traditional students..I have had over 50+ repeat students on Apprentus (which recently changed their algorithm to only display the last six months). Approaching from a true native's perspective, I instruct and assist with both educational and business English in a multi-faceted nature covering a wide range of areas including comprehension, conversation, grammar, and situational skills, in addition to working on general language skills and accent training. As well, I can provide extensive help and training with the EPSO, IELTS, and TOEFL exams. I have also written, edited or proofread a variety of academic papers, theses, applications, CVs, and other documents for numerous satisfied academic and professional clients. I have spent my entire childhood and adult life in the United States before completing a master's degree in Political Science and European Politics at KU Leuven. Additionally, I also possess Bachelor's degrees in Political Science and History. I have an extensive knowledge and experience of English grammar and literature, as well as current and past working experience in journalism (Anti-Competition Law and European Policy at the Policy and Regulatory Report) and both European and American politics. I also handle correction of text, editing, proofreading and ghostwriting, with weekly and monthly rates possible. My transportation costs are included.
Dear Madam/Dear Sir, I am pleased to offer you tailor-made English lessons to help you improve your language skills. Recognizing that mastery takes time, my goal is to guide you in improving your level of French and give you the means to continue learning independently. I will support you in regularly assessing and improving your abilities. I currently live in Brussels (Ixelles). I am willing to travel within a 30-minute radius to help you at home. Alternatively, we can hold our sessions in a library. My name is Victor, 22 year old student in mathematics and economics. Aspiring to become a teacher, I bring enthusiasm, patience and tenacity to my teaching approach. In Lyon, I was able to experience part-time work in schools, helping children with their extracurricular homework. My goal is to show that school is enjoyable and easily manageable. I love the English language. Since primary school, I have worked on it to understand and use it perfectly. I continually improved this skill through college. Our sessions will focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation through writing, speaking and listening exercises. With access to a large amount of online resources, we can personalize our approach to accelerate your progress toward fluency in French. Each session will include two 25-minute work periods with a 5-minute break in between, following the Pomodoro technique to maximize attention. We will use various learning techniques such as priming, interleaving and the Feynman method to ensure complete understanding. The goal is to actively engage the student, creating pathways for brain stimulation. After each session, I will provide recommendations for additional practice. The first session will be based on the assessment of the student's level and their preferred type of memory (kinesthetic, visual or auditory). For more information or to schedule a session, please contact me, I will respond as quickly as possible. Best regards, Victor
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Annelise - Brussels30€
Trusted teacher: I've been teaching English to small children up to teenagers at École Française Internationale. I give lessons for beginners and intermediate levels. I mix between French and English so the pupil doesn't get too confused, but also allows them to understand every detail. For beginners, we usually talk about our surroundings, what's close to us and what affects us on a daily basis. (Numbers, directions, the weather, asking simple questions, what's a noun and pronoun and where to put them in a sentence). I like to find playful activities so that the pupil/student is in control of their work. It also stimulates their motivation. Of course, this is an example for a certain age group, but it also varies depending on their knowledge and their age. For intermediates, we make basic conversation. Ex: How do you go to school; What do you do in your free time? ; What's the weather like? The lessons depend on whether the student is learning for their personal knowledge or if it's for school. -------------------------------- The start of the course with a new learner consists of detecting their level by talking about their background, what they already know, what they must master in order to no longer have any gaps. The first lesson also allows the learner to get comfortable and get to know me to establish mutual trust. That’s why I use a touch of my British humor to achieve this. (I generally do this at the start of the lesson with my students to establish a good mood and they are always delighted!) To help the learner better engage with the learning, I will ask them what their passions/hobbies are, this who interests him to arouse interest in learning. I will adapt my lessons on subjects that speak to him more. Depending on age and level of knowledge of English, the method will vary. I play with songs if it's for vocabulary or accent, it helps me memorize better and what's better in song... Everyone listens to music! No matter the reason for the course, if it is to improve oral, written, reading or listening comprehension, I organize audio sessions, readings, everything necessary to deepen the language using the active pedagogy that I learned during my CAP training. I can play the news from the BBC news channel, the weather forecast, the trailer for a film. My goal is for the learner to evolve gradually with as few gaps as possible.
Unlock Your Potential with Expert English Tutoring! English is the international language of business, enabling clear communication with global partners, clients, and colleagues. Proficiency in English opens doors to job opportunities and career advancements in multinational companies. Are you looking to improve your English skills for school, work, or personal growth? I'm here to help! Why Choose me? - Personalized lessons tailored to your needs - Flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle - Support for all levels: beginner to advanced - Preparation for exams like TOEFL, IELTS, and SAT - Focus on speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills Who am I? As someone who had been living most of my life in Australia, my level of English is at a super proficient level. I have completed a dual Master degree and currently is working as a Product Manager in one of the major Airline company in Europe. Tutoring has been my passion and have been tutoring various levels of students from children to adult for different subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, etc., Help with homework, school work, support with conversation, improving the vocabulary, confidence to face the world, help with soft skills, group discussions, interview support, etc., - I cater the needs of the students and will provide a personalized classes instead of a set scope of lessons. I prefer to provide lessons online; however, I also offer lessons at my place in Zaventem or at the student's place that in and around 10km from Zaventem. The class timings can be flexible according to the availability of the teacher and the student. possible timings on a few weekday evenings and weekends. Please feel free to reach out.
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María - Brussels21€
Trusted teacher: --- ENG Hello everyone! My name is Maria, a Venezuelan musician residing in Belgium. In the world of art, languages and cultures are a fundamental part of being able to understand each other and connect with each other in order to create something beautiful together, in my case music. Apart from being an artist, I like languages and learning them has become a passion for me, which is why I decided to take this passion to another level. During my classes I want to help you learn my native language, which is Latin American Spanish, in a personalized and dynamic way. The classes are separated by levels (A0-B2), where you will learn the grammar of the language but also vocabulary and expressions to use on a daily basis with other speakers of the language. My idea is that each student learns the language at their own pace but understanding and daring to speak it from the first day. Support material (book, exercises, audios, etc) is always included. Classes can be individual or in groups, both online and in person (Brussels, Belgium). Classes will be given in English and Spanish. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I hope to see you soon and start discovering and learning this beautiful language! Greetings, Maria. --- ESP ¡Hola a todos! Mi nombre es Maria, musico Venezolana residiendo en Bélgica. En el mundo del arte, los idiomas y las culturas son parte fundamental para poder entendernos entre cada artista y conectar para poder crear algo hermoso juntos, en mi caso la música. Aparte de ser artista me gusta los idiomas y aprenderlos se ha convertido en una pasión para mi, por eso he decidió llevar esta pasión a otro nivel. Durante mis clases quiero ayudarte a aprender de una forma personalizada y dinámica mi lengua natal, que es el español latinoamericano. Las clases están separadas por niveles (A0-B2), en donde aprenderás la gramática de la lengua pero también vocabulario y expresiones para usar en el día a día con otros hablantes de la lengua. Mi idea es que cada alumno aprenda el idioma a su ritmo pero entendiendo y atreviéndose a hablarlo desde el primer día. Material de apoyo (libro, ejercicios, audios, etc) está incluido siempre. Las clases pueden ser individuales o en grupos, tanto online como en persona (Bruselas, Bélgica). Clases se darán en Ingles y español. No dudes en contactarme si tienes alguna pregunta. ¡Espero verte pronto y comenzar a descubrir y aprender este hermoso idioma! Saludos, Maria.
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English courses for all ages and abilities, adults and children (Woluwe-Saint-Lambert)
Peter is a great professional and I will recommend him to everyone who wants to learn or to improve the language. Peter prepared me for the interview for my dream job - I am sure if you are not a native speaker there is always a possibility for improvements :) He also gave me useful recommendations regarding the interview in general because he knows the system perfectly and reads between the lines. Peter adapted every class based on my needs and I saw the progress immediately. Important to mention it's obvious that he enjoys every class and really wants people to know his language :)
Review by NATALIA
Historian. Political Scientist, and Journalist offering classes in History, Geography, and Social Sciences (Ixelles-Elsene)
Justin is a true professional and is really gifted at helping job seekers in their career path. He assisted me a lot with career advice, job application adaptation and proofreading. He is really good at communication, reading between the lines, and highlighting the core idea. Our lessons or as I would rather call it a master class, were absolutely great and easy going. Thank you very much, Justin, for your amazing approach, custom-made professional and easy attitude, and a super international mindset. I would very much recommend it!
Review by NATALIA
⭐ French lessons for students, adults, children or anyone interested ⭐ (Brussels)
Marko is an amazing teacher and I would definitely recommend him to anyone! He is very patient, organized, kind and smart. Every class he provides the material and it is very useful, because in this way I can repeat from it after the class. Our online lessons really helped me improve and I became so much better! He also used a digital board which is very convenient and helpful. I loved also how he challenged me in order to work on my skills and improve them. Keep up the great work Marko! :)
Review by LUCA