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Trusted teacher: "E-COMMERCE & WORDPRESS" TRAINING CYCLE You are full of imagination and you like to make neat and original presentations, this computer graphics training organized by the EMMGI Center, the LEADER SPECIALIST in professional training, continuous training and modular training, you will be perfectly suited. You will be able to juggle shapes, colors, photos, typography and illustrations, in addition to developing your creativity and speed of execution. In short, you will learn how to use the persuasive power of the image under Adobe suite software (Illustrator and Photoshop). TRAINING AIMS Know how to install and configure WordPress, Master administration interfaces (backoffice), Know how to create turnkey graphic themes, Discover the advanced concepts in website creation, Create a Complete E-Commerce Site ... TRAINING CONTENT Introduction to the Web and E-Commerce. WordPress Cases: Presentation. WordPress installation and configuration. Choice, installation and customization of theme. His first article and notion of category. Creation of the very first WordPress Page. Management of Navigation menus. Installation and integration of extensions and plugins. Make better use of the power of widgets. Final Project Website from A to Z. Backup and update of its website. Migrate and host your Wordpress website. TRAINERS Consultant Trainer Web Project Manager Having more than 8 Years of experience, DELIVERABLES WordPress software Full course material, Pdf format, More than 20 practical cases, Complete Web Project Training certificate.
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