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    Learn French Culture and Language by a native french speaker

    Hello everybody,

    I am a French student in History of art, studying this year in Trinity College Dublin. I am very interested by the culture in general, I read and write a lot and that's my passion. My second passion is cooking. I studied three years in a famous catering school in France and worked in some good restaurant before starting news studies in History of art.

    I will adapt my lessons to the need of every pupils, students, or adults.
    My lessons are organised to improve as well the oral practice and comprehension and the writings skills.

    If you want to learn about some aspect of the French Culture I'll be delighted to present different aspect of the richness of France with its different regions throughout time. In Litterature, art, cooking specialty, and of course history.

    If you are interested by a basic lesson of kitchen I can give you all the nessecary basic to learn how make a good meal or pastry!

    Si vous êtes intéressés ou que vous avez la moindre questions n'hésitez pas à me contacter et nous trouverons un arrangement!

    Informations supplémentaires

    All you need is a pen and a paper and if you are a student or a pupil your coursebook or handbook.


    Au domicile de l'élève: Autour de Dublin, Irlande

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    Adultes (18-64 ans)
    Seniors (65+ ans)

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    45 minutes
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    90 minutes

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    • Professeur depuis mars 2018

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    Notre garantie pour cours particuliers qui vous permettra de trouver et suivre des cours par votre professeur particulier sans souci.

    Si vous n’êtes pas satisfait de votre premier cours, Apprentus vous trouvera un autre professeur ou vous remboursera le cours.

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    Cours particuliers & aides aux devoirs de français
    Bonjour, Je m'appelle Léa, ai 22 ans, suis actuellement étudiante à Dublin (Licence de Business) et adorerais enseigner la langue française aux élèves/étudiants en ayant envie ou besoin. Je suis également disponible pour aider à faire les devoirs si besoin est. Je suis de nature sérieuse et cool à la fois :) et suis prête à me déplacer à votre domicile pour donner les cours. (Le prix n'est pas encore fixé et est à discuter ensemble). drouet.lea14@gmail.com __________________________________ Good day, My name is Léa (22), I'm French and studying in Dublin (Bachelor of Business). As I have Wednesday and weekends off in my studies timetable, I'd be available to give some French lessons to anyone who would will or need some French practice. I'm a sociable person :) (The price is not fixed yet, we can discuss it together) drouet.lea14@gmail.com

    Apprendre les fondamentaux de la langue et de la culture Francaise
    Anciennement étudiant Français je suis désormais installé à Dublin. J'ai obtenu en France le Brevet d'aptitude aux fonctions d'animateur en accueils collectifs de mineurs. Ce qui m'a permis de développer de nombreuses expériences dans l'animation et l’accueil des jeunes. Je propose donc mes services pour enseigner le Français et la culture Française. J'enseignerai les enseignements fondamentaux pour commencer ou améliorer sa langue française. Ma formation me permet aussi d'appréhender la chose avec une approche ludique si nécessaire pour les plus jeunes.

    Apprentissage de la culture et de la langue Française
    Hello, my name is Charles I am 23 years old I am a French graduate of a Master in Communication from Paris who offers to learn French to an Irish wishing to discover or progress in this language. My goal is to establish a dialogue with the student to familiarize him / her and to make progress as quickly as possible. My classes therefore consist of a conversation part and a grammar / spelling part.

    French Class
    Bonjour ! I know lots of people considered french as a hard language. But this is wrong. As all languages, french could be hard to understand but very easy to learn. If you want it, you will. I'm french and I propose you to learn french as I learned english at school and at the University I'll give you some advices and how to understand different accent. I would be a plus for you to speak french because in France we love people who make the effort to speak our language. Now, I'm living in Ireland, so if you need more informations, just ask or send me a message. A bientôt

    Cours de Français par une étudiante en journalisme
    Bonjour, Je suis une Française, de 21 ans, étudiante en master de journalisme en France. Dans le cadre de mes cours je vais me rendre à Dublin à partir de février et par la même occasion j’aimerais donner des cours de Français à des jeunes qui le veulent. Parler, écrire et apprendre à le lire, ce serait un cours très cool, où on prendrait du plaisir et où je pourrai faire progresser les jeunes puisque c’est ma langue maternelle. Sérieuse et cool à la fois, je promets de m’investir et faire de mon mieux pour que le Français soit votre seconde langue ! Hello, I am a French, 21 years old, student master of journalism in France. As part of my courses I will go to Dublin from February and at the same time I would like to give French lessons to young people who want it. To speak, to write and to learn to read it, would be a very cool course, where we would take pleasure and where I could make progress for young people since it is my mother tongue. Serious and cool at the same time, I promise to invest myself and do my best to make French your second language!

    Cours particuliers de français pour étudiants ou adultes
    "I can understand french. I can not speak it" "I want to improve my oral french" "I want to practice for my junior or leaving certificate french oral" I am a native french speaker with teaching & coaching experience. I give individual lessons designed around the students competence and learning style. I can give lesson in my own home or we can meet in a quiet coffee shop in the city center (DUBLIN)

    Leçons de communication en Français I Culture, Langue, Subtilités, Codes professionnels
    Bonjour, Vous désirez connaitre les subtilités de la langue de molière ? Construire un vocabulaire, une grammaire et une conjugaison de base pour argumenter un discours professionnel en français ? Disposer du niveau de langue suffisant pour valider votre diplôme ? Cours 100% personnalisable selon vos désirs. Je m'efforcerai de vous apporter une leçon complète, structuré et en lien avec votre niveau.

    French Writting and Speaking Tutoring for Everyone
    I am Lea, a French student, specialized in languages. I can help beginners, intermediate and advanced people to learn/improve their French. I am passionate by my native language and it would be a pleasure to teach it to other people. Writting as well as speaking, I can help you to discover another language and culture.

    Cours particuliers, privés de Français / French lessons
    Hello, I am Claire, 20 years old and I come from France. I am in Dublin for my studies in international business. I love languages, when I was in France I was learning Spanish and Chinese. I am motivated, flexible and I'd love to teach my native language (French).

    Apprendre la culture et la langue Française par la conversation
    Je me nome Baudouin et suis un jeune Juriste Français titulaire d'une licence en Droit Public, j'ai 21 ans et effectue une année de césure à Dublin pour perfectionner mon anglais. J'ai une très bonne maîtrise de la langue Française et de toutes ses subtilités et suis prêt à donner des cours de soutien à l'oral comme à l'écrit pour tout les âges. J'ai acquis ces compétences en Français de part mes études de droit et de ma passion pour la littérature classique. Je m'adapte à tout les âges mais je présente 5 années d'expérience dans le domaine des cours particuliers pour les jeunes de 12 à 40 ans surtout. Je suis très disponible et me déplace à mes frais à votre domicile.

    French as a foreign language, for beginners, intermediate and advanced students
    This class is for those who wish to improve their French. You will practice all your skills (writing, listening, speaking and reading). I will talk to you in French throughout the class - but don't worry if you're a beginner, we can take it slow. If necessary, I will give you some homework to do (usually a short text to write). I also help you with your homework and/or papers. I can also do group classes if you wish to practice the language with your friends and/or colleagues. I look forward to meeting you!

    French native speaker gives French and guitar lessons
    You can be a beginner, an intermediate or an advaced user, I can help you ! To reach the level you want you need to practice, no matter what you are learning. As a native speaker, I can give you every necessary advices so that you can speak, listen, write and read French. Once you've learned basic rules, French won't be as much difficult as you might think. I'm quite flexible and I'll adapt myself to every single student, depending on what you want to do by learning French (hobby, to pass an exam, to have an extra lesson to make sure you've understood what you learned at school...) So please, feel free to contact me if you're interested in learning a new language ! I can also give guitar lessons. I've been playing for 7 years including 4 years with a teacher in face-to-face.

    French classes including tutoring, writing and speaking
    I'm French student studying business at Trinity College. I spent one year in the United States which helped me to become fluent in English. I also lived one year in Spain to improve my Spanish and I gave French classes to 6 students there. I have a licence in Foreign Languages Applied to International Trade. I studied translation and interpretation there and I want to share my knowledge of Fresh now and help students who are looking for some support in this classier who want to learn it.

    Cours de français / Apprendre la culture française
    Pédagogie individuelle Aide à la préparation des interrogations/examens Mon objectif premier est d'aider l'élève dans ses incompréhensions et de le faire progresser. Je donne des devoirs régulièrement permettant de voir l'avancée de l'élève.

    Maths and/or physics from a student
    Hi, I'm an engineering student at Ecole CentraleSupelec from France. I'm in Dublin for 6 months. I can assume courses in maths & physics of any level, from primary school to highschool. In France, I acquired a strong background in these two fields. Please contact me if you're interested! Cheers, Augustin